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@ZagZagovich: Thank you :) Yeah, it's our first go at it. We need to keep giving it a try xD

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@James_Giant_Peach: No offence taken. Any specific criticism would be great rather than just a complaint though ;-)

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Thanks for the feedback

We're trying to do more ^^

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We're testing out my new mic and hd pvr and attempting to do a Let's Play video. Let me know what you guys think.

Things I already know;

  • It needs a better editing - I'm learnings
  • It ends abruptly - this is because it's a 15 minute sampler from a 30 min take. it's a test at the end of the day
  • less laughing - I laugh too much
  • more funny - I'm not witty enough

What do you think though as a first try?

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@Tarsier: Haha, I see!

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@MideonNViscera: Not sure how to advertise myself really ^^ I use twitter a lot.

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@Tarsier: Yes?

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Ah! I've been away for so long. Well, from the blog. I'm hardly away from Giant Bomb ;-) I thought I'd do a big old update about things going on and hopefully some of you care.

Daily Girl Attack Panic Super HD Remix as of March 2012

Daily Girl Attack Panic Super HD Remix is still going strong. I've been updating it since late 2009 and I'm really happy I'm still updating it. For those who don't know it's more of a random musings about games, culture and games journalism than a blog full of reviews and previews. I'd rather get paid for that other stuff ;-)

My Tomb Raider feature was front page on IGN

Work life is getting a lot better. I got my Tomb Raider feature front paged on IGN, which was a real treat. You can read The Redemption of Lara Croft here. I'm also working on a few projects with them and getting my work around a bit more.

I visited their offices while I was in San Fran the other week and after a really positive meeting I hope to be doing more pieces for them soon. Excited!

I've also started to contribute to English newspaper The Sun. For you US lot, it's the biggest selling tabloid in the UK so it's kind of a huge deal for me to be writin for them. My latest piece is a round up of the Xbox Spring Showcase that took place in San Francisco a few weeks ago. You can reed it here: The calm before the 720 storm

I'm also in more talks with another publisher about freelance and I'm also doing more consultancy work. My last consultancy job was on Final Fantasy XIII-2 for Square Enix. I was the first journalist to play through and finish the whole game. That was a really cool moment for me.

So yeah, life is pretty fun at the moment. I've only got two months left of university and I'm dreading leaving. Going full time freelance is such a scary prospect and something I really don't want to do. Hopefully a staff job will turn up somewhere and I'll be reporting from a big website.

Sorry for the weird boasty post ^^ Feel free to be mean to me in the comments.

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Love, love, love it!

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  Was great fun! Loved watching these guys dance :D