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@assinass: One Youtube video made by a third party isn't enough to simply turn around opinions, nor is it necessarily accurate in its own right.

I don't understand, what would a second or first party do? Wouldn't that be more biased and not as accurate as they're chums of Fish's, therefore convincing you of whatever point even less? The video isn't meant to convince you otherwise on what your opinion on Phil Fish is, it's meant to give a background of how all this media circus happened and how we project all sorts of perspectives on what kind of person Fish is, as we don't know him intimately so he's more of a symbol. Not everyone can handle that kind of attention, and he's now another statistic. He didn't come to you directly, the media brought you to him.

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Hmmm...1 year later...

Yep, Phil Fish still owns.

Well, if by "owns" you mean "has continued to prove he is incapable of handling himself well on social media and cancelled Fez II in a fit of rage."

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I love how these people expect "customer relation skills" (i.e. not to have freedom of speech) from an indie developer who has no PR breathing down their neck.

How can anyone hate this?

this is still precious.

i still like the guy, but just wish he could compose himself better when faced with internet fuckwad criticism. it's not worth getting so bent up over. just do your thing and fuck haters, p. much.

It's not that simple. You can't suggest that when you haven't had thousands of insults and hurtful comments hurled at you. Klepek has covered this a few times, especially on his TED X talk and then the Pax East talk with Zoe Quinn. If you have an internet presence and don't want to go offline forever, you better be ready. There is no rulebook on how to be ready.

Since Phil Fish is back in being mentioned, people really should watch this brilliant analysis video on him but more importantly on us, journalists' tabloid reactions, and internet fame:

"Nothing positive Phil Fish says ever becomes news."

"He is a SYMBOL of everything that is wrong with indie games. He's newsworthy when he acts like a symbol. Anything that doesn't fit the narrative is ignored on blogs, forums and social media. News sites cherry pick the moments where Phil Fish the human being looks, from the right vantage point, like Phil Fish the concept."

"Given many views, people will consistently choose the harshest one. This is a deliberate choice to preserve the idea that Phil is just an asshole."

"People are invested in hating Phil. The announcement of Fez II's cancellation on his company website presently has almost 2000+ comments, most of them insults. Long, consecutive, unbroken strings of insults. People saying 'good riddance', suggesting he fuck off, go kill himself, or of course choke on their dicks."

"We project different things on Phil Fish which says more about us than him."

"You might find something you tweeted last night had 45,000 retweets and you will find yourself suddenly held to different standards. You won't know necessarily why this thing was what made you a big deal. You won't know necessarily how long you'll be a big deal. But suddenly, the people who follow you aren't just people anymore. They're an audience. And they want you to be something. They don't necessarily agree on what that something is. How would you want them to judge you?"

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Hey, at least they're not as desperate to use one-word pull quotes which is all too often :P

IGN: "Amazing"

Eurogamer: "Spellbinding"

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Did not know competitive multiplayer was going to make it for release, so excited!

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Didn't Alan Wake put an eye patch on your character if you pirated it?

I haven't heard of this one, so I did a bit of research, and turns out they did. (source)

Own it on 360 and PC, but I may just pirate it now to have that model. Unless theres an unlock or cheat to put it in

It's one of my favourite games of all time, why would they have something as funny/cool as that just for pirates?! Or does the game additionally not work, too?

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@patrick if you pre-order from amazon, you don't pay a dime until it is shipped. most games have reviews out a few days before launch, which allows you to see if it's something you really want to spend money on. if it looks like crap, just cancel the preorder, no harm done. i actually pre-ordered destiny WAAAY back in the day just so i could get into the beta to test it out. if i don't like it after playing the beta, i can cancel the pre-order. no harm, no foul. :)

Wait, in that case what's to stop you from pre-ordering Destiny from amazon, getting your beta code email and then just cancelling your pre-order? Nothing?

Nothing. You got to be in the beta for free, essentially.

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@james_hayward Sorry dude, I can't make it. Family planned a dinner with other relatives for tomorrow, it's a ramadan thing. Enjoy it though!

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That dude who did the terrible Mila Kunis interview (some of those questions were really predictable and too personal, come on) should see this amazing one that went viral:

Even other actresses know of that interview:

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Yay :D

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huh, I heard about the 3DS RTS game but surprised to hear about this.

Still haven't gotten into the show when I have friends who are storyboard artists on it.


Just for Korra or the original as well?

They are wonderful friends I have known for years. But when it comes to watching the shows...... kinda feel like I have no pulse going on. My best friend did some work on My Little Pony, and I still can't get into that either. I acknowledge they are talented, and I appreciate their work but just not into the shows themselves.

Dude, that is awesome! One of the best cartoons on right now with some of the best action, they must be mad talented. So fucking pumped for Season 3.