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PSN: NotAtomico.

Always down for a nice cup of Liber-Tea.

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Probably my personal favorite from the old, old days:

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Also: Calling demo QL

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Enough game journalism, Jeff. Quit Giant Bomb and go get those damn sequels made. You can have my moneys.

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Just got the game and applied :P

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I'd love an invite. Atomico#1105

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Forza Horizon 2 was a system seller for me. Bought an XONE and the game last friday. Then again, I kinda had to get the bland Driveclub taste out of my mouth. Worked wonders. FH2 is all sorts of fun, varied events, cool soundtrack, better progression. Looks amazing, too.

Bought Killer Instict and D4 as well, and preordered. Sunset Overdrive.

I'd be all over Ryse and Dead Rising 3, but I already own them on PC. That crazy-ass Capcom fanservice DLC, tho... I might have to double dip.

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Interesting read. I'll probably check out Honeymoon.

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Bummer. Hope they put the extra time to good use.

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Wrong picture. That's Ron Galaxy.

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Go ahead, LEAVE, I don't care... BUT I'M KEEPING DREW.

J/K. I do care and I'm happy for you, duder. Best of luck!