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There aren't a lot of situations where, if I want to play a game, I'd choose to play it on a small screen with a worse resolution than my PC monitor, and I often find that playing games for long stretches on handhelds can get really uncomfortable; my hands just naturally don't like using a handheld system for too long, or maybe that's a problem specific to my current handheld, the 3DS XL. But if I'm in bed, or watching something on TV/my computer, or on a bus, or whatever, then yeah, I'll fire up my 3DS, but I'm not playing games like 40+ hour long RPGs, with a couple of exceptions. Also, games with a lot of interface i.e. games with a lot of menus and information they have to convey, like Civilization or Crusader Kings II, just don't work on handheld systems. In fact, a lot of genres just don't work at all on handhelds for me.

PC is my preferred way of playing games and I don't see that changing any time soon, but there is certainly a place for handheld games, and certain genres of games thrive on handhelds. In theory, there's no inherent reason why games on other platforms are better than those on handhelds, except for obvious graphical limitations, but in practice, very few of my favourite games are handheld games, and I owned every iteration of the Game Boy when I was a kid, from the original up to the Advance SP.

Side-note: I picked the PC master race option, but I don't actually only like PC games. I like console games and handheld games as well. PC is just my preferred way to play games.

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I still don't get how Samantha is justified in telling someone to go **** themselves when all they said was "what if he was the most qualified person available for the position?" That's a pretty legitimate point there. Maybe they are the most qualified, how would Samantha know when A) She's not a part of Giant Bomb, and 2) She's not the one hiring?

For context Samantha's outrage is in defense of Maddy Myers who did apply for the job and who in terms of writing credentials is as qualified as Dan if not more so.

Why do people think that writing qualification is the most important part of becoming part of Giant Bomb? Have people not noticed that it's very much a video-based personality driven site? Brad and Ryan are/were outstanding writers, but those talents are rarely let out because of how much of their job is focused on putting out video, and that's fine, because they are/were amazing at that too.

Just one other way in which like people are being really naive about all this. Jeff is old-school and as savvy as they come, but that doesn't mean he's some hardhearted businessman who doesn't care for social issues and hires people based on whether they like wrestling are are fun to have a beer with.

Before this whole thing, I had never heard of Maddy Myers. Maybe I'm not looking in the right places, or maybe she's not done enough to make herself stand out in terms of personality. But I watched a bit of the Sore Thumbs podcast she does and my first impression of her is that she doesn't seem like she would gel with the GB staff at all.

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Another sad thought: this just completely derails any potential hires that Giant Bomb might want to make in the future, such as to expand GBNY or getting Patrick his own video guy etc.. You've either got to give in to the people who desperately want to force societal changes regardless, and hire someone who isn't white, male, cis, or straight regardless of qualification; or the next white cis straight male is going to approach the job knowing that this kind of shitstorm is coming, for no reason other than them being who they are. Neither of those is desirable in the least. Mark today down as the day that we poisoned the well.

Social justice is supposed to be about making sure everyone in society feels like they matter, are accepted, and that their voice can be heard. Let's all try and remember that.

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@strife777: I agree. It just feels like two groups of people shouting at each other so loudly that neither can hear what the other is saying. The true message, the lesson to learn, is lost in the noise.

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That Leigh Alexander (which has since been deleted, btw) has to be entirely tongue-in-cheek, or just out of pure anger, right? I have to believe that people are just pissed off about the situation, and not at the GB staff specifically. If I'm wrong, then boy oh boy there is an extreme lack of class on both sides of this debate. Obviously one side is clearly much more despicable than the other, but the other side isn't helping their case with posts like these, as far as I'm concerned. I want to like Alexander so much, because she's clearly very intelligent and is a damn good writer, and it's sad the amount of shit she's got from certain parts of the GB community over the years, but I found that following her on Twitter became intolerable at some point, because of stuff like this, her general holier than thou attitude.

If those Samantha Allen tweets are to be read genuinely, then she and a lot of other people either believe that a) no white straight cis man could be more qualified for the job than a woman/non-white person/transgendered person etc., which is wrong on so many levels and is almost downright sexist/racist, or b) they didn't want Giant Bomb to hire the most qualified person, but instead wanted them to make some grand gesture for the sake of social justice. I'm sorry, but that's not how business works, and Giant Bomb is still a business. They were a business when they were an independent start-up in a basement in Sausalito, and they're a business now that they're under the CBSi umbrella. I just want to understand what these people want, and I think the answer I'm most likely to get is that they just don't want the world to be the way it is. That's fine, but channeling that anger as some smart, hilarious dudes who run a dumb videogame website seems to me to be extremely misguided.

