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I love me some Internet Detectives.

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"Sequestration" doesn't quite put the fear in me like "fiscal cliff" does.

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@theadmin said:

3. they're video games. We can be passionate about games, but at the end of the day, they're just games.

This is a very outdated view that has been peddled around for previous art forms too like movies and music. This could only work back in the 70s when video games were just play toys that couldn't express much meaning. It's a dismissive and defensive statement that limits the medium of so much more.

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Hello community.

I have to learn some OO PHP and a little JavaScript and I made a website.

Quick Look Crew <---- click this

You are awesome.

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"Impress other hipsters with knowledge of this tragically obscure, unfunded, arthouse thing." Link

Saw this game on some time ago and just remembered to play it. It's a weird short game about tearing down posters or something? I think it's made for a competition or a jam somewhere. Just googling "reveal game" obviously doesn't.. reveal much about it; I'm curious of what you guys know or think of it.

Downloading now. So, it's not about the human body? I wish more games did that, like the Mario and Lugi Inside Bowser game. The level design in such a game would be insane. Being a medical student, I've dreamed of such a game that would be a 3rd person action-adventure platformer where you get new weapons and enemies based on the organ you're in. The start of the game, your host has cancer and you are a superhero stem cell that has to fix all the organ systems before you go into remission.

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@spudbug said:

I think after Spec Ops the Line, it's very hard to justify making "just another" third person shooter like this.

I agree, can't look at third person shooters the same way again. Game changer. Especially now with Tomb Raider having a ridiculous amount of narrative dissonance, more games need to adopt adaptive dialogue and behavior that are story-dependent. It's not just about making your character a psychopath to avoid the dissonance of killing hundreds of goons but also in pacing your character in-game through specific changes like changes to melee animations rather than exclusively divorcing them to just cutscenes which Remedy (Alan Wake) is good at.

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I'm a Brit currently living in Czech Republic, hard to find multiplayer games sometimes for like Chivalry and most recently Banner Saga: Factions.

Steam: digi_matrix

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The Neverhood was amazing.


(click for gif)

I marathon'ed The Longest Journey and Dreamfall last week for the first time, they're absolutely some of the best (even with the bad combat in Dreamfall). Made a thread on their Dreamfall Chapters Kickstarter.

Broken Sword is top material too, if you really want an Indiana Jones style globetrotting, investigating adventure with one of the best couples in gaming, George Stobbart and Nico Cottard.

Recently, Kentucky Route Zero is pretty damn good. Spooky open road adventure.