Games With the Best Lore/Fiction/Game World

Having a great story and narrative in games is always excellent, but there is an extra element of story telling that can be just as significant. I'm talking about the lore, the self contained fiction, the back story. As a history buff, I always find this element of games extremely fascinating, and when it's done well it can turn a good game into a great game. Here's a list of the worlds I think are the pinnacle examples of this art form.

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Posted by Wuddel

Interesting choice. I never really played Half-Life or L4D. I am surprised Rapture from Bioshock is not on it.

Posted by Galamoth


Posted by sgt_match

Tamriel? really? I loves me some Elder Scrolls, but I always found the lore to be pretty generic.  But, I suppose it is well fleshed out since there is a butt-ton of it.

Posted by Agent47

L4D?Really?What kind of lore is that?Generic post zombie apocalypse.If you even want to call them zombies.

Posted by Agent47
@sgt_match: Yeah pretty much, I guess it is just a well fleshed out generic fantasy.Very great games, just the lore is pretty LOTRish.
Posted by Bluepixie

Outcast on the PC would be on my list as well as Baldur's Gate 2. Good list! :D

Posted by redfoxbennaton

Awesome list, you should put Metal Gear here. It has so much lore.