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@ajamafalous: Yep. I played a lot of DOTA a long time ago, although some of it is like riding a bike, my memories have been coloured by playing LoL on and off for the last 3 years. Creep denying, heros, differences in lanes, towers, etc are all the subtleties I have to relearn. DOTA2 has cool character models and they seem to be doing the esports side, especially spectating, very well. Part of me says I should be a good beta tester, dive back in to DOTA2, learn the old ways and give them some feedback. The other half of me, knowing I will only play casually, can't decide if there is a good case to even bother and just stick to playing LoL here and there.

Like many things it will hinge on my friends trying DOTA and not LOL simply because its a valve game...

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I found this too, but as others have mentioned I'm sure with time it passes. The characters look amazing, but there is too much sameness to the terrain. I also found the tree lines not as rigidly defined to be a tad off putting at least compared to LoL

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Got an invite today too. I thought it was a phishing scam, but sure enough I logged onto my account (without clicking any links in the email!) and sure enough I was in. Played a bit, seemed pretty fun, but won't be 100% until I can coop with friends.

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Either pick a style to role-play or, more fun in my opinion, choose what you would choose IRL. Both paths, and even the middle path are all interesting. The only arguable point is that renegade is funnier in that "shepard is a total dick" kinda way

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ME1 and ME2 are far from perfect but rank among my favorite games of all time. I heard DA2 had some serious issues and I have not tried the new MMO but otherwise I think people are crazy. People like to overreact and whine because every game doesn't revolutionize gaming. The more games you play, especially good ones, the more difficult it's going to be to have games surprise and amaze you. This is especially true when being compared to the memories you have of your favorite games through the rose colored glasses of time and nostalgia.

People complain if they change things, and complain if they don't. We've seen so little of ME3 in the grand scheme of things that its way to early to say bioware fell off.

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@Hunkulese: Yeah, I'm focused on DS, but I'll add that to the list when I edit the OP.

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He lives in a different time zone so I don't think Minecraft works. Good idea for the future tho...

What about Nintendogs? I totally forgot about that franchise...

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@upwarDBound: I agree. I probably stated my original post the wrong way, but I'm not trying to get him "into" gaming. He is already asking for games (not a specific one mind you) and has played them with the other nieces and nephews who are older than him. It's more about being the one to provide him with what are considered good games as opposed to games his parents would buy because of the box art. After that it is up to him to find his own favorite games and genres or to decide whether he likes gaming at all. I hope to over time expose him to a number of different styles of game and let him sort it out

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Thanks for all the heads up. I'll definitely look into the Kirby games and I guess Mario Kart DS is a definite buy. I totally thought about Brain Age and Scribblenauts but I think I will save those for one more year. I guess I should read up on how Pokemon works or play some myself. I'm torn between "He can't read/add/subtract" and "playing the game will teach him" I totally learned a whole lot of math earlier than school taught me because of games.

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So my gf and I have bought a DS Lite for her five year old nephew and am I excited to usher him into the world of gaming. However, I'm at a bit of a loss as to what games to buy him. We're trying to avoid anything violent for now and he isn't a proficient reader yet, so we don't want him to shy away from a game because of walls of text. Here's where I'm at, any help is appreciated

  • Movie games. He loves How to Train Your Dragon and Toy Story, but in general I'm avoiding movie games because I'm assuming they suck. Am I wrong? I figure a good game is going to build its own memories I don't need to piggyback on something he recognizes
  • Mario Kart DS - Easy to understand, should be good if he can find friends with DS's
  • New Super Mario Bros
  • Bejeweled - Super easy to teach/learn, something he can play with his mom
  • Animal crossing? - Does this have too much reading? Or too many mechanics for a 5 yr old (remember I can get him more games next year)
  • Harvest Moon - Same as above
  • Pokemon - Never played a pokemon game. Assuming this is probably something for when he is older...

I guess GBA carts will work too if there are any gems there. I'll need sufficient time to hunt them down for Xmas.

I fondly remember discovering Atari and NES and how it turned me into a life long gamer. I'm super excited to get someone playing games for the first time and want to make sure they start out on the right foot!

P.S. I'm happy to try make this a compilation list/thread for all systems if people want to chime in.