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Hope all turns out for the best as well. Given the all the GDC news I'm not sure a slowdown on the editorial content is even going to be noticed.

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@Sweep: Don't forget about "Titan". 60 people from Titan, SC2 and D3 teams combined. Thats probably not that bad.

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What a douche.

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Almost every job has highs, but every job has its lows. I have a job that on paper sounds like a lot of fun, but like anything else there are days of toil, days of frustration, days where you have to do things you just don't feel like doing. Attitude towards your job and the people you work with are a huge part of what makes your job great.

So yea, working at whiskey in general could be a lot of fun, but there it's probably not the most amazing thing ever.

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There are a lot of games where you can get them just for the playthrough, and then a couple clean up quests/youtube the funny ones. Skyrim, Oblivion, AC2 all fall in this category, but they just take a lot of time and might not be considered "easy" as a result.

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I'm cautiously looking forward to Doom4. I think they need new game designers in house more than anything. The fact that the metroid prime designer got the boot off Doom4 saddens me.

id tech 5 had its moments where the art really shined in a way it couldn't in other engines, but the game world seems so static and seems like it might be a huge pain to develop for. I hope they kick a good game out soon, otherwise I don't know how much longer they'll be around for.

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@KaneRobot said:

I guess it's too much to ask that they just destroy each other.

Yep, thats just what gaming needs two of the biggest, best and most community driven gaming companies going up in flames!

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I often thought of doing a tech of games series. Always too much going on, glad someone got around to it! Good job!

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Wow what a year this was. So many memories. I choose X-wing, but really there are so many I could have chosen