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Updated everything.

@DazzHardy: Fixed.

@815Sox: I didn't add your GT to the list because of what another user said about it not working. If you fix it I'll add your info.

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Updated everything.

Also big thanks to IkariNoTekken for the awesome banner!

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Updated everything.

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Is anyone interested in some pre-TNT games tonight? So like around 6PM EST?

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Updated everything.

@JokerFrown: @myketuna: Apologies and fixed!

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Okay just updated everything again. Remember to send a friend request to GiantBomb Gears for easy game finding.

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I probably should mention that I created a organized thread and gamertag for GB users to find each other easier. Thread Here.

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Just updated everything. 
Also is anyone interested in a game night?

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Welcome to the Gears of War 3 Giant Bomb Community Thread Thing!

Community Game Night

Please send a friend request to GBG3 Game Night if you would like to partake in a game night.

Also check out Community Game Night Thread for all the latest info.

How To Find Games

The gamertags below will still stay open, but if you want to play with other users please make sure to send it to the GBG3 Game Nightgamertag.

Send a friend request to GB Gears GT2 as the original GiantBomb Gears account has reached the max friend limit.

From the friends list you will be able to see other GB users and send out invites easily. Just make sure to set your party to public if you are not direct friends with anyone on the list.

I have removed the giant user list from this page as it was taking up too much space. So if you would like to see the list Please check out the GB Community Guide!

I'll still update the info on the list, so if you would like to be added just post your info.

New or Need Help In Gears 3 Multiplayer?

Check out Afros Guide To Sucking Less At Gears of War 3 Multiplayer.


Thank IkariNoTekken for the awesome banner and organizing the game night.