Fallout Online

I don't know if I should be loving this or hating it. The old group is back together, but still the idea seems a bit out of the realm of the Fallout world. What do you think?


I see the moon.
It is blue.
Then it grows and fluctuates.
Then it collapses and shrinks down into a smaller blue orb in the sky.
He is someone else.
He who walks the night and watches his protector.
It fears something and the fear is of death.
Maybe all he can do is watch while the solitary orb slowly folds into itself and suffers from something.
I am blind.
I can disassociated with this body.
Something else is present within these bones and this flesh.
Maybe it is the real me.
He would know for he is omnipotent.
He runs this form and I can only control him for so long.
I feel the shards of glass pierce my skin but he feels nothing.
I fear the future and the past, but he fears nothing.
For he only yearns to protect his deity.
What will he do?
They are one with myself, but my body is another.
My soul is calling out.
They scream but he cannot talk.
We all try to hold him, but he fights back.
I don't know how long it will be.
But he will win.
His fingers are dumb, his body numb, his form feels different, but his mind unifies.
We are cleansed and we are he.
He is our only hope.
His wings are immobile and his body is trapped.
He is nature and we are man.
Inseparable but separate.
So much cannot be voiced by such a feral tongue.
I can only say how I can see this form.
I need help, but he is strong.
The blood is warm.
The blood is tasty.
The blood is...


Snow Crash

Just finished the book. Quite an interesting piece. Best way I can describe it right now would be a mixture of Nueromancer, The Da Vinci Code, and The Terminator But its so much more then that. Its kind of bothering me at the moment because the novel has a blatant lack of a conclusion.

Next thing to chisel away at will be A Shadow Over Innsmouth, that is if I don't pick up the pencil and start drawing again. God forbid I get to a keyboard and write things either.


I Guess I'll Buy Spore Insted

I was saving up money to get Fallout for its release, but now that its pushed back, I guess I'll fill the angry void with Spore in an effort to liven up the mood. Angriness plus Will Wright games just leaves you with happy. The type of happy Hesh gets from Jalapeño Poppers.


Candle Lights and Butter Churns

Considering I finally bothered to create an account here, I might as well throw in a few posts as well as form my layout. Starting from scratch is always fun and a bit scary. Not quite knowing where you're heading, but building your way as you go. At this point in time, I could gladly start making predictions like: in five years, I will reign this site with a golden fist -created with my Midas Touch of course- of terror. Jeff will be my submissive slave, and the crowds will all move at my whim; In six months I will be the lowly hermit, creating great works of [game related material] and making myself an Indie idol; or I could just be the same old me, doing what I do because my mind commands my body and through this segment of reality.

I happen to have arrived early here as well. I tend to not like websites under construction, they always seem to hold copious amounts of links that do not work. That always disturbs me, in deep way. Its like being a kid in a candy store, always going "Ooh, can I have that, mommy?" with the answer always being a slap on the wrist and a spanking. Please don't hurt my mommy. Please.

Along with gaming news, I am still somehow stuck in the comma of owning a computer that can run games. Considering I can get new material at low, low prices all the tiems helps that as well. Sometiems new material is as easy to acquire as joining a server.  At this point in time I am stuck in a mixture of playing RP, whatever type is available be it Dark RP or Stranded, in Garry's Mod and some small spurts of Obsidian Conflict (Hyperlinks do not work here, that's very unfortunate). I'm really getting taxed on all the Steam stuff. Its great, but at the same time I just want to move on to other things, like the new WIi I bought, or some older games. Online communities are like crack, though.

On that same note, there are a lot of things I wish I were doing differently, but some deeper sides of me are being like the mother to the small child in the candy store. Pleae mommy, don't hurt me. Please.