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Wow, I feel like Jeff summarised my own views on this issue perfectly. There may be a valid discussion on ethics in game journalism that needs to be had, but GamerGate is not the way to do that. They've poisoned that particular well, and all "moderate" GG supporters need to realise that and distance themselves from these lunatics as much as possible. And to the people on the other side of the fence, I find it really frustrating that so many of them assumed that, as Jeff put it, silence equals complicity. People have a right to be angry about the injustices that they are seeing perpetrated, but that doesn't mean that you need to go to war with these 4chan scumbags, a war that you'll lose because the other side has all the time in the world and lacks such inhibitions as empathy and common sense.

Everybody needs to calm down and try and get through this - if we all just shout really loudly at each other over the internet, then the real sentiments being expressed, the real heart of the matter, will be lost in the noise.

Also, video games are pretty awesome. I'm enjoying messing around with the new Crusader Kings II expansion, and I've really been enjoying the time I've spent with The Long Dark, a Steam early access survival game. And I'm really looking forward to Civilisation: Beyond Earth; I am so ready for a new Firaxis game to just chew up my free time for a few weeks.

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Patrick has discussed the potential of a series where he tries to work out how to play Crusader Kings II. There is no Giant Bomb content that would make me happier than if this became a reality.

As much as I miss Random PC Game, they can't do it without Dave. He was the real brains of the operation. Without him, we'll just end up looking at whatever awful and tedious FMV game Vinny managed to dig up this month. That said, any kind of semi-regular series where the crew looks back at old obscure PC games would probably be awesome. I get a little tired of just looking at old console/arcade games, which is what they do whenever Jeff has a say in it.

Also, this will never happen, but I want a series where Rorie helps Drew and Alex try and get into Magic: The Gathering, with an end goal of them drafting on MTGO on stream. An eight-player draft usually takes just over 2hrs, so someone could be playing it in the background during something like UPF, and then we can check in when something notable happens. And they can have their game industry friends who play Magic like Brad Muir and Mikey Neumann come in and help them out. But for god's sake, keep Jeff and Dan and really anyone that has a seemingly irrational disdain for card games, and Magic in particular, as far away from it as possible.

Basically, I think it'd be neat if they played more non-action games; games that use your head, not your thumbs.

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I think if anything, the rhetoric and media coverage on Ebola has made me highly dismissive of its potential deadliness/contagiousness. Maybe I should be more frightened than I am.


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I am honestly surprised that Tarmogoyf hasn't been banned in Modern yet, and yet cards that hose it like Deathrite Shaman did get banned. It's just super busted and efficient, and doesn't really do anything interesting or novel; it's just this big dumb beatstick that's defined the format for years now.

Haven't really had a chance to mess with Delve. I did terribly at the KTK prerelease running an Abzan deck with one Delve card (Dead Drop), and wasn't able to get value off of it. My LGS is drafting KTK tonight for FNM, and I'm probably going to go, and I don't know whether to plan to draft W/B to either move into Abzan or Mardu, or to draft B/G to move into Abzan or Sultai.

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If you tried watching some of his videos and were going into them with the perspective of "this guys is insanely popular, and I don't know why, so I'm going to try and find out", then you're obviously not going to "get it". You'll be watching it to judge it, not to enjoy it.

Don't underestimate the power of the teenage zeitgeist. Remember what a stupid sense of humour we all had when we were thirteen, and you'll "get" why PewDiePie is popular.

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From movies, Darren Aronofsky. Just to see how dark and far-out he would go with it.

From music, either Anthony Green, Cedric Bixler-Zavala, or Aesop Rock. Green would make some sort of delightful indie game romp, probably about childhood or loss. Remember the Simpsons episode where Homer trips out and goes on a strange journey as a result of eating peppers? I imagine a Bixler-Zavala game as being something very reminiscent of that. Aesop Rock is a more out-there suggestion, and he's probably the one I'd trust to provide the most nuanced exploration of the format. Also, El-P might show up, and bring Killer Mike with him.

From literature, Hilary Mantel. She would make the most brilliant, vicious game world for you to explore and interact with, some kind of Witcher style high intrigue story. It would be glorious.

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Terramorphic Expanse is actually in the current Standard, just by a different name - Evolving Wilds was re-printed in Magic 2015.

There is almost no situation where you wouldn't be happy paying one life in exchange for a land that enters untapped.

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I opened two fetchlands at the pre-release, including one in my colours (played Abzan, got G/W fetch). Almost took the sting away from going 0-3 and dropping from the event. Normally I'd stick around but I just wasn't having any fun - had a miserable week, and just wasn't feeling it. My deck wasn't good enough, and I got blown out by some ridiculous plays. I wish I could say I had fun losing, but I didn't. It was utterly miserable. Every single round went the same way; win game one and then just get totally blown out in games two and three.

I think that this Limited format is going to be a real mountain to climb for newer players. I described myself as a "Limited junkie", but in reality I've been drafting for less than a year, and have only ever drafted M14, M15, and Theros (a relatively easy "expert" level expansion block), so I think I got a falsely inflated sense of confidence in my Limited skills. Khans of Tarkir is just nuts. I have no idea how I'm going to go about drafting this format. Morph is such a tricky mechanic to get a sense for, and Jeskai decks are a nightmare to try and play around. If you're playing against a Jeskai deck and they go to attacks with six mana open, you just have to prey they don't have Flying Crane Technique. Card is bananas. I don't even think I was using Outlast properly, or if I was that mechanic is just stupid slow and not worth the pay-off. It's a very skill intensive format, which led to me playing against much stronger decks even in the losing bracket - the guy I played in round two was running a much better Abzan deck with three Abzan rares including Anafenza herself, and the guy I played in round three (i.e. we were both 0-2) had the aforementioned FCT, a Jeskai Ascendancy, a bunch of good Prowess creatures, and a Sarkhan Vol. And he somehow lost his first two rounds. I don't know what is real any more.

The pre-release at my LGS was very well attended and everyone else seemed to be having a lot of fun, so good for them and well done Wizards for making a set that seems to really be resonating with people.

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As mostly a Limited junkie, I don't quite get why people are so excited about fetchlands - aside from the financial benefits, it's hard to not be disappointed when the rare in your draft booster is a land - but I certainly understand how powerful that effect is, and how it's going to have a big impact on Standard. Lands that filter your deck are good in Limited because they increase the chance of drawing your bombs, but still for KTK Limited you'd be better off taking the tempo hit of enters tapped with the tri-lands for maximum mana fixing. Three-colour sets tend to be pretty slow, whereas Legacy and Vintage, where fetchlands are godlike since they can fetch the original dual lands, are about turbo speed and maximum efficiency.

I have pretty much no idea how Standard works, and how it's going to turn out, but as a Selesnya player if there's a viable G/W archetype outside of Convoke, I'll be pretty happy, even if I have to splash Black for Abzan value. I'm bummed that Populate is rotating out, along with value cards like Loxodon Smiter.

Also, nice to see some more MtG fans on Giant Bomb. I kinda feel like the general approach of the staff and the community is to be extremely dismissive of it; I cannot tell you how much it hurt my soul to hear Dan Ryckert say "I played Pogs, not Magic, because I'm not a dork" and nobody call him out on it (you could almost hear Jeff nodding in silent agreement, and he doesn't even like Pogs).

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Russian Circles are an instrumental band, but make some of the best, most layered, most intense metal around. Their most recent album, Memorial, was really good, but Empros is their magnum opus.

Other good options are Pelican, Inter Arma, Mouth of the Architect, and Palms, the latter being a collaboration between Chino Moreno of Deftones and former members of Isis.