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Guess we'll see this again in 12 years as a class based loot driven f2p 3rd person shooter, eh?

You can bet your butt on that.

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3 years and what they had to show for it was a CGI trailer with a mishmash of Borderlands, RAGE, and zombies. Not surprised this happened.

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That's almost too much action anime! :P

I'm more into psychological and shorter stuff that is max 26 episodes like Paranoia Agent (anything Satoshi Kon), Welcome to NHK, Evangelion (which you've seen).

Flowers of Evil (Aku No Hana; 13 episodes) was the most recent anime that got me back, it's well-earned teen angst and existential stuff with a wee bit romance plus it's got a realistic rotoscoping look. The off-kilter theme music will get stuck in your head.

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$9 million

If this movie doesn't seem that good, there's still an intense cyberpunk-but-now tech thriller that is out.


I want to see that movie soooooo bad. Can't wait.

I knew some stuff about the Snowden case, but didn't realise in perspective how much of a dystopian cyberpunk future we actually live in right now. Definitely makes me empathise with whistleblowers and the narrative by governments to convict them as "spies".

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$9 million

If this movie doesn't seem that good, there's still an intense cyberpunk-but-now tech thriller that is out.


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Over the years, I made quite a few GIFs of Patrick, he really is/was my favourite member of Giant Bomb. Godspeed to whatever you do @patrickklepek!

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You are/were the best part of this website, @patrickklepek. You brought a lot of great insight and perspective. Your taste in games and especially horror media matched mine. You braved crazier things like that Oculus Rift stuff where you would freak the fuck out. Spookin' with Scoops was one of the best horror game related media I had ever seen because here we had more informed commentary compared to Youtubers. Glad to hear you're still doing editorial and not being absorbed into a developer as some PR or community manager role. Godspeed!

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@assinass: problem now is, the way Jeff talks up this year's CoD, i actually kinda really want to play it. and the way you and others have talked up Wolfenstein... i kinda really want to play that too! only problem now is finding the time (and maybe the energy) to dive into them, smallish time investments they may be. I think 2014 at least game wise has told me to be more open/receptive to many different things, and to try to stay positive (nothing against Jeff who seems like a guy who just knows exactly what he likes and that's that).

Hope you enjoy both! Honestly wish the Advanced Warfare campaign better utilised or was more freeing with the new mechanics, then it could have been a great campaign that stood out against other CoDs.

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I understand Jeff's Call of Duty pick because of the movement and not being just the LT-RT business specifically for the multiplayer. The campaign is lacking in all the cool freedom of the MP where it's still overly scripted for which powers you can use and only one grappling hook level is worth mentioning.

Wolfenstein The New Order is the best FPS because of similar reasons where it's not LT-RT at all in fact because there's no need for aim-down-sights. Unlike AW's campaign, you're free to move around and will actually get penalised for sticking behind cover with grenade tosses and flanking.

Dual wielding nearly all the guns with their own sick ass alternate fires, being able to flank enemies in sandbox encounters rather than just corridors, and not having to stick to cover while you heal back has raised the standards of game design creativity I expect from this genre. Plus, love all the characters, world building, dark comedy, satisfying gore feedback, and gut punch of the ending.

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@little_socrates said:

Jaffe's an irrelevant turd and Ryan was capable of being nice to almost anybody. I've listened to him be a stubborn old fart too many times to care what he thinks of Giant Bomb. I'm glad to know Jeff was always reserved with him because GB's affiliation with Jaffe always rubbed me the wrong way.

Turd? Harsh, dude.

I hope to see Jaffe on Giant Bomb sometime, seems like an honest guy and that's what GB staff likes.