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Want to improve WiiU Sales? Put in compatibility to play DS and 3DS games on that thing. Tell me that wouldn't sell.

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Return to Castle Wolfenstien

+ Satisfying FPS game play and action!

- Rather than screaming at you in German, the Nazi's scream at you in German accented English which just seems silly.

Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King

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Aside from the obvious factor of money, to me it boils down to what games are going to be available on your console of choice. When it comes to any newly released console, a good rule of thumb is to wait 6 months after release. After that amount of time there should be more than enough games that would warrant purchasing a new box to play them on.

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So here's something I thought might be a little fun for the forum. Basically how this works is that you'll see a game title suggested in the very last post and you have to say one positive thing and one negative thing about it. After that you give the title of the next game you want the person after you to comment on.

I will say while the positive and negative comments can be brief I'd prefer that people don't simply post "This game sucks" or "It's just Awesome". Just don't be vague.

Since I'm starting I'll just give and example like say a previous post said

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

Then I'd simply post

+ Great fan service with call backs and homages to Generation 1

- No local multiplayer

and finally I'll give a game title that I'll want the person after me to post one negative and one positive comment about to start this ball a rolling!

Twisted Metal (PS3)

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The many protagonists of the the GTA series have always left something of an impression on those that play them. Regardless of who that character is though they all have something in common. They are monsters. Some of us might feel sympathy for them yes but that doesn't change the simple fact that many of these characters be it Tommy, CJ, Niko, or Huang they are still deranged and at times pretty despicable people. Bottom line none of these guys are role models and they are not meant to be. That's probably what makes us like them. They are criminals and they don't give a fuck. They are characters that aren't doing what they do in these games for some greater good but for their own selfish needs and I love it.

But over time I feel like I'm seeing the same criminal regardless of who they are, where they are from, their ethnicity, etc. No matter whose shoes I'm walking in the shoe is still the same size and feels too familiar. Recently I read a piece on Gamasutra about how it feels playing GTA V and the characters you are cast as. Don't get me wrong I like GTA V and I think it's very well put together as a great game. But I think looking forward at the future of the series I think maybe, just maybe... Rockstar could have a woman take up the lead role. I think it'd give the series a great new perspective. A fresh pair of eyes to see GTA's world from. Best of all... a new kind of monster to unleash on the hapless city and it's virtual people.

One of the things I enjoyed seeing in the Saint's Row series was seeing a woman causing all kinds of havoc and destruction. Seeing her being just as maniacal about the chaos she caused on whatever rampage I made her go on. Granted though, being that SR as a series has to account for multiple combinations of custom characters in a game's design you can really only add so much character in writing and dialog when trying to tell a story. Imagine if you could tell that story from the ground up with a more defined character. That's what GTA could do with a female lead. She'd have more of an identity. Least that's my opinion.

What do you folks think? Would you enjoy playing GTA as a woman? Do you think people would finally accept it?

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@mosespippy: Crap! I did forget about China Town Wars. My apologies.

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Hey folks, posted my first review on here and was wondering if I could get some constructive criticism on what I could improve in the hopes of being a better writer. So no BS comments simply saying that this sucks or anything. Be CONSTRUCTIVE!


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I remember back in February when he retweeted an image I capture on my Tv when I was watching a live stream and it froze at this precise moment. I'll miss you Ryan.

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My heart goes out to all of his family and friends. He was a great person and he'll always be missed.

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Growing up with my SNES and Genesis I had often wondered why I needed more than one console to play games. Why couldn't all games be made on one system or just every system? Growing up I would learn that's not always feasible and in some cases can be detrimental to the development of a game especially when there are such drastic differences in hardware architecture. However going forward based on what little we know currently about the upcoming consoles it seems like there aren't so many differences anymore.

Companies favor similar architectures and aspects like x86, USB, Blu-Rays, etc. More and more I see the lines of what makes each console so different beginning to blur and I'm once again pondering the question, why CAN'T I play this game that was intended for one device on another brand of device? Why can't we plug our 360 controllers into a PS3? Why can't we put our PS4 Blu-Rays into an Xbox One Blu-Ray drive? Why can't we take any of these accessories and games and just use them on a PC?

The obvious answer of course is that it would drastically effect the profits of those who make said devices, accessories, and games. But if you ignore that for now and simply look the technical side of things the lines of exclusivity don't seem relevant anymore. Granted I'm commenting on hardware we don't know all the details about yet with the PS4 and Xbox One but if we are to assume that both use Blu-Ray, USB, and x86 architecture then what's the point of keeping things so segregated?

Many people who play PC games have a computer that could be drastically different from their buddy next door. Yet if the hardware of their machines is similar enough they could both play the same game on their PC's regardless if one guy favors nVidia and the other favors ATI. In some cases, the operating system wouldn't even matter if one guy uses Linux and the other uses Windows. Granted I'm generalizing a bit but all I'm saying is, I think maybe it's time console and video game makers stop worrying about exclusivity and focus more on simply trying to create a product that people want to use. Try to create brand loyalty by proving your hardware is more competitive than the other guy who's basically making the same thing. And for the consumer, give us more choices on what we can play our games on. Don't just make a game that play on one box and one box alone, let us choose what box we want to play that on!

Let us play Halo on our PS4s, let us use a Dual Shock on our Xbox One's, let us use that Killzone blu-ray on our PC's. I know a lot of this is wishful thinking, but I don't think it's wrong to expect more choice and more convenience that could make gaming as a whole more accessible.