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What does it even mean to trust a video game publisher in 2014? Ubisoft is a massive network of studios so expecting like everything to be a winner is just crazy. FarCry 4 is great so far, Assassin's Creed Unity seems kind of dull/messed up. You win some and you lose some, this isn't any different from how it ever was. Wait for reviews and buy accordingly. It seems like people struggle way to hard to attach some sort of dramatic narrative to all this nonsense.

It's not really about the game's quality, but the politics that the game company uses. Here, we don't get to wait for reviews.

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I've heard this before elsewhere, that COD:AW may be one of the best games of the year, and that it may be the best FPS this year.

Did everyone suddenly forget Wolfenstein? When that came out, it was incredible. It stole most of the positive press from Watch_Dogs. It wasn't supposed to be that good, and yet it came out right before Watch_Dogs, a huge, hyped up Ubisoft release, and stole the show in May. But yet I feel like everyone is forgetting that it even came out whenever I see nominees or people talk about GOTY stuff. Not that it is bad, but just forgotten. The staff, for the most part, loved it. So I'd have a hard time seeing a "good" COD winning over something like Wolfenstein, that isn't annualized and wasn't supposed to be as good as it was. COD just got back to being a "good" COD game this year after last year's disappointment.

Wolfenstein is one of the best shooters ever made. It's now the new standard for me. Not easily forgotten when FPSs not as good keep on getting released. Shit, I made a case for it over on NeoGAF (I'm Messofanego over there).

It's my personal GOTY.

Plus, it has actual dogs in there compared to Watch Dogs! :D

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Jim Sterling seems like an alright dude and people can spend their money on whatever they want. Even so, the entire notion of patreon (i.e. what amounts to crowdfunded welfare) leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

I'm the same. I can't explain it fully but I think Patreon is kinda scummy in a way. Particularly the people who use it and then "double dip" on it, for example anyone making youtube videos through Patreon who are then putting ads on those videos to generate more money or anyone whose writing articles and then accepting money to publish them on established websites. So far the only person I've seen whose doing it the most legit/acceptable way is Matt Lees who puts his videos up on youtube but won't put advertisements on them and won't put his articles anywhere but his own site.

I don't really know what this means for Jim going forward though. He's going to end up closing some doors I think with this move. He's already on some publishers/developers bad lists for his reviews in the past, I can't see many AAA studios being crazy about working with him in the future if he's now effectively completely unchained.

It's only on just Ubisoft's blacklist as far as we know, and considering the state of their games where they don't care enough for reviews then not a big loss.

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Is that pun in their title intentional. I mean the less obvious pun. Miss Take. Mistake. (Edit: That's not a pun, I forget what it's called now- play on words?)

Legitimately curious- it's been bugging me all day and i had to ask.

Yeah, it's intentional. She takes stuff. And she's mistaken as being a thief when really its meant to be under property. Double meanings!

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That would be amazing. Funniest game I've ever played.

Did Jeff ever finish Wolfenstein?

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Been playing The Marvellous Miss Take for the past few days and man am I in love with the mechanics, look, sound, and design of this arcade stealth game. You control it all with just the mouse (or can use WASD but I prefer the mouse actually). It feels fantastic beating a level's par time and getting Ghost because the game might look cute but it's a hardcore stealth game through and through.

There are very few (even stealth) games that are about nonviolence and more about just doing the thing that needs done. In this case, "stealing"/taking back what's yours. It's kind of why I'm excited for Mike Bithell's next game Volume. The gadgets are handed out in levels rather than something you collect so strategies can change on a dime, like how fantastic the teleporter is.

I love the 3 playable characters, how the levels play out differently even if it's the same location. Harry's version of the levels at night don't have a timer because you're disabled so it's more about ghosting (type of playthrough in a game where you don't touch anyone) the place. Daisy is a really fast girl with a smaller sound zone and hers is just to take the keys from guards to open safes but a huge alarm circle rings out so you have to leg it.

Also, all the levels are named after UK places :D

For the first time, dogs in a stealth game that aren't annoying as fuck. They have really big hearing ranges but their vision cone is tiny so you can make them go in circles which is helpful when you need to escort them away to get to your exit.

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Finished it. Really sweet tale of courage to achieve serenity in a harsh world. Wonderful stuff.

There is some definite trial and error (as I'd expect from a cinematic platformer like Another World/Limbo/Brothers where things can keep changing on you) towards the end but it's warranted as the stakes are so high and you're being tested on everything you've been taught. Some critics might have found that too frustrating, but it's not to the extent of Limbo later levels which felt like filler padding anyway. Everything is cohesive here. I might have had a couple of times where the AI was an issue but it's something you'd see in any super polished AAA game too.

It's impressive when you're platforming below while the character above might be helping with creating those platforms for you, and it never got to the point where I needed another player to take over the AI. That could have gone so wrong as it has with big games like RE5 or games that don't allow the AI to be hurt at all (The Last of Us). The switching is instantaneous anyway, so you can manually do everything and it's obvious when you need to.

There is a crazy plot twist mid-way that changes up the gameplay significantly and there's a bigger revelation, but it's mostly about trying to restore peace against the blizzard. It's just a really well realised and unique fairy tale with a cool subversion that the protagonist is a girl rather than a boy as it is in the original tale of Kunuuksaayuka. There's no Mulan-like gender expectations to face, she just is a tough hero that isn't nerfed because of some plot event.

The cultural insight videos are awesome. Now I wish for more interactive old tales from other cultures.

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Good luck to Gilbert, but I'd really like to see the Adventure genre escape from the pixel nostalgia and actually try to do something else.

Uhm, it did? A long time ago actually.

I know it did, but why is he going back to the same exact visual style as his old games?

Cause people like this visual style.

I never played Maniac Mansion (stop throwing tomatoes at me!) but the visual style here is pretty great. I don't think there are any pixel adventure games that look exactly like this, the Wadjet Eye games look different and their own style.

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Played an hour of it with my sister, her shrieks at the platforming challenges and chases is the cutest. This is definitely a cinematic platformer in the vein of Brothers, Limbo, and Heart of Darkness so there is quite a bit of challenge. The animations are super cute.

There are very few 2 player co-op (can be played with a single controller, too) platformers that don't devolve into madness. The setting makes a huge difference, the wind and snow are some of the best I've seen in a game. The narration during the gameplay from an Alaskan native elder reminds me of Bastion.

Haven't finished it yet and hope to do so with my sister so my final judgment might change, but so far very happy. I haven't even bothered with the documentary videos that get unlocked as you progress, but will definitely watch them later. Love this interactive look into a culture's mythos that you don't hear about in any entertainment media.