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So here's a fun little topic, have there ever been any games that came out on your birthday? If so what did you think of them? Just to clarify I don't mean games that came out the very day you were born, I mean any game that came out on your birthday during any year.

For instance in 2008 two games that I really enjoy to this day came out on my birthday of January 22nd, No More Heroes and Burnout Paradise. No More Heroes is my most favorite game on the Wii and Burnout Paradise I still have a lot of fun with. Since I got both of them that day, it was a pretty fun birthday indeed. I'm certainly hoping that Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch turns out to be enjoyable since at the time of this post it's scheduled to be released on 1-22-2013. Fingers crossed!

How about you folks?

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Simple answer being The Avengers. Yeah it's the big popular choice but when you think about what all had to happen for this movie to turn out as good as it did it's really amazing. This could've easily been a botched project and everything could've fallen apart at the last minute. But from start to finish everything turned out spectacular. Even with the absence of Edward Norton things still worked out. In fact I'm really eager to see an Incredible Hulk film starring Mark Ruffalo. I loved him as Bruce Banner and would welcome the chance to see him star in a Hulk movie of his own.

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I swear its like the marketing for the white PSP all over again.

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@psychpunk said:

Patrick's tweet is really the bottom line for the male side.

You go Patrick.

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Yeah I had the stat bug hit me too. Was gonna post a screen shot but no point really.

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I'm not surprised EA wants to continue Mass Effect as a brand and where as Bioware started wanting Mass Effect to be the next big space opera since Star Wars with a rich and vast universe, that doesn't really mean a damn thing anymore especially to EA. It's a product with a following so regardless of quality or story as long as they can keep pumping out Mass Effect games they don't have to care about things like continuity ,developing characters, story, etc.

Not to mention if they want to do different story so badly, why make it a numbered sequel? Give it a subtitle to make it stand out or something, don't just slap a four on it and expect everyone to eat it up. Also as others have said Bioware as a developer is just following in the tradition of what EA has been doing to all these dev houses they buy up, bleed thier talent ,lay off everyone, leaving just the name of Bioware that they can slap on everything hoping they can still trick people into thinking it's still Bioware quality.

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Must be just me I guess.

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@LooseChange: Ok already I'm liking that term.

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The word "Gamer" has been around for a good amount of time and certainly gets thrown around an awful lot mostly by marketing people or folks who don't play video games. Least that's been my experience. In my local area I've had conversations with folks talking about people they describe as gamers cause they play a lot of games though they don't don't play games them selves. I even asked one individual about the word. Our conversation was something like this.

Co-worker: "A gamer friend of mine has been telling me about this Walking Dead game he's been playing. I've not been much for video games but he makes it sound pretty nice. Have you played it?"

Me: "I have. Can I ask, why exactly do you call him a gamer?"

Co-worker: "Cause he plays video games why else?"

Me: "But why not just describe him as, oh I don't know like a game buff or a game fan?"

Co-worker: "I don't know seems like that's the lingo among you guys isn't it?"

This is where I kinda started to feel a little annoyed by his choice of words. Considering he was really only a year older than myself I think I had good reason to be. Not really with him personally just the idea of what he was saying.

Me: "Honestly, among my enthusiast friends I play with none of us really call each other that."

Co-worker: "Oh. Well they certainly make it look that way on TV and in the movies."

Right there I had to resist the urge to slap him and ask what the hell is wrong with him... but I let that slide. To put it shortly I've just gotten pretty disgusted with how the media uses the word gamer as this label for enthusiast like ourselves. It pretty much feels pejorative to me in this day and age. I mean of all the things that could be used to refer to us why not just "Game buff" or "video game fan" or just, anything else but Gamer.

It might not be a big deal to some but to me it just feels like a disgusting term. Especially when I see bad movies that show these douche bag yuppy fucking assholes playing video games and using terms that have NEVER been cool to use and it's just Hollywood saying to me going "Hey! These guys are gamers! They're just like you! Cause you're a gamer! YEAH!"

But that's just my two cents. Thoughts?