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DRAM_LED and everything? Because I've read about this issue online and most of the time it sounds like it just gives them the CPU_LED.

Which would, you know, make sense.

That being said, it clearly seems like it's the CPU that's at fault here. I thought I made sure to ground myself. I suspect I may have underused thermal grease the first time I tried applying my aftermarket cooler? I don't know. Something.

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You may remember me as the person with the heatsink problem from a few weeks ago.

Got that fixed.

Now it fails POST.

I've checked all the connections, no problems there. When I press the power button, the fans spin on, and the CPU LED(indicating there's a problem) switches on for a second- and then it crashes.

Give it a second, and it'll turn itself on again. Only now it's the DRAM_LED that's on.

I've tried switching the DIMM slot and loading it without RAM(which should give me a POST beep error). Nothing. I'm strongly suspecting it's the CPU I need an RMA on, but I just wanted to run this past you guys to see if you had any advice.

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Welp, my friend had an AIO S800p lying around that he let go for cheap. So I guess I'm using that.

It's pretty....big. Thanks again for the help, guys.

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I didn't even use paste yet. I didn't figure I'd need it if I wasn't OCing. That was all going to come later.

Thankfully, I doubt I did any lasting damage, considering I ran the thing for all of 3 minutes while setting the BIOS up.

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I removed the mobo so I could take a look at it- 3 of the pins are stuck, and in those ones the little black interior pins are pushed out even though all the pins are in the 'on' position.

So what would you recommend? Just push at them from underneath until it pops out?

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The stupid thing's stuck.

I tried putting it in and suspected something was wrong when it booted at 87 degrees and idled at 60.

I'm trying to take it off, and it seems to be stuck. The pins are refusing to come out. I've been trying to prise them out for the better part of an hour now, and it doesn't seem to be happening.

Did this happen to anybody else? I've read that the stock cooler is a piece of junk, but I never thought it was that bad.

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Word, bhai.

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So someone explain who reinforced our wall with titanium while I was away. I saw the thing take two direct creeper hits without a scratch.

And it's not like the creepers glitched out either. The wall was floating in midair because all the dirt around it was gone.

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Yeah, but Endermen are pretty glitched anyway. I've actually tried to get their attention and failed miserably.

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So was the deforestation effort successful or is Fun going to set me on fire again?