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@sbaitso said:

I get that people may think the mouth is a tongue, but why would you ever want it to be one? All I think about when it comes to tongues being stuck out is Miley Cyrus.

Not a fox?

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This is great. His ignorance makes for some of the best bits. My favourite quote about this is from Danny and Jeff:


Danny: It's like Dan Ryckert Discovery Hour.

Jeff: You know what? Every hour is the Dan Ryckert Discovery Hour.

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@flacracker: I''ve seen The Raid 1 and Dredd. the similarities begin and end with the skyscraper idea. The Raid has a squad and Dredd has that female partner.

Have you seen Punisher War Zone? It's brilliant, too.

Also, see Raid 2. The hero is more alone and against a very brutal world. No skyscraper, but don't let that deter you. More like Infernal Affairs this time around. It's also the best action movie in a decade.

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Bulletstorm, Shadow Warrior, and Wolfenstein The New Order have showed you can have one-liner muscular action hero homage jocks and give them actual character with even complexity that you can root for, than whatever disgusting abuse/misogyny was in DNF.

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Yeah, there's some fucked up things in the Deponia series - It gets more extreme over the course of the series. Most of what you listed is from the third game. One other thing in the third game that was on the bad taste side of things: a psychiatrist prescribes a noose to one of his patients =|

Also, poor digital dolphins :( That made me feel the worst out of all the things though. I like dolphins.

Damn, that's real bad. I thought these games were just charming looking, had no idea it'd be some demented shock exploitation stuff?! I don't think even Manhunt goes as far as this.

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I had never played the games because the protagonist seemed really annoying but holy shit!

- make a homeless man eat a shoe

- grind baby dolphins to make cat food

- set a horde of crustaceans on a gondolier singer until there's nothing left of him but a skeleton

- leave children in the care of a pedophile, then make an ink blot picture of what is implied to be the pedophile's penis and show it to them

- leave the same children in the mouth of a swamp monster - two of them are eaten

- sell a woman as a slave to an organ grinder so she spends the rest of her days performing as a dancing monkey (she happens to be the only black character in the game, by the way)

- force that woman's boyfriend to be a host for an alien parasite (he was also the homeless man who had to eat a shoe)

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Too many games right now, I have this in my library but haven't found the time to get to it :P

Thanks for the article, Patrick!

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@flacracker Your videos are inspiring, thank you!

I didn't realise the accuracy mattered to getting 3 stars. Right now up to 3-4, game is kicking my ass and I need a better mouse.