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I believe in you Foggel. Make it happen.

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Did you even check your card to see if you were double charged? Don't ask for a refund if you weren't even sure. That's just stupid. You misread the product, blatantly assumed you had been double-charged, requested a refund because you weren't even smart enough to check, and when you get your refund you request a reversal of it and blame the entire ordeal on Steam. Do you even understand that everything that happened is directly your fault?

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I beat Mirror's Edge about 6 times, but I still can't beat it without weapons. I'll get there one day. Also, I'm complete shit at the time trials so I'll never get 100% completion.

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Garrus because he is super likeable, great support in combat, witty, a bro, looks badass, and calibrates obsessively.

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The game was just too damn hard for me, and not in the enjoyable challenging way. I had no idea who was lying or anything and clues were in the strangest places. I haven't even finished the game because I became so frustrated with the acting.

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I like to say hi to strangers and compliment them, and this guy was wearing an anarchy shirt and I shouted "Anarchy! :D" and he followed me around like he was going to mug me. I got to a public enough place where I could escape, and as I walked by he muttered some vague swear-filled threat. What a prick. I love you OP.

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@BoG: I thought it was about the philosophical implications of the Covenant from Halo using Hunters.

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Stolen from a GiantBomb quest about changing your avatar, I liked it so much I kept it and now I use it across various websites.

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I don't know if this has already been posted as I did not read through the entire thread, but one of the ads in the background of Real Steel was for an Xbox 720.

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Glossy finish looks way better, and it matches all the peripherals. Why are they doing this?