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My response to what Dan said about North Africa in WW2 was very close to Drew's. What the hell, man. Battle of El Alamein? Rommel, the Desert Fox? Field Marshal Montgomery? Field Marshal Auchinleck? Tobruk? The first mission of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, where you're in Algiers? C'mon.

I ain't mad really, and this was a fun QL. My expectation that Dan would be very comfortable in the Quick Look format appears to have been well founded.

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Whoa, that came out of nowhere. I'm so annoyed that it's iOS only, since the first Civ Rev came out on consoles and handhelds and the DS version was really good. I don't have an iPad, and I don't want to play a game like Civ Rev on my tiny iPod Touch screen.

Shame, I really liked that first Civ Rev game.

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@beard_of_zeus said:

What is the title of this video a reference to? I feel like I've seen it once or twice before on the site. Google tells me it's something related to Friday Night Lights?

The head coach and main character in Friday Night Lights uses the motto "clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose" to motivate his team, and he says it before every game.

Did Jeff do a video with a similar name? Clear Eyes, Full Jar, Can't Lose? Something like that? Am i imagining things?

There's a video from early in the CBSi days where Ryan, Patrick, and Brad interview Steve Gaynor of The Fullbright Company, and the video is called "Fullbright, Clear Eyes, Can't Lose". I can't think of a Jeff jar time with that name; I think Brad and Patrick are the staff members who love FNL enough to reference it in video titles.

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Oh my word, please please please do something with Crusader Kings II, Patrick. More people need to know about how special that game is and the batshit things you can do in it.

You're right that it might be better suited to a curated and edited video experience, as there's quite a bit of letting the game run and waiting for stuff to happen, but it just has so much potential for hilarity and awesomeness that it's worth doing, IMHO.

If it's something that you're willing to get community help with, then there is a very small but passionate group of GB community members who play CKII and would help you learn the game or guide you towards the more interesting stuff.

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I knew that I wasn't going to be able to stop myself from playing this game. I'm too big of a TES lore nerd. You start the game in Coldharbour? That is so fucking cool.

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@lightningproof said:

Soviet anthem (which is 10x more rad because the Red Army Choir version has hammers and sickles being banged together in the background), not Russian. Hence the lines about 'The Party of Lenin, the strength of the people' etc.

I stand corrected. Shows how much 20th century Russian history I know. I guess that doesn't entirely take the sting out of it - is it really better to play something associated with Stalin than playing something associated with Putin? - but I was still wrong, so retracted.

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I don't know what's funnier: people being butthurt because they perceive Vinny as feeling slighted by the abrupt ending of his segment, or guitar people being butthurt because the guys were fawning over a guitar player who wasn't some god-tier axe legend (which is totally missing the point).

The only part of the show that I didn't appreciate was the Russian national anthem. I don't hate Russia, or the Russian people, but I have a bad taste in my mouth from all the recent goings on and it seemed super poorly timed, almost tasteless. Apart from that, good show that had me laughing outrageously hard at times.

EDIT: Someone pointed out to me that Drew actually played the Soviet national anthem. I think my point still sort of stands, but I was still wrong so I redact the above statement.

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I had little interest in or knowledge of Jazzpunk before, let's say, this morning. I don't think I've ever been as sold on a game after seeing 5 minutes of it than now. I'm 100% in. I need a funny game in my life right now (even by UK standards, oh my god I feel like it started raining in December and hasn't ever stopped)

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I am, in an academic sense, impressed by a lot of the design of this game, but it looks like no kind of fun and I have zero interest in playing it. Also the visual design is absolutely awful.

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I was too busy talking about wrestling and forgot to mention that Jenn Frank is terrific, and this was a very engaging and entertaining show. I don't think my taste in games lines up with hers at all, but she talks really intelligently about games that deserved to be talked about, and doesn't sound pretentious doing so.

Her love of Remember Me despite admitting it's a 7/10 makes me feel boring for preferring games that are polished and consistently good but less ambitious. Not to say I can't like a flawed game - I liked The Saboteur more than it probably deserved - but I don't have very many criticisms about many of my favourite games, and maybe that means I'm not able to be critical about them. Listening to smart, considered people being smart and considered is good for you.