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I was really looking forward to Dragon Age, and I was very disappointed by it.

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I just finished my first ever semester of teaching. I teach 10th grade and my students were great, better than I had hoped.

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  • Taking finals in my college classes
  • Giving finals to my high school classes
  • watching Bob's Burgers or Riding my bike in any of my free time.
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When I'm bringing something to a party

  • Jameson
  • ShockTop
  • Bacardi

When I'm at a place with mixed drinks

  • Liquid cocaine
  • AMF
  • Hurricane
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My girlfriend weighed about 135 when we met 9 months ago and today is close to 175. I have tried talking to her and told her it was becoming a problem and she is getting bigger. Tells me my live shouldn't change jb she is getting bigger

You should start exercising and ask her to go with you.

Or if it really bothers you, break up with her and move onto the next one.

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@legion_ said:

@believer258 said:

@legion_ said:

Dude makes a thread. Other duders discuss with him. Original dude keeps defending his first post with zealot-like mentality, never considering the other duders' points.

It's one of those threads... Again.

Unless I'm misunderstanding you, the thread opener hasn't made another post.

Hah, my bad. Just figured the dude commenting and discussing with everything and everyone was him.

Well what can I say. I'm a stupid cynic.

I'm the person who started the topic, I've been really busy teaching and haven't had any time to check back until just now. An article from Kotaku of all places helped me to better enjoy the game, I just needed to leave the Hinterlands and advance the story farther along. I still think I enjoyed Dragon Age Origins more, but the game is certainly better than I had originally thought.

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No, because I don't really drink. It's expensive and I have never really enjoyed it.

A 40 is less than 4 dollars.

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Dragon Age Origins is a fantastic game, I played through it 4 times with different characters.

Dragon Age 2 felt like a much smaller game, perhaps rushed to the market, but it had an interesting story and characters that made the game enjoyable.

Dragon Age Inquisition feels like a game made solely to combat the negative criticism that the second game received. At the same time it feels like a game that was created by committee, shoehorning in all of the most popular elements of modern RPGs and losing its heart and soul.

The game is in no way a "bad game," just one without its own identity.

My first 8 hours with the game have consisted of me running around expansive maps towards icons, killing random templars/apostates whom I can barely distinguish from one another, and reading codex entries which are far more interesting than anything going on in the game.

None of the characters are interesting.

The combat is a poor approximation of a 5 year old MMO.

When you speak to a character it does not go into the sort of "conversation mode" that bioware games are known for. By this I mean the camera stays the same as if you were just roaming around the world, except now a conversation wheel has popped up.

The story seems rather aimless. Templars and Mages are at war because reasons, theres a green hole in the sky leaking demons because I don't know why, and my hand can close the hole but not until after I revive an ancient order and unite everyone.

I spent $60 on it, so I honestly do hope it improves. But I as I play it I can't shake the feeling that I am wasting my time.

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The girls

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@eli: I don't really agree with you that TV has been bad the last couple years.

Breaking Bad started in 2008

Mad Men - 2007

Parks and Recreation - 2009

How I met Your Mother - 2005

Game of Thrones - 2011

House of Cards - 2013

Justified - 2010

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - 2005

Hell on Wheels - 2011