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I use AllCast and just send whatever video I wanna see using the GB Video Buddy app on Android. Really haven't seen the need for a console app in awhile.

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Manhattan, New York, USA

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Antichamber! I bought this game cause of the quick look. Best Steam purchase I've ever made.

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@tcsajax would you be interested in DVD's as well? Maybe a few burnt movies?


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So far I see alot of Stanley Parable, Dota 2 and Tomb Raider votes. Very interesting. I really look forward to see if any of these games make it through GB's list. DOTA 2 is definitely gonna be a tough push for Brad.

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@geraltitude: I thought about it as I was creating to topic, but then there wouldn't be as many different opinions as seen above. It's interesting to see people choose games that were on consoles as well, I just wanted to know their specific reason(s) behind such choices.

Right now, I'm enjoying Antichamber quite alot, as well as Rogue Legacy while occasionally playing some backlogged games (Stacking, Fez, Monaco, They Bleed Pixels, Thomas Was Alone)

Antichamber is definitely frustrating but it's pay-off is grand. I'd definitely nominate it for GOTY so far, even before finishing it.

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@random45: Tomb Raider was really entertaining, I would definitely +1 that even though the collectible hunting was kind of too easy...and tedious.

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At the very least, what are your favorite games released this year that are available on Steam? I'm interested in seeing what everyone's into, since I'm quite new to Steam and would love to play some new titles.

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They should just duke out the discussions while Windjamming.