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I'm pretty sure Trocadero is not as good as it used to be, but I haven't checked recently. Just heard that. Either way, if it's still going, a lot of fun.

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Found it very intriguing. The amount of fates to be determined in the roll call seems to extend to the rest of the game's development, which would be cool. Got a Rime of the Ancient Mariner or other haunted ship stories' vibe. Love the hand inverse kinematics.

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If only he had waited an hour when the issue was fixed and mentioned in his replies, this could have been resolved and he wouldn't have posted that.

Like, you're a developer. You have special access to Steam representatives that work really fast. Sort it out through them first, and maybe if they haven't resolved it quickly, then maybe go public with the problems but death threats would definitely not even be part of that.

Regrettable for the other developer.

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That was a great read, and I hope it becomes a trend of adding consequences to your failures after Shadow of Mordor. I like the idea of some stealth games where enemies get tougher when you mess up, call in for reinforcements and wear armour (Splinter Cell). It just makes me more attentive and take my time with planning->execution.

My personal thing is, I'm not a fan of procedurally generated level design. I have to understand the layout all over again, rather than think of new strategies for the enemies I failed against.

About losing tension after the first time, isn't the unpredictable AI of the alien ratcheting it back up? I guess not in players' experiences, I have yet to play it (soon soon).

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Routine hnnggggg

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Was noticing it as Giant Bomb played Space Harrier 2 on the latest Unprofessional Fridays, what was the first game to have those snake-like/dragon enemies with segmented bodies that you have to shoot from the tail to the head? Seen them in many contemporary games like Beyond Good and Evil, recently played against them in Galak-Z, just a well-used trope. Is there a name for these kind of enemies?

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Buy it on Steam

Once Danny O'Dwyer mentioned it on the latest Bombcast, I was reminded of this game and decided to play it one sitting. Oh man, it's a great short horror game. Do try all 3 branching paths. Hope more people try it out. I feel like this game will stick in my mind because it's a more personal tale. If Alien Isolation or The Evil Within somehow disappoint, still got this to fall back on.

Here's some shameless cross-posting from my Steam review:

Unsettling, horrifying, ambiguous, and tragic. All the best qualities of a great horror game.

I would highly recommend all 3 branching paths as the main enemy changes up and some paths are harder than others.

The spine-chilling soundscape had me in a sweat more than the actual difficulty of the game, which is another sign of a great horror game. I've got thoughts about the story bubbling up in my head now, but that's up to you to discover by yourself and come to your own conclusions. The level design tends to twist on itself, repeating and restructuring, a bit like the Inception of nightmares where you're not sure if you're going the right way but you never get lost.

It's a short but intense experience rather than drawn out filler where tension is lost, which I think works best for the genre.

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After the latest Bombcast email (2:33:10), was thinking what anime would be suitable for Dan Ryckert to see. Don't want to send him off the deep end with Evangelion or whacky shounen action series that go on for hundreds of episodes.

No, you can't say Cowboy Bepop or Samurai Champloo, too obvious hehe! (please do watch them, Dan, they're the easiest gateway shows)

Personally, I would recommend the more down-to-earth stuff. A bit of psychological thriller, slice-of-life, drama, human meaning shit. Most of these are are just under 27 episodes, so if you get into one episode, pretty easy to marathon. This is my list, but what would you send?

Paranoia Agent (13 episodes)

Still my favourite anime of all time. Psychological thriller all the way. Been stuck in my head for more than a decade. One of the greatest opening themes ever. Anything Satoshi Kon (RIP) ever did was some of the best Japanese animation had to offer, alongside Hayao Miyazaki.

The Flowers of Evil/Aku no Hana (13 episodes)

Hits you right in the gut. Very lifelike characters and struggles. Also, very stylish rotoscope style.

Ghost in the Shell (26 episodes each for two seasons)

If you're into anything sci-fi, cyberpunk, this is an obvious influential must.

Beck (26 episodes)

A slice-of-life drama about forming a band and all the hardship that entails along the way.

Welcome to The NHK (24 episodes)

Psychological conspiracy thriller or a depressing examination into the sedentary lifestyles of the modern age? Why not both? This might hit close to home.

Shigurui Death Frenzy (12 episodes)

This is straight up arthouse samurai drama, and it can be very divisive but it's short so you either fall in love with the slow pacing and nihilistic atmosphere, or you zone out forever.

Nichijou (26 episodes)

Surprisingly, there aren't many comedy animes, there's just this and Azumanga Daioh that are the best and well-known ones. It helps that both are sketch-based and so easily digestible, much like Robot Chicken. Both shows make the most mundane moments of life into the most entertaining shit ever. For example, the principal fights a deer for some reason.

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It's a big tongue, standing by that.

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Jeff: "Oh, we have a minotaur out here."

Dan: "Is that like Motaro?"

Jeff: ""

Umm, Motaro is a centaur thing.