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Assault on Dark Athena is totally worth playing, just saying. What else are you going to play if you want First Person Stealth? Thief 1 and 2 again? C'mon. There's not as much free roam, but the gameplay is still top notch and the new weapons like the Ulaks are great. There's more of a Predator feel as you're stalking the people of the ship.

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I just beat the game today and found the ending really moving. Throughout the game the cutscenes highlight the feelings associated with death. The cutscenes handle those emotions well enough. But throughout the game what sold those messages were the events you controlled as the player. The moment when you could cut down the rope that man was using to hang himself due to being so overwhelmed with his home burning down with his family inside was a good example of this.

But at the end, when I came to the water with little brother I had thought that the cutscene prior to him seeing the water would have given him the ability to simply swim across the water. So I kept running in to the water, hitting RT, and nothing happened. Then I tried hitting LT and there he was swimming across the water and I instantly smiled and was saddened all at once. It was such a powerful moment for such a small action. Then using LT to pull the switch and to jump up to the cliff. It was really amazing.

It put forward that idea, that was highlighted throughout the game, that though people are no longer with us that doesn't mean that they are gone forever. We don't have to have the person next to us to have them influence us. As I thought about this through the credits I thought about Ryan. I still get a weird feeling when I think about the fact that Ryan is no longer with us because it just doesn't seem real. It's like I need to remind myself. Whenever I do I get sad but it doesn't really bring me down too low. But with this game I thought about Ryan and some of my other friends who have passed away through my life and I got that feeling I got when I first hit LT by the water; happy and sad. Because those friends are still with me and Ryan is still with this site and its staff.

The game had it's problems gameplay-wise and was bit glitchy for me. But for it to leave such an impact on me I couldn't help but come away really, really impressed by it. It almost reminded me of when I finished The Walking Dead and The Last of Us. It's something that is going to stick with me. What did the rest of you think?

Welp, reading this has me welling up. The burying scene is what got to me, having to push every mound of dirt into the grave. Very good point that even though someone is not there, their influence will be.

It's nice to see the staff are recovering well, Jeff Gerstmann killed it at the PAX panel. Has he ever done stand up comedy? He's a natural for it.

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At first the controls in Brothers seem like they're going to be frustrating. Controlling two people with one controller is insane, and that's the beautiful part about it. As you're just running the brothers through a corridor, you can never get them to exactly the same direction at exactly the same pace. As you run along, they weave back and forth, overtaking each other and just overall looking like they're having fun despite their daunting adventure. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the sequence where you ride the mountain goats along the pass. These moments, both the times where the big brother is frustrated with the little brother and the times they're just having fun together, felt less like game sequences and more like memories. The game wasn't just telling its story, it was also telling mine.

Shit, I hadn't thought of it like that. I had created a setup where the older brother (and since I'm left-handed, more used to controlling a character with left stick) would move first and then the little brother would follow. But yeah, many moments of it looking like two people were actually controlling each separately like a co-op game. The goats bit was so much fun.

I think I had a lump in my throat when I had to bury the older brother. It reminded me of that moment in Walking Dead but this was far more emotional and involving. I'd probably have been a bowl of tears if I had an actual bigger brother. No wonder Justin McElroy was so taken aback by the game.

I might have to recommend this to my cousins who are brothers.

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He has the best voice for game reviews, and Trailer Academy is a great idea. His opinions on games and the Invisible Walls podcast, meh. I care more about the opinions of writers like Ryan Stevens, Justin Speer, and Daniel Bloodworth.

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No, not yet. Can't think of a really bad example.

Depression Quest was excellent in conveying the subtleties of depression, and there was no sugar coating about the recovery process. It's probably one of the most important games in such a discussion, even though it's just a text adventure game.

Neverending Nightmares will be dealing with OCD and depression, which Polygon did an article about which is worth reading. It also has a free demo out, while the kickstarter is going.

Fran Bow will also be dealing with similar things, also has a free demo worth checking. Their indiegogo campaign just finished successfully.

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Giant Bomb presents the Award for The Deadly Premonition of 2013!

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@siphillis said:


I was so happy when this guy jumped in the air like that.

I was like:

You need the GIF!

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If you're on PC there's a tonne of people in the Gaming Hub Steam Group who will be playing this, so you'll always be able to find some people.

I recommend this to everyone. Also if you end up playing other games you'll still end up playing with GB members.

Also you can make a forum post suggesting a PayDay 2 gaming day and the mods can make a event out of it.

I've joined that group, we should totally do this.

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It's funded, yo!