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"I am a proud conservative. I do think both sides have legitimate ideas that will help our country prosper, but the people in charge now have got to go. Bush wasn't my favorite president at all, but I think I would rather have him back. Although I don't blame Obama for everything I mostly blame Pelosi and Reid and there divisions of congress.  Lets just say I agree more with: Walton and Johnson, Rush, Levin, and Beck more than most of the incompetent politicians running the country and that includes the republicans, and democrats. "

I hope when you said Beck you didn't mean Glenn :)
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 Real men have control of their emotions, and not throw things when they get mad. "

You're not a real how would you know? :)
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C) You're madly in love with the idea of fighting games (but not necessarily the nature of competition), and need to satisfy your ocd by unlocking things.   There's nothing wrong with any of that, I'm just saying it's a little weird you can't find the time to fight a human being. "

This.I think at this point i'm so used to playing fighters for the unlockables and the storylines and all the other extras.
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" @Astrovik said:

" Doesn't Capcom understand I'm poor.Why the hell would I spend money on unlockables.They are sh#tting the replay value of the game.I don't even play SSFIV anymore.For what? If not for online for nothing.I don't want no extra colors..that's bullsh#t.I always have my characters wear their original colors anyway.I'll just get the PC version and mod the sh#t out of it. "

The notion that a costume for Super Street Fighter IV has anything to do with the replay value of the game, well, it's hilarious. Not having the characters be unlockables helps more people than it hurts, and the fact that I don't have to spend any more time with arcade mode to get these costumes is good, I'd rather spend money than time. If you don't have time to play actual people, then how do you have time to play arcade mode 400 times to get costumes?  PC version isn't even announced, they've said they're not working on it. "
It's not the costumes themselves.It's worthwhile unlockables in general. 
As far as Arcade mode..I have more time to play through that to unlock things than I do to play with other people because as I said I can play and stop playing at my leisure.I can put out an hour a day playing through Arcade mode rather then trying to find a worthy opponent online or getting a friend over to play with me.Having something to do in the game BY MYSELF means I can play when ever I feel like it. 
I'm not saying SSFIV is a bad game and I do own it.I just don't want to wait until I have a vacation or break from school so that I can have fun with it. 
Also I wasn't implying that Tekken or Soul Calibur were better than SF by bringing them up either in case that's what anyone thought.
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Nothing is good about World of WarCraft.

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You're cheating.if you had played with the regular controller you would never have beaten AirMan....nobody can beat Airman.

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PS2.Even Shigeru Miyamoto has one of those.

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" It's just bushfinger.  "
I was just covering for not actually reading your entire post.
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I want to use a team of everyone wearing a karate uniform (gi) like Ken and Ryu but I need a third and i'm terrible with Dan and Makoto.