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@Th3_James said:

Bought it on Steam. I stayed up till 6 in the morning playing it. I was purposely dying just to redo certain areas

Yep. If you have even the slightest amount of OCD, this game will capitalize on it.

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I took a chance and got it (on PC) last night. I say "chance" because I didn't really enjoy the demo when I first played it on my PS3. Thankfully, playing on the PC dramatically changes the game (running everything on max settings) and really helped turn an otherwise cardboard looking game into a fairly detail-rich environment. If you take your time, the game is rewarding. Especially when the enemy springs one of your booby traps. There's even an option to dial-up/down the "Deadshot" hits. I'm only an hour into it and I feel like I'm Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell who found a time machine and headed back to WWII.

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Shoot, I have enough problems with Superbrothers - Sword & Sworcery EP, Fez probably isn't for me.

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@DeF said:

I need to clean out my drives for this game ...35gig is insane!

Even more so if you have an SSD.

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@Sooty: Well we knew that as soon as we saw "Rockstar Games". Prepare for folks whining about getting a patch weeks after the game drops. :)

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@Jayzilla: Don't bother him. He's too busy showing off his e-cock.

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Dig Deeper into Harley Quinn

Don't mind if I do.

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@Mcfart said:

Another reason to buy console BF3 - the beta already looks better then the PC running at Low settings, so this will hopefully be competitive with the PC at Highest.

Please stop over-dosing on your farts.

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Had a lot of fun with Armageddon on the PC. Looked great in DX 11.

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@AssInAss: Agreed. It's my personal GOTY thus far. The imagination and art direction are fantastic. Absolutely love Alice: Madness Returns.
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