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Ahh! Fantastic :)  
I was looking around at all the consoles and all I could see was them all under object. 
Any reason for my blade n' soul being rejected? :)

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@slyspider: Review copies were already sent out. 
I've finished it already twice myself. Still, can't wait to get my retail release so I can play it through again on the harder difficulties and the co-op mode :)
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I just wanted to nab some information regarding rejection and approvals of wiki page suggestions.  
You see, I've been stung with rejections for 2 things that I believe were worth popping in. 
The first one was for a game called Blade and Soul, which was rejected just under 2 years ago. Now the game actually has a page and I don't understand why my previous submission was rejected it someone later on made the same thing for it to be approved. 
I made a submission for the  Net Yaroze, a PS1 dev kit which was available to the public to purchase. This was rejected and I'd just like to see as to why it was. Popping   Net Yaroze into google (or even wikipedia) takes 2 minutes and the reason for my rejection from RHCPfan24 was this; 

   Is this an object in video games? I am not so sure. Add this again as accessory if you merely misinterpreted the meaning behind "object"    

Now seeing that other consoles are published under OBJECT, why would this have been rejected? 
I'm just curious as to how the approval process really works because the Q&A does not specify as to why my perfectly good submissions for pages have been rejected :) 
I'm not moaning, I'd just like to know for any future submissions I'd like to make.
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Not sure yet. Still browsing through and earning :)

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Yeah, I'm loving it right now! Certainly has me looking around the website a lot more! 
Really like working out stuff from the clues too!

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I'm really into Electro/8-bit stuff right now. 
Got She - Atomic and Capsule - The Music 
Good stuff!

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Welcome Dams!

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Keep it :3

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While I know that Gamespot might not be the most loved website here on Giant Bomb, they are one of the bigger gaming sites out there and getting them on your resume is a good idea. I spend 2 weeks with them for my Easter break and intend to do another 2 weeks during the summer to grab more experience.  
I did two some work that got published on their website though. It's very weird adapting to their very serious and to-the-point style. Something that, as a freelancer, I'd need to get used to. 
Anyway, you can check out my Hands-on preview of Splinter Cell: Conviction as well as a VO I did for a video over here
Well, I'm going back to enjoy all these new features on Giant Bomb <3