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I wasn't 21 last time there was a meetup. I RSVP'd for this though.

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I feel like Bloodborne is the easiest souls game simply because it allows the least variety in play style. Jeff is right, every encounter is as simple as dodging and mashing R1. In Demon's and Dark souls I messed around with different weapons, shields, and offhands that completely changed my play style (sometime blocking, sometimes rolling, sometimes going all out offense). In Bloodborne there are far fewer options and I find that every enemy requires me to dodge an initial volley of attacks, run in and mash R1, and then dodge out.

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Mario Party 4 is by far my favorite Mario Party. I still play it every year with friends.

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There are very few new games on the consoles we spent $400+ dollars on, and the news cycle in the last year has mostly consisted of "New game X has been delayed, remake game Y has been announced."

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I played like 75 matches of Blitzball to get Wakkas ultimate weapon. Blitzball is shit, you can win every match by spamming Jechts shot.

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@steadying: calling it anywhwre near a free to play game is incredibly unfair I think.

Are you saying it's unfair to Evolve, or to Free to Play games? Team Fortress 2 is free to play and I would argue has a lot more going for it.

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That video is pretty crazy, and convincing. I just feel like Nintendo wouldn't put that much thought into it though...

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Every time I have played Shenmue I walk around for an hour asking every single character if they have seen a man in black, can't find him or advance the story, and quit.

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Shenmue 3. After Shenmue 2, I was sooooooo ready for Shenmue 3, a shame what happened to this amazing franchise.

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The battery is dead in my Pokemon Silver version cartridge... :(