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Yeah, this thread is a relic of the "before-times", when we were all hankering for them to shake things up and go in a new direction. And they did just that, and, so far, it has totally worked. There is still some content that I don't care for, but the fact that this past week's dud of a UPF was an exception, not the rule, is a sign of how much things have already improved. The first time they tried that idea it worked beautifully. Mario Party Party was amazing, and the quality and quantity of QLs has risen. The podcast has been a ton of fun, as well; Brad's made a very easy transition to hosting, and it's freed up Jeff to bring his natural humour in a less formulaic way. Dan's content has been entertaining, and Jason's presence has freed Drew up a lot on live streams. Drew is also becoming more comfortable with podcasting, and as mentioned elsewhere, he and Dan make a great odd couple QL duo. Vinny and Alex are kicking ass in NY, and I'm sure will continue to do so. Patrick is doing what he does, churning out interesting articles about strange games and the like, so no change there.

I was one of the skeptics, one of the naysayers, and you can go to page two of this thread to find proof of that. But I still believed in this site and in the people who made it special, and while I am delighted that I've been enjoying their content so much again, I can't say I'm surprised that they got things back on track. They needed this.

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I have no opinion on Stephanie Meyer, as I haven't read any of her books.

I find J.D. Salinger's work to be totally insufferable.

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You have friends who play Magic? Man, I'm jealous. I have to drive 25 minutes to my "local" game shop for Friday Night Magic to play Magic with people.

Duels of the Planeswalkers is definitely a great way to get into Magic - it's how I learnt to play and then became obsessed with the game. I would, however, probably recommend last year's game as opposed to this year's. And yes, getting into Magic can be expensive, but you don't have to build a competitive Standard deck full of busted cards to enjoy playing Magic. If your friends play Limited, then get them to teach you how to draft, and you can enjoy playing the game while acquiring a collection.

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You're getting old, and so is your music. Get over it.

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The era of my Star Wars fandom coincided with the N64 era, so all my favourite Star Wars games are from that console. The original Rogue Squadron is my favourite, but I also really liked the Pod Racer game.

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My eyes were tired and I wasn't really looking super closely trying to get it right, I was more just slapping them in a sequence that looked good enough to my tired eyes. I also didn't calibrate my monitor. I scored a 20. I'm a 25-year-old male. I am very sure that I am not colour-blind.

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There are so few games that have badass female protagonists that if I'm given the choice of creating my own character, then I'm often inclined to make her female. But for me, it's never about aesthetics or attractiveness, as while I'll often make an avatar attractive, regardless of gender, that's not why I choose to play as women. I do it because it's fun. Action games, at their core, are so often about power fantasy, and what's more empowering than playing a female character who destroys everything in her path to save a world that so often thinks less of her compared to men?

I'm a total role-player, so I completely embody the character I'm playing, but there's always a huge amount of myself in the characters I play, which is why I tend to play lawful good characters and only occasionally dabble in bad/evil characters. I make decisions based on what feels right to me in a given context and situation, with the consideration of attempting to view it from a more feminine angle i.e. I'm more likely to be a dick to someone if they're patrionising or dismissive of my character due to their gender. Most choices in games that are actually gender-relevant are so infrequent and so binary that it's not hard to place yourself in the situation and make those choices, and I had no problem marrying my female character in Skyrim to a male Orc, or with my female Grey Warden in Dragon Age hooking up with Alistair. I don't see playing as female characters as some great empathic experience, since video game characters are such a hollow simulacra of the human experience; it's just a fun and different way to experience and think about a world you're interacting with.

If somebody wants to equate my role-playing female characters as some kind of gender-queer exploration akin to transvestism, then I'm not threatened or weirded out by that. I'm comfortable with my sexuality and sexual identity, and don't see any of this as a problem.

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There aren't a lot of situations where, if I want to play a game, I'd choose to play it on a small screen with a worse resolution than my PC monitor, and I often find that playing games for long stretches on handhelds can get really uncomfortable; my hands just naturally don't like using a handheld system for too long, or maybe that's a problem specific to my current handheld, the 3DS XL. But if I'm in bed, or watching something on TV/my computer, or on a bus, or whatever, then yeah, I'll fire up my 3DS, but I'm not playing games like 40+ hour long RPGs, with a couple of exceptions. Also, games with a lot of interface i.e. games with a lot of menus and information they have to convey, like Civilization or Crusader Kings II, just don't work on handheld systems. In fact, a lot of genres just don't work at all on handhelds for me.

PC is my preferred way of playing games and I don't see that changing any time soon, but there is certainly a place for handheld games, and certain genres of games thrive on handhelds. In theory, there's no inherent reason why games on other platforms are better than those on handhelds, except for obvious graphical limitations, but in practice, very few of my favourite games are handheld games, and I owned every iteration of the Game Boy when I was a kid, from the original up to the Advance SP.

Side-note: I picked the PC master race option, but I don't actually only like PC games. I like console games and handheld games as well. PC is just my preferred way to play games.

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I still don't get how Samantha is justified in telling someone to go **** themselves when all they said was "what if he was the most qualified person available for the position?" That's a pretty legitimate point there. Maybe they are the most qualified, how would Samantha know when A) She's not a part of Giant Bomb, and 2) She's not the one hiring?

For context Samantha's outrage is in defense of Maddy Myers who did apply for the job and who in terms of writing credentials is as qualified as Dan if not more so.

Why do people think that writing qualification is the most important part of becoming part of Giant Bomb? Have people not noticed that it's very much a video-based personality driven site? Brad and Ryan are/were outstanding writers, but those talents are rarely let out because of how much of their job is focused on putting out video, and that's fine, because they are/were amazing at that too.

Just one other way in which like people are being really naive about all this. Jeff is old-school and as savvy as they come, but that doesn't mean he's some hardhearted businessman who doesn't care for social issues and hires people based on whether they like wrestling are are fun to have a beer with.

Before this whole thing, I had never heard of Maddy Myers. Maybe I'm not looking in the right places, or maybe she's not done enough to make herself stand out in terms of personality. But I watched a bit of the Sore Thumbs podcast she does and my first impression of her is that she doesn't seem like she would gel with the GB staff at all.

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Another sad thought: this just completely derails any potential hires that Giant Bomb might want to make in the future, such as to expand GBNY or getting Patrick his own video guy etc.. You've either got to give in to the people who desperately want to force societal changes regardless, and hire someone who isn't white, male, cis, or straight regardless of qualification; or the next white cis straight male is going to approach the job knowing that this kind of shitstorm is coming, for no reason other than them being who they are. Neither of those is desirable in the least. Mark today down as the day that we poisoned the well.

Social justice is supposed to be about making sure everyone in society feels like they matter, are accepted, and that their voice can be heard. Let's all try and remember that.