So yea, just fin SC2, first Blog

First blog ever so here goes,
Yep, so I just finished SC2, to be honest I wasn't overwhelmed with OMG that was great etc...
Yes there was parts of the game that I thought were pretty good... infact, I have just written a review for it here:
 Not a bad game, just for me who has played a lot of RTS for a hell of a looong time.. it just doesn't deserve all the over the top attention it has been getting.
Ok, lately yes I have been playing Starcraft but also:
X2 The threat - I spent alot of time playing X3 but have recently decided to go back and have a look at X2, partly one of the reasons is that I have to spend soo much time on my crap laptop at the moment that I thought that it would be a good pastime. To be honest the differences in how the economy works from X3 is strange, Meatsteak cahoona's I have actually made decent profits in early game from them this time.. in X3 I can't ever remember making a trading profit from those ever.
I have just got up a few sector traders and am looking to go straight into the energy cell market with my own factories. Obviously with x2 you can only make individual factories but I am just operating around argon at the moment so when I want to build my own stuff using multiple factories I will probibly move locations anyway.
But yes I am enjoying my time on X2 at the moment, obviously some of the limitations I get from going back from X3 is a bit annoying at times but overall it runs well on my crap laptop and I am enjoying it.
Wow - Went back to wow again recently, I decided to stop playing in Feb and decided to have another go a few weeks ago.... unfortunately even though I got in a guild again and raided the ruby Sanctum addition to the content just isn't enough to warrent months of grinding etc. The Ruby sanctum isn't a full raid.... it can be done in <1hr if your raid knows what it's doing.
So yes I will stay clear of wow until Cata... After clearing ICC on normal I just don't understand why I would want to keep grinding away in there??
Even though I only cleared on 10, I feel that the 25 man's which I can only PUG because of the size of the guild just tend to quit after the 4th boss Sourfang, because easy mode is turned off. But yea I have experienced the content sooo I guess i'm done.
KOTOR - Been slowly playing KOTOR again, it's not as great as I first remember it.. it just feels a bit static now when I play it... for some reason all the EPIC moments I remember dont feel that Epic.. maybe it's because i'm older... gaming has moved on loads.... or both 
Chess - i did get really into chess at one point.. and have been doing so again lately, I have been enjoying the commentary on youtube from JROBI, he goes through some standard strategies etc but also does commentary's from games... he does the full world championship series between Anand and Topolov from a few months ago which is definately worth a watch if you like chess. 
Slowly playing through a few snes games also including Super Metroid (50% ish), Starwing (Finished), FF6 (again lol... 50% ish), super intenation cricket.. (Have a test every now and again)
My multiplayer time now im not playing wow again is now devoted too: 

Pro evo -  locally

What I want to play  and am looking forward too  
Still haven't played Mass Effect 2, FF14 has perked my interest, Metroid other M.. although different looks worth a play. Want to give chrono Trigger another play through.
Dragon warrrior 6 on the snes, I will play in a couple of weeks, I have found an English translation that apparently is perfect.
Ok anyway.. enough and laters.