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1. Mega Man X

2. Sonic 3 and Knuckles

3. Virtua Fighter 5

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I've played a TON of Sonic 3 and Knuckles on the Genesis, then played more of it when I got the GameCube collection. Hell that's not even my most favorite game of all time. But I've honestly put more time into that than anything else I know of hands down.

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Originally I was gonna ask if any folks here knew whether or not if WoW would still have it's Horde/Alliance language barrier now that there's a race that can be played on either side. But instead I decided to turn to Google and found out that beta players have already confirmed that yes there is still a language barrier. Despite the fact that lore wise, Pandaren should still be able to communicate with one another despite being on separate factions. However game play wise they will not be able to.

Tell me I'm not the only one who thinks this is rather silly. Originally to my understanding the whole language barrier thing was put in place because of people just being stupid during PvP. I get the fact Blizzard wants to protect people from the gutter talk of competitive games like this (especially if it's anything like League of Legends) but at least on an RP server you would think people may be civil enough to be able to communicate even if there are a number of bad apples out there.

And with this line of reasoning you may as well keep people from talking to each other when playing against each other in Starcraft 2.


EDIT: Also why can't the Blood Elves talk to humans? Why can't the Undead talk to Humans? And if I'm not mistaken, weren't the Orcs and Humans able to talk to each other in Warcraft 3?

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I know most might think no contest, but what about Airwolf?

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In the eternal battle of air crafts, what do you think would win when pitted against one another? A Helicopter or a Jet? Go!

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Whether I agree with any critic or not I like to take their arguments into consideration and understand why they would say certain things. I may like or dislike a game more or less than any given critic online but if they make their arguments compelling and reasonable I won't knock on them for it. I felt that Jeff's arguments were compelling and reasonable.

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@Still_I_Cry said:

I like the way it looks. The characters look cute but in a whimsical, fantasy kind of way that you don't get to see much of at all in modern games. People need to stop making it into something it isn't. The game isn't about "sexy furries" or anything, it's a game that happens to have animals as the main characters. You know, like Sam and Max, Wallace and Gromit or raving rabbids. What about in the Looney Tunes, Pepe La Pew's girlfriend Penelope Pussycat or Lola Bunny? They had a feminine figures. We can divorce those from the "furry" culture but not this? *sigh* -.-

basically this.

plus all stuff the guys said on the bombcast.

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@Slag: lowest point for me was deep wang. Really? What was he there for other than to be failed joke. All my hate all of it at who ever wrote that

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@MrKlorox said:

You just have to let go of your expectations when a new version of something from your childhood comes out and is inevitably total fucking garbage. It's always what happens, without fail, when things are remade for a new mass market audience. The sad part is that the new generation actually thinks the new shit is good.

This is one thing that gets brought up often and while I can't speak for all the TF fans, me personally though I wasn't disappointed because it wasn't like Gen 1 certainly not. There are a lot of things I expect out of a good movie. Good story telling, characters, writing, camera work ,ect. If people had to take liberties with Transformers to make a good movie, so be it. Just because something is new doesn't make it bad. What made the TF movies bad was the poor writing, directions, actors, story, characters were just straight up bad and overall a boring movie.

Being a child of the 80's and a fan of various cartoons I know a lot of people like me weren't happy about the new Thundercats series on Cartoon Network. I love that new show! It's awesome and it makes a good number of changes to the world and characters. Because what we had back in the 80's really was pretty shitty when you look at it. And I'll admit it, Gen 1 wasn't the best Transformer series. When you look at it for what it really was, it was a cheaply made show used to plug a line of action figures. Like every other beloved cartoon of the time. Thankfully we got good shows like Beast Wars and Transformers Prime which are really great and did something right with the characters and mythos.

The movies simply did not.