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I think that's pretty damn awesome :D

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I still play and enjoy this game :-) Going through time trails and speed runs atm.

Thing is you got great titles like Left For Dead and Gears of War out so people are enjoying those as well.
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DuhQbnSiLo said:
"I'm done playing Call of Duty 4, too many little kids with turbo controllers. And everyone does the same thing and using the same perks and spamming nads. Its repetative as hell and makes this game no fun anymore. I'm having more fun playing the glitchy SOCOM BETA than play CoD4."
While the turbo controllers are starting to annoy me I still love this game to bits. It's just not the only game I play anymore but still a fav.
I don't get this modded controller fad.. whats the point? If you suck learn to get better don't cheat :/
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While I heard the horror is too hollywood I am still excited about this title. I just hope it's as good as it looks so far in the trailers. I like the fact you have to rip everything apart rather than the traditional head shot :-D

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darthzew said:
"I can't seem to ever have more kills than deaths. Seriously. No matter how many times I beat that game on Veteran, I can' stop rushing and playing like a berserker, which is stupid in the slightly-more-tactical-world-than-Halo CoD4 is! 
Does anybody else have my problem? My inferior skill has held back my enjoyment of game's supposedley superior multiplayer..."
I used to have this problem, one key bit of advice I got was "don't shoot straight away". A lot of the times taking a second to get your target on their head or waiting till they run in such a way you have a clear shot. Before when I saw them I'd spray and my K/D was always in the minus. Now I am usually in the plus.
Again it's practise, the more you play the better you'll get. If you want to play online with me you can :-D My gamertag is the same as my username, just send me a message :D
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that's so funny!! Can't believe Kotaku ran it!

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There are funny F-bombs and then there is exsessive use because you can't think of the word and just add a swear in for 'good measure'.

I have no problem with the swearing, just stop over-using it though.
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Take a photo of the coolest thing in your bedroom currently. Could be a figurine, poster, game rig, pube on your pillow - anything! Just keep it SFW~

Currently the coolest thing in my room is my 1997 edition Lara statue.
She is very hard to get nowadays!

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I've tried Warham online and it's rubbish the interface and experience is just like WOW and I found wow really boring :/ so if you want a WOW clone try warhammer online.

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Currently online right now, looking for 3 players to get the 1 hour long co-op achievement. My gamertag is atheistium, friendly gardeners please. No theifs or destroyers.