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I think it is nuts to expect people to have to go back and play all those games, but at the same time, I don't want somebody reviewing the new Zelda game if they haven't played previous entries.  I could totally see somebody with no prior knowledge thinking Twilight Princess is fantastic, but if you played the games that came before, you would see how much of the ideas in that game were just slight retoolings of previous games in some of the most bland and uninspired ways possible.  Of course, people who played Twilight Princess would go back and find Ocarina of Time boring because it is so similar to Twilight Princess.   
Basically, the only issue comes up when we are talking about the law of diminishing returns.  A person new to video games might think something is awesome because they haven't played it yet, but a person who has wasted their life in front of the TV might have a better idea.  Think about it this way- If Dynasty Warriors was the first game you played, it would blow your face off with how awesome it is. 

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That video is great.  Sums up everything EA basketball games are all about.
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If you were religious, I don't get why you would WANT God mentioned on money.  Money is not something to be idolized and decorated, especially with religious phrases and imagery.  I just don't get it.
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@Hailinel said:
"Is it unusual that Samus should defer to a commanding officer on a mission under Galactic Federation jurisdiction?  Or that she should respect the orders of her former commanding officer?  Other M did nothing to kill Samus's character.  If anything, it only killed preconceived, ultimately incorrect notions of what people wanted her character to be. "

Ya, but that stuff is only part of it.  What about when she freaked out when Ridley showed up despite her murdering him 4 times already by that point.  Why was she surprised in Metroid Fusion when she saw metroids? Why did the Galactic Federation try to emulate Mother Brain when it was just a stolen Aurora computer?  This game was inconsistent with the other ones even ignoring what they did to Samus.
Think about it like this- at the end of the first Metroid, after single-handedly destroying the greatest threat to human civilization, Samus decides that metroids are too dangerous and decides to take care of them.  In Metroid 2, she goes to SR388 and kills EVERY SINGLE METROID IN THE UNIVERSE except one without having anybody else get involved.  When the Galactic Federation screws up and can't stop Ridley, she goes and murders him, the new Mother Brain, and what is believed to be every metroid in the universe by blowing the whole planet up.  In between this, she found time to murder Ridley twice and save 3 seperate planets from crazy stuff that nobody could handle.  However, when an old buddy doesn't want her to use her varia suit in a place filled with lava, she just lets herself be put in extra danger for the chumps she has been cleaning up after over and over? 
Oh man, see what you made me do there?  Now I look like a loser for knowing all this stuff.  Nobody wins this one.
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Once again, Bionic Commando was a great revival of the series.  I know you were talking about sales, but that game did a great job of evoking what I liked about the original. 
But about Nintendo, you are totally right.  They have been handing the reigns to a lot of their biggest series for a while now, and the results have been mixed.  F-Zero GX was easily one of the best racers I've ever played, while Star Fox Assault wasn't even that good at doing what the games before it did while also adding tons of junk.  I wasn't a huge fan of Other M, but I gotta give them credit for trying to mix it up, which is probably what Devil May Cry needs at this point.
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Hey man, Bionic Commando was TIGHT! 
But yeah, I like to assume that Capcom is involved in the making of the game.  I doubt they just handed it off and let Ninja Theory run wild.  If Dead Rising 2 is any indication, I think Capcom has figured out how to coach other devs into making the games they want.

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Sonic the Hedgehog's enduring popularity always leaves me utterly confused.  Who are these people? 
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I dunno man, I think you have it backwards.  I don't think the people at Gamestop are my buddