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17 is past the age of consent in most places anyway. You might risk becoming that creepy twenty-something dude who's going out with a high school girl, though.

That was me like 6 months ago. I was 23 and in grad school, she was 18 and a Senior in high school. I look young though so no one said anything haha.

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I'll join you on that train. Never had tea?!?!?!? I mean, it would be one thing to not like tea, but holy crap.

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The Food talk on the podcast drives me neurotic. Like, I feel we as a community need a food intervention for Dan. I just like what the fuck? Who hasn't tried TEA of all things? Every week he unveils a new food sin that I just can't seem to comprehend in my brain.

I'm going to assume neither of you are American, but tea is not really all that common here (unless you include iced tea, green tea, etc). Sure, I'd say a decent number of people have had tea before, but it's far from "normal". For the most part it's seen as something old women drink.

I'm an American with normal tastes. I like to try new things and explore foods etc (just had some gator tail actually). The first time I had tea was visiting my British girlfriend in the UK at the age of 25. And that was my second trip to the UK in my life, and I only drank it to "fully immerse myself in the culture". It's alright, but I only drink it when it's there. I'd never make it for myself. When she came to visit me that summer, I had to go out and buy an electric kettle for her, and was confused because I had never used or seen one before (I only envisioned the old school teapots on a stove).

Starbucks Chai Tea is ridiculously popular in the Bay Area. Also, every Asian restaurant gives you tea before you order. (But Dan has probably never had Asian food)

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So far I really don't like Dan. He seems very sheltered and ignorant about everything but professional wrestling.

I am just glad Vinny and Alex have been on top of their game with so many videos.

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THe Witcher series has a better track record than Dragon Age, though I loved the first one.

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I think the female characters look better.

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Is Relentless Negativity the followup to Depression Quest?

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Work hard, earn your keep.

We already have Welfare, Food stamps, Medicare/Medicaid, and Social Security.

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  • George Washington
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Teddy Roosevelt
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt
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Join the military.