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I am so goddamn confused right now, I don't even know where to start.

Oh wait, actually, yes, I do know where to start: congratulations to Dan and Jason, and welcome aboard! I'm already familiar with and a fan of Ryckert's work, and Jason made a good first impression on the Bombcast, so I think these guys are going to fit in just fine.

OK, now that that's over with, what the fuck is going on? Why are people criticising Giant Bomb for these hires? Did Jeff or anyone say anything to suggest that ethnicity, gender identity, or sexuality would have any influence on the hiring process? Was there any indication that they would hire a non-straight non-white guy? Where is this idea coming from? Is it because of Patrick's staunch vocal support regarding these issues? Is it because CBSi happily employs Carolyn Petit? Why are people assuming the worst of Jeff and GB in this situation, accusing them of cronyism and making "the obvious hires", whatever the fuck that means?

Why has this announcement, which should be a positive thing and a new beginning for Giant Bomb going forward, turned so sour and so bitter so fast?

But more important than all that: why are a bunch of people who clearly don't have the mental or emotional stability to use the internet hurling abuse at people who are criticising Giant Bomb? Yes, I completely disagree with the vast majority of the sentiments expressed by the dissenters, but the way that you're supposed to disagree with someone is either do it silently, or politely disagree with them. You don't fucking abuse people and insult them. You don't use people's circumstances that have involved them in this complex social issue as ammunition against them. You don't defend something by acting so counter to the wishes of its founders, and so counter to the spirit in which it was created. You don't behave like fucking animals with zero respect for any human that has an opinion you don't agree with! Is that so hard for people to understand?!

I am so mad right now.

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Well, I dunno about the next-gen consoles, because they haven't been announced yet, and the current-gen consoles have only been about for 18 months (WiiU) or 6 months (PS4, XBONE).

Assuming, though, that you are actually talking about the current-gen consoles (I know, I'm a pedantic asshole, shoot me), I'd say that it's looking fairly likely that I'll only end up buying one of them. I owned a 360 and PS3 last gen, and got a ton of usage out of both and thought they were both great systems, but I'm such a PC gamer now that I just haven't been using my consoles that much in the past couple of years. PS3 gets so much more usage as a Blu-Ray player and video streaming device than it does as a game console, and the 360 isn't even plugged in. I am very happy with my decision to not buy a console at launch, and I'm sure that I'll own one of the new machines within the next couple of years - just depends where the best exclusives are, where the best third-party support and online is, and which device offers most in terms of non-game entertainment options. Right now, it's looking like the PS4 is the best bet, but things can change.

And as for the Wii U, I'm pretty sure I'll never one, just like how I never owned a Wii. That's fine, I get my Nintendo fix from my 3DS.

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For people less familiar with Chris Hardwick and Sam Witwer, here they are playing the Dragon Age tabletop RPG game on Wil Wheaton's TableTop show:

I don't really like Hardwick's Nerdist channel all that much, but he is definitely a funny dude, and Witwer seems like a cool guy as well. North and Warburton are obviously delightful additions as well. Having a famous cast of relatively well-known comedians/actors doesn't necessarily result in a great game, but I'm definitely more interested in this game than I was before they announced the new castmembers.

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To listen to? Piano.

To play? Drums.

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I agree with the sentiment that this news shouldn't be that surprising. Mythic always seemed to me to be a studio that had a lot of talented and creative folks, but somehow they were never able to translate that into their games. Something about the creative or design structure seemed to hold them back, whether it was the mandate from on high telling them to compete with WoW and get into micro-transaction based nostalgia bait, or whether it was something internal. If anything, considering EA's track record, the surprising thing here is that they didn't shutter them sooner.

It sucks when people are put out of a job, but as usual the best talent will hopefully land on their feet - I can't imagine Paul and Carrie will be out of work for long - and being freed from the creative yoke that strangled Mythic might lead to some really great things down the line.

And this is just a hunch, but I don't think Carrie is coming back to the games press, at least not yet. It's a quick assumption to jump to and a nice thought for those of us who remember how awesome she was at GameSpot, but she climbed the ladder at Mythic and earned herself a senior position, which means she's doing something right and still has something to offer the world in this profession. And almost every other time a former press personality has left a games job (Greg Kasavin leaving EALA, Rich Gallup leaving 38 Studios etc.), they proceed to get another games job, rather than re-joining the press. That decision worked out real well for Greg, if the critical acclaim that Bastion and Transistor have received is anything to go by.