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Zoe :3

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FINAL UPDATE: And it's over! $1,538,425 funded.

UPDATE: Developer commentary and director's cut stretch goal at $1.5 million.

Currently at $1.2 million, 4 days left.

Update: FUNDED!

Original post:


Goal: $850,000

Deadline: March 10, 2013

Game Overview

Dreamfall Chapters continues and concludes the gripping story of Zoë Castillo, the Dreamer.


3D point-and-click interface

and engaging puzzle gameplay designed for fans of adventure games

- We've brought back the core team members from Dreamfall: The Longest Journey to make Dreamfall Chapters, including award-winning writer and designer Ragnar Tørnquist, creator of The Longest Journey saga; Dag Scheve, co-writer of Dreamfall; and Christer Sveen, art director on Dreamfall.

Joining the team are lead designer Martin Bruusgaard (Age of Conan, The Secret World), technical directors Kjetil Hjeldnes (The Longest Journey, Dreamfall, The Secret World) and Eigil Jarl Halse (Dreamfall, The Secret World), artist Sigbjørn Galåen (Dreamfall, Age of Conan, The Secret World), producer Rakel Johnsen (Age of Conan, The Secret World), and programmers Quintin Pan (Age of Conan, The Secret World) and Audun Tørnquist (The Longest Journey).


  • Direct control and point-and-click, now that's something new!
  • No combat
  • Funcom only wanted to make online games
  • "We have invested a lot of our own money in Red Thread Games and Dreamfall Chapters, and we have also been lucky enough to receive a $175,000 grant from NFI (the Norwegian Film Institute) to make a playable prototype. Without this money, we wouldn't be where we are today."


Plenty of familiar faces will return for Dreamfall Chapters, along with many of the original voice actors from both The Longest Journey and Dreamfall.

Players will experience the story through the eyes of three different characters as their unique paths and separate plots intersect and intertwine.

The central character of our story is Zoë Castillo, a twenty-one year old girl from Casablanca who saved the world in Dreamfall before falling into a deep coma over a year ago.

Players will once more play as Zoë as she learns to use her emerging talents, escapes the Storytime, travels to Europolis and eventually crosses the Divide into the magical world of Arcadia.

We will reveal the identity of a second playable character during our Kickstarter campaign, so stay tuned for some exciting updates!

Many fan favourite non-player characters will also return in Dreamfall Chapters, including Crow, sidekick extraordinaire; Blind Bob, the not-so-blind beggar; Benrime Salmin, innkeeper of the Journeyman Inn and supporter of the resistance; Roper Klacks, author of 'Farewell to my Wizardin' Days'; the enigmatic Vagabond; the equally enigmatic Brian Westhouse; April's old friend Emma; and Zoë's ex-boyfriend Reza Temiz, whose identity was left in doubt at the end of Dreamfall -- and many more (including some intriguing stretch goals!).

And, of course, players will learn the destiny of April Ryan, and see the continuation of her storyline.


Dreamfall Chapters is a 3D adventure game where the player controls a character through interactive and immersive environments, using a combination of point-and-click and direct control. The game supports both keyboard/mouse and a joypad, but it's designed primarily for the PC.


Zoe meets a Tree Spirit (concept art)

Autumnal Marcuria (in-game)

The Storytime

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@theanticitizen said:

I want to be an assassin in feudal Japan


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@cloudnineboya said:

i already do this in skyrim, was, is a cool concept looks charming l liked Dear Esther a lot, not got the monies at the mo mabee later give it go for curiosity sake.

Skyrim only has one season in it, the way this cycles through all of them in just under an hour with a day-and-night cycle is quite enchanting.

I hear that the game might have future updates with more islands, and an infinite mode.

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Wow, that was quite the adventure! Figuring it out and seeing for yourself in an hour, in one sitting, is the best way. All you should know is there is an ending and you'll figure out how to progress forward with no need for a tutorial. I didn't expect an ending. But what an exquisite and jaw-dropping one it was.

It was kind of cool how you didn't have to follow the main path through the vortex cycles. Just chilling, looking at the shooting stars, taking loads of screenshots. Kind of non-linear unlike Journey which clearly wanted you to move on.

You can press Q for auto-walk, truly an evolution from Dear Esther :P

It's a great season simulator, the audio design is fantastic. Hearing the windy breeze on top of a snowed mountain, creatures chirping tunes, and then it giving out in serene moments.

Can't wait to sit down my friends and family to play this by themselves.

Did anyone encounter this tree hanging creature? Don't think it's a squirrel.
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Akaneiro Demon Hunters had a successful Kickstarter to finish the game, ended 2 days ago. Free-to-play action RPG from American McGee and Spicy Horse, download it here. It's basically Red Riding Hood in Japan.

I'm really liking this! I don't play many dungeon crawlers, but the nice art is engaging. It's surprisingly pretty, I really wish there was a zoom function.

I defeated Ushi Oni, but can't go to the next area so I'll pretty much have to grind in the first area.

Purple Riding Hood. I'm guessing there'll be a red hood later on.


My one niggle is the enemy health bars take too much screen space and it becomes hard to target other enemies.

I like that there seems to be asynchronous co-op like Dark Souls, you can use other people's characters as AI companions.

I play the ninja class, but I would like some stealth attacks too. They even hint at it.

Anyone know what these groups mean?

I thought the game would feel less dark after Alice Madness Returns because of the isometric view and it being free2play, but nope lol.

These ghosts are everywhere in the village.
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@jakob187 said:

I was typing up a bunch of stuff, but I just realized that a lot of it is shit that Sess said a while back on CNN. LOL It goes to show that HE is the guy that should be talking to Biden.

And the most recent Adam Sessler interview with Fox News that Alex points to:

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@CptBedlam said:

@AssInAss: Yeah, "thanks" for the spoiler gif. That's all stuff I wanted to experience myself when playing the game, witnessing the character's progression etc. I disagree, late-game footage isn't necessary for interesting video reviews. And yes, I stopped watching video reviews... on GT at least because they did that shit all the time. Showing off late-game bossfights etc.

Except that was used in trailers, much like the style of a GTA 4 trailer. Agree to disagree.

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@CptBedlam said:

@Baillie: In this case it's not a huge thing but that part would've been spoiled still. As I said, I even consider late-game footage of a game a spoiler because I want to be surprised by where the journey takes me, what the bosses look like etc.

Then don't watch video reviews, because only getting to see the first few hour of a game and nothing else would make for a dull video (and looks like a preview). It explains the review's points like if there are various environments, if the world changes in a game, or character progression.