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So onlive has just been released in UK. I've just logged on with my terrible laptop to see what kind of performance I can get.. and bloody hell it's bloody good. Just played Space marine pretty well.

The game list is nice also, Supreme commander on my crappy laptop LOLz.

The offer for the first game for 1 pound is wicked.. think im gonna get batman since I aint played it :P

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  • Crono Trigger,
  • Final fantasy 7,
  • Metal Gear solid1,3,
  • Resident evil 2,
  • Wow (I quit after downing Arthas - as to me that was the end)
  • Planescape
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You can't play Eve for 2 day's and pretend you know anything about it!


  • Dont turtle in empire space, build up to say.. a battleship then think... RIGHT IM READY FOR 0.0 now... here I COOOOOME! You will lose weeks of work just for some fireworks.
  • Join a corp which is part of an Alliance with a 0.0 presence so when you get your Drake you can go ratting and make some isk.
  • Everyone can make a difference, even a tech 1 frig with Webbers and Jammers on it can make a difference in fleet encounters.
  • Beware of gate camps if you fly through low sec space.
  • Dont Join Goonswarm becasue they will try and rip you off.
  • It's worth getting an Agent at least upto lvl 4 so that you can make some good isk from mission running... again u will need a drake for lvl 3-4
  • If you decide to go caldari remember to tank your shields... dont put any skill points in armour abilities, also with caldari dont put 'many' skill points in gunnery, you want missiles!
  • If you go Gallente put skill points in armour for tanking, and gunnery for dps
  • Mining sucks, it takes too much time.. I wasted a year and a half getting upto a hulk and plowing points into my industry, and to be honest it's not worth it... you can get more isk ratting in 0.0 and mission running.
  • Only risk what you can afford to lose.. because you will most likely lose it!
  • Insure your ships!
  • Learn about jump clones so you can be in 0.0 and have a decent mission runner in empire.
  • Local is your friend.
  • Scamming is part of the game and a legit way of making isk in Eve... beware
  • Shop around on the market.. try and sell your most valuable goods at a trading hub such as Jita.
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Seriously, People who havn't picked Jeff.... reaaaaaallllyyy?

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I prefer the term "Trash" rather than "Mob". Funny blog tho :)

I have a feeling MMO's as we know them are on their last legs :) Everyone I know has been saying that they are sick of the "grind"... sick of the "Drop rates"...

My favourate MMO lingo has got to be from wow.. forgive me if I remind you of a few if you ever played:

  • LFM OT ICC must have Achiv
  • WTS Dirge *constant spam
  • Kite the mobs
  • Watch your DPS, you are pulling too much Aggro
  • How many Epic's have you got
  • Check out my Gear It's imba

Jeez if you look at the kind of shite it's totally ridiculous

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@Dalai said:

@Mesoian said:

Eh, it's weird, and ultimately it doesn't really matter. It's just odd that Obama is currently the non-crazy vote. The republican side of the vote looks like the cast of the 1960's batman show.
You do realize Dick Cheney isn't running for president, right?

Well... Mitt Romney kinda looks like Two-Face and occasionally acts like him.

seriously I didn't realise that Mickey from Rocky is also the penguin from batman :P

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@Veektarius said:

I love reading about professional wrestling. It's like reading about a sport I don't understand, except it's not really a sport, so instead of trying to understand it I just accept that I am oblivious and let the confusion wash over me. It's like drowning and you don't care if you ever breathe again.


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Really amazing piece of work.

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@sugetipula: Aye, I suppose. I didn't mean to list games that I thought were better, my response wasn't written well. The point of my list of games was to try and emphasize other rts games where micro and macro are used. People generally think that Starcraft is revolutionary in terms of RTS mechanics.

My main point was about the interface on Sup Com, ive still got it installed on my pc, and to be honest I thought that it was kind of like a breakthrough at the time in terms of how future rts would be. If you play Sup com for a few hours then go play SC (I have SC 2 installed also and play regular) you just feel like you should be able to zoom out... im constantly pulling back on the mouse wheel.. but nothing.

SC is a well rounded game but I just prefer everything about Supcom, and when I play Starcraft after playing Supcom 1 it feels like a really dated game.... without it's tremendous following, I think people would see an average RTS.

I'm not the only one who feels this way either:

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@sugetipula said:


Wait, What does this have to do with graphics? Aren't you just a butthurt fanboy that needs to state his "opinion" everywhere?

You obviously never played sup com 1 then :D, check out the interface and graphics.