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They're doing a live stream on Twitch right now.

It passed $1.5 million, which is all I cared for. I love me some developer commentary in games (Valve, Alan Wake).

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Our esteemed art director Christer Sveen has put together a cool video describing the process behind the development and evolution of Zoë Castillo, the (dreamy) heroine of Dreamfall Chapters.

This video also offers a glimpse of the latest tweaks done to make Zoë look closer to how she looked in Dreamfall: The Longest Journey -- something a lot of you have been requesting! We will, of course, keep tweaking our characters until the game launches, and everything you see here is still work in progress.

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This is pretty cool, because it makes you realise how much change happens to the look of game characters from inception to release. Just look at Elisabeth from Bioshock Infinite or any game that takes 3+ years to make. This game is still more than a year away.

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Best bloopers for a game ever?

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A quote from a NeoGAF user made me think that the F2P system in this game seems quite clever actually:

"Due to the games matchmaking, it's very much, Pay 2 Lose (IE, Pay money, upgrade, now you are playing against people who have played longer than you. Whoops!). In this instance though. I've won the last 5 games I've played, so I'm ready to match up, and open up the strategy now that I get how the combat works."


I wonder if other F2P strategy RPGs could do this?

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" The whole hotspot bit about "Gaming for me is a religion, and Haze is the shit". Everything he says there is gold.

The no cursing thing makes this clip kinda suck. Otherwise, super hilarious.

Sorry for bumping this, but the quote "____ is a religion, and _______ is the shit" was stuck in my head for some reason for the past few days and I knew Jeff had said it at one time, so googled it and came to this thread. Thank you for finding this gem, my favorite Jeff quote by far.

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I like to go to older threads and give them support when needed, I'm a thread philanthropist.

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So it's been what, 5 hours or something ? They just broke 800K...

Is this the fastest kickstarter funding ? It's going pretty fast, you guys.

I think this might be one for the record books! GODDAMN

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This is the little video on Game Informer

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The King of First Person Melee is back!


With co-op, which sounds like a great addition.

Zeno Clash was one of my favorite games of this gen with one of the most interesting twists. These games have the wildest character designs ever.

Looks like there's now juggling? And fist of the north star rage mode?

Some interesting new strategy elements in there, like mind control and environment interaction with what solar baby crib things?