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@oginor: I can't say that I never dove into a few GoD sales. But I immediately regretted them when I found cheaper prices else where.

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@vinny_says: its more of a statement than an argument. I wouldn't really buy a PC if it came with Windows 8 and had a bunch of Metro tiles saying SPONSORED BY DORITOS or KANYES NEW ALBUM OUT NOW. I'd prefer something with the basics. If I want to watch a movie, I'll go out and see it in a theater. If I want to listen to music, I'll buy the album in store. Just give me games where I play my games. Its gonna sound like a scratched record every time I mention PC but it doesn't have all thatthat extra junk shoved in my face if I don't want it.

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Not exactly the responses I expected. Oh well.

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@nekroskop: that's how Unsee it as well. Sales all day. Sales on sales on sales.

@oginor looking at steam these past few days,I can already tell how much cheaper it is to buy games there than on a console.

@SamFo did you read the common part I said? All three games you mentioned are on Steam. All three run best on a PC. Why would I need to spend $15 on Brothers when I could mostly likely find it half price in the next few weeks?

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Well, technically Microsoft did, I never owned a PS3. But I'll explain in a second. Since the launch of the 360, I've been mesmerized by the capability of instantly downloading demos and full games on a console that also let me keep tabs on my friends. Everything seemed fine and dandy until over the years, a thick fog over this console cleared, revealing its true purpose.

Demoes started to become sparse and uninteresting. the once beloved Live Arcade games went from grand and unique to lackluster and common. Soon, Microsoft began selling full games online. Of course, they were playing us the fool by thinking we'll still buy a game at it's listed price when the title is already half the price used in stores. Why would anyone even bother?

Then came the apps and their push to become an entertainment system rather than a gaming console. The one-stop machine to do all that you wish, basically.

Irrelevant advertisements about every single thing I wasnt interested in. Seeing faux-celebs faces raising awareness for some junk they just crapped out, only to be forgotten the following week. Movies spots on my dashboard I reluctantly paid for, specifically aiming at target demographics that are smarter than they were 7-8 years ago. This black box instantly became something I despised turning on.

I realized that if I want to be happy with the games I want to play, I would need to invest in a pretty good PC...which I did within the past 2 weeks. No Miley Cyrus ad's. No Linkin Park potato chips. No fully priced shitty downloads. Just games. Within the next few days, I'll be uploading images of my first PC rig built on a midrange budget.

For now, I felt the need to let this out on a site I fully appreciate most. I hope to contribute more on GB, even if its more rambling like this and maybe even end up participating in next year's Extra Life event. Seeing how much everyone here raised and how you've all endured made me really happy to be amongst actual good people.

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@SexyToad: I like the idea but the core of the game is playing and building with friends. It would be tedious if a bunch of jerks pop in and out messing your stuff up.

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Yea, I saw and posted on the thread but It's been goin slow there for more than a month, so...

Who cares! Let's just play some friggin Minecraft! I'll be on today. Hopefully we can make some fun like the Rooster Teeth dudes did (Without the annoying Rage Quit duder)

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