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@TruthTellah: And to this point, just explaining the Conservative position on abortion and why each side can call each side evil, not looking for a debate on the topic.

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@Animasta: And the reverse is true from our side. So your gonna kill a future human being just because you want to make that choice. What right do you have to make that choice? So the being you are killing has no right? Even so I do not call those pro-choice people "evil", I just fundamentally disagree with killing unborn babies and can't fathom how someone can do so and consider it a correct policy. Thankfully as young adults become parents, we've seen the pro-life movement overtake the pro-choice movement. I think everyone has a young woman they know or a teen mother who regrets killing their baby. I know one who can no longer go to baby showers because she cries every time knowing that she could've had what all the other mothers have. Last time she went to one she sat in the kitchen alone through the whole thing. The weight they carry with them for the rest of their life for their choice to choose abortion is often devastating and as Barack Obama or say Dave Pelzer ("A Child Called It" author) proves you can come from the most broken of families and worst of circumstances and rise up to the highest of achievements.

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@Vampir: I agree. But a "terrorist attack" indicates a singular act by an organization. It's different than lots of acts of terror as in a mob-scene. And everyone already knows this. Which is why I think Romney won on substance. Style? Not so much.

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CNN post-debate poll has Obama topping Romney with Obama: 46% Romney: 39%

A win but not a huge one. Is it enough to halt Romney's momentum?

@SlightConfuse: And you can find a million pics like that of either guy. Mockers will mock.

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@astrotriforce: I will never understand the conservative mindset I swear

That's the real problem isn't it? People can't stand to put themselves in other people shoes and even try to consider another persons mindset. By the way, that's not really a passive aggressive comment towards you, but to all people who can't even fathom to play the devils advocate.

I try to think about it, but the only lead I have to go on is "Let's be evil for the sake of it." I guess there's some religious motives, but if you're wanting to separate church and state, or at least pretending to want to, I don't think they're worth considering.

I'm not trying to get into an argument or anything, I just want to put my hat in as someone who doesn't understand it, even though I have tried.

I just tried 100 different ways to explain and failed on every one. It's something I can't explain in words unfortunately.

No one is evil for the sake of it unless they are TRULY evil (murderer or whatnot). A person's viewpoints are their viewpoints and their opinion and are shaped by many different factors. This generation's tendency to toss crap like that out about others is sad. And will lead to our downfall as others only see those who they disagree with with hateful eyes. When the Bible says to do the opposite, "Pray for those who persecute you." Don't wish for them to die.

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@TruthTellah: Do you HONESTLY think it would make a difference? That people would vote "Romney won by a little" instead of "Obama won by a lot?" I don't think so considering the make-up of the partisanship. But point well taken, I'll change the format for the next debate poll to include your options.

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@Turambar: Yet one WILL become President. So who won the debate? Whether you want to vote neither is irrelevant. One of the two wins.

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@Milkman: From the livestream.

Looks like people are saying Obama won the debate, Romney won on each individual subject.

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@MariachiMacabre: Because their trying to parse words and make it out like Romney was wrong. Romney's POINT was that Obama didn't call the attack what it was, a terrorist attack. But we'll just ignore that, and point out that Obama said "terror". Meanwhile he puts the blame on a youtube video in a major speech in front of the UN and repeats it six times while sending out the UN Ambassador Susan Rice to speak on foreign policy matters on all the news shows when it's Secretary Clinton's department. It's blatant what is going on. It's called a cover up.

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Post-debate poll on CNN. 58% Romney, Obama 46% (Economy), Taxes: 51% Romney.... couldn't type fast enough. Romney has won the debate in the post CNN poll. We'll see how it turns out in other polls.