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Making me choose between Zeno Clash 2, Gunpoint, The Swapper, Proteus, and Kentucky Route Zero?

You are an evil man!

I'll go for Zeno Clash 2. I love those other games, but I haven't been as feverish as I have whenever I recommend Zeno Clash 2. Ambitious sequel for an indie game. One of the most imaginative worlds ever in a game, some crazy twists that change everything you know about the world, and easily still the best first person melee combat.

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Yes, people who play just FIFA/CoD. They are lower beings to me. Why were they even born? Who let them live for so long?

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Thanks for the bump, really like the game and it deserves more sales.

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When I'm downloading a HD version of a video, I'm expecting everything to be pristine clear.

Not this compression madness!

Is Giant Bomb now using a way lower bitrate?

The terrible HD quality has been going for a while now, I'm surprised no one has complained.

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Its aims are much higher than that. Not only does it completely subvert what is expected from naughty dog and the post apocolyptic genre, it also succeeds at discussing humanity and human choice in ways I have never seen before (in video games or otherwise).

Sounds like what I Am Alive did or what State of Decay does, maybe it might not feel as new to me. Well, glad to see your liked it so much.

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@seppli said:
  • Cannot loot enemy's guns and gear and ammo. In a game that's all about scavenging and survival, it boggles the mind.
  • Ammo is kinda rare, yet enemies never run out of ammo. Again - can't loot their ammo or guns after taking them out either. Ammo drops, or it doesn't.
  • Bulletsponge enemies. Typical Naughty Dog-style one-hit-kill headshot immunity through gasmasks and such. Foes often take hits, but don't stagger. And so forth. As if all rounds are short loaded (using little gun powder).

I Am Alive had none of these problems. Not as polished obviously since it had a lower budget, but a lot more consistent mechanics in comparison to the world for a post-apoc survival game with no need to rely on supernatural enemies.

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It's funny how Xbone is actually the only name that won't confuse you.

X1, Xbox One, XO, XB One, are all easily misconstrued for other things.

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I am going to say two things. Nothing is perfect in this world and The Last of Us will be remembered, talked about, argued and lauded over for many years.

Why? Is it groundbreaking in something like last year's Spec Ops The Line did about violence in games, the hero fantasy, and the examination of military shooters? Haven't played the game or have a PS3 at the moment, so I'm curious.

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Alan Wake still has the coolest jacket. All dem layers and a hoodie to boot!

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@bourbon_warrior said:

Probably after this night......

Why is this the first time I'm seeing this gem?! The leather pants and that glorious butt crack.

Is that Tina from 1UP grinding?