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A sequel is possible? Dear god yes! Thank you for this interview @patrickklepek! I want to go up to these developers and hug them, they're incredibly talented and to see what came out in the final product in this AAA space is astonishing. I was worried that this wouldn't be a great feeling FPS since The Darkness was more hot on the storytelling than shooting department, but with Syndicate and now this, they've conquered previous weaknesses. They really need to be commended for going against the grain in so many aspects.

Who expects a FPS that doesn't follow the CoD formula (no need for aim-for-sights, no hit markers, no restricted 2-weapon system, dual wielding, sliding and shooting at the same time, best cover system ever, rarely any bullet sponges, health and armour packs, wide complex levels instead of linear corridors, stealth being a viable and actually fun option rather than to just satisfy an achievement/trophy, no cool scripted weapon to be only used for one setpiece section) and tackles mature themes and subject matter like race or concentration camps or being an old relic for a new world (which was very No Country For Old Men) or true romance all while having a blackly comic tone? Inglorious Basterds, Robocop, and District 9 (which felt like a Paul Verhoeven homage anyway) are perfect references. Gave heart and charm to a musclebound action hero. Gave excellent and charismatic female characters in games (Anya, Caroline, Tekla, Frau Engel).

Wolfenstein The New Order is one of my favourite FPSs ever now, it had the perfect mix between excellent gameplay and storytelling. It has set the new standard that just because you want to tell a good story, it doesn't have to sacrifice good gameplay or divorce it in just cutscenes or supplemental audio diaries and documents.

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Love the aesthetic and gameplay. All over this!

Former LucasArts and Pixar dudes.

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No problem at all duder. The more the merrier.


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I don't drink alcohol (muslim), would that be a problem?

I'd love to get in some Gang Beasts action.

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I've already criticised this video plenty in my NeoGAF post about the Steam tagging system and Gone Home, but yeah not much to get out of this and he even is misinformed on why Jeff Gerstmann was fired. Not by publisher pressure (which is a common thing to threaten removing advertising dollars), but by the new management and advertisers at that time in Gamespot. Who were then removed and after years, Giant Bomb decided to merge with Gamespot.

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@jamjyo said:

In Korea(South)....

In an ad for garlic health drink..

If he was thinner, this is him exactly!

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@vitor Yup, he is great. He bonds with Wyatt and there is a great scene in Chapter 9 if you go into his room which is that cutscene and then they totally Jimi Hendrix out ;)

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Yup, Machinegames did a fucking amazing job with Wolfenstein. The concentration camp level is truly chilling, first time such a setting has been given the right level of horror and misery. Such a fantastic cast of fleshed-out characters, on both timelines. I prefer J because of this revealing conversation (and how they make up near the end):

Someone spoil it for me: Does Wolfenstein do social commentary, or did Patrick pull a Patrick and stretch out a meaning where none was intended?

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That John Oliver clip was pretty great. Definitely knew Link and Mario had a thing.