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Jaffe's an irrelevant turd and Ryan was capable of being nice to almost anybody. I've listened to him be a stubborn old fart too many times to care what he thinks of Giant Bomb. I'm glad to know Jeff was always reserved with him because GB's affiliation with Jaffe always rubbed me the wrong way.

Turd? Harsh, dude.

I hope to see Jaffe on Giant Bomb sometime, seems like an honest guy and that's what GB staff likes.

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I now have administrator access in the computer and it got interesting in the text. Don't want to spoil it, but interested to see where this goes.

Also, I like these few screenshots I took.

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The levels in the Egyptian world are doing my head in, but once I figured out the triangulation thing like with the Window through a Door level, I'm back to not being as dumbfounded and more challenged.

This ghost scared the shit out of me, though.

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This has been getting a really big buzz:

I think I'll put this on my wishlist. :)

EDIT: I really liked Binary Domain's story so this should be cool.

Shit, didn't know it was getting great reviews! Yeah 6 hours in, so far totally deserved.

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The puzzles are fun.

The sprint speed helps since usually these kind of first person puzzle adventure games are quite slow. The narrator isn't as intrusive as other games like Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Mind, or Dear Esther. It's a pretty game. The audio design is great, from the foley, sound effects, and ambient music. Even if it's quite a brainy subject matter, it can get humorous especially in the computer text adventure bits.

Also, you play as a bot so that's extra cool and you can go third person.

Just because it's a game about existentialism and man-machine musings, doesn't mean explosions are out of the picture!

Who thought such a game could come out of the Serious Sam people?

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When I read the comments, I thought that the video was going to be voiced, and each comment would get its own overly-defensive scathing remark. Instead, it's just a compilation of lazy internet snark, and it's capped off with a pretty appropriately disinterested hashtag.

Seems like Jaffe and the team found some low-effort comments and had a touch of fun with them. Not a big deal on either side.

You calling Giantbomb a bunch of lazy internet snark?! We are esteemed commenters, known the world over. Our snark is fit for a crown!

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I'm all about this, reminds me of Vanishing of Ethan Carter with the mentions of weird fiction. Also, first person swinging yay!

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So many but mostly Wolfenstein The New Order. It's the best FPS since Half Life 2, which I feel should be a bigger deal but people don't care for how it differs from most modern FPSs (well-developed characters, deals with tough topics well like racism and the holocaust, hipfire better than aim-down-sights, dual wielding, flanking and sandbox combat encounters, most of the storytelling not in cutscenes, not corridor level design, encourages run-and-gun versus stop-and-pop).

Alien Isolation seems to be doing well though in post-release commentary.

From the indies, Jazzpunk, Ether One, This War Of Mine, Lovely Planet, or Never Alone. That's just me. The Talos Principle could be amazing.

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That's disappointing to hear. So, best RPG this year is still Divinity Original Sin? :P

I personally didn't enjoy that game as much as everyone else, felt weak to me. Maybe it's just not my cup of tea. This year in general has just been so lackluster, but 2015 on the other hand.....

On the latter thing, I'm totally disagreed. 2014 has been a great year if you don't focus just on AAA releases. Wolfenstein was amazing. And then there are all the independent ones...

The Marvellous Miss Take

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

Divinity Original Sin


Lovely Planet

Lifeless Planet

This War Of Mine

Never Alone

Dreamfall Chapters

Broken Sword 5

The Banner Saga



Mind: Path to Thalamus

Lethal League

Shovel Knight

The Floor Is Jelly



Neverending Nightmares

Look at all that range!

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That's disappointing to hear. So, best RPG this year is still Divinity Original Sin? :P