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I recently got a PC worth talking about so I've missed out on the steam sales. I personally can't wait for the next one! I'm sure there's a lot of people like myself who are just getting into PC gaming.

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$94.3 Million.

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This is wonderful, but I still can't log onto the website to change my damn password ¬_¬

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It's a free podcast, get over it

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I love how people are complaining about FREE stuff. This generation is wonderful at doing that. 

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yay more pokemanz

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@Laketown said:
" @Stephen_Von_Cloud said:
" @Romination said:

" I'm surprised there's no rage over it not being John Marsten... Marsden... I haven't played RDR.  "

I can't believe it was John Marston.   I thought he was the most well written, designed, and had the best story to tell by far.  I cared about him more than I cared about any other character.  Bayonetta is kind of cool but beyond her appearance and flashiness there is nothing really there.  I'll take Marston any day.   I mean I'm not losing sleep over it, whatever, but I get the feeling Jeff's irrational hatred of Red Dead might factor into a lot of these awards.  I have to say I hate when some games journalists seem to want to hate a game just because others like it or just for no reason at all.  How you can love GTA IV and not even give RDR the time of day is beyond comprehension to me.  Just does not make any sense. "
did you care about him because he was a good character or was it because he was a character that got a lot of shit dumped on him? I've not played it that much, and I'll probably TRY and complete it (until I can hear their arguments about the overall, and then we'll see if I can figure out why) but so far he just seems like a guy who life shat on, and I played a game with that exact character trope done better (Nier). "
I don't think being someone that "got a lot of shit dumped on him" has much to do with how good he is as a character, it's quite irrelevant. It comes into play when you look at how he as a character would deal with it perhaps but nothing more so using all the "shit" dumped on him as a basis of judging his character is pointless,imo.
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I thought the scene where he killed the guy in the bathroom was really out of place. he totally broke with his code and then it just continued on with no explanation being given, imo. great start to the season though, definitely one of the best shows on tv.

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this is quite possibly the greatest forum topic of all time

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this is epic!