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WarioWare did not transit well mainly because it was a launch title (time constraints) and was worked on by a different team than the one that work on the GBA game.

Rhythm Heaven is created by the same team that created the original WarioWare on GBA, Rhythm Tengoku on GBA, and also this game, which is why the quality of this game is also very well done.

In my opinion though, I like Rhythm Tengoku better than Rhythm Tengoku Gold. The musics are more catchy.

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Dupes with this -

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I agree with the rename.

Also there should be a way to enter an alternative name of the franchise, such as the Japanese name of it. I tried searching "Gyakuten Saiban" and nothing came up, so that's no good at all.

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This franchise did not really start with Advance Wars, but with Famicom Wars. We should rename this to something more generic than specifically point it to the Game Boy Advance entry of the series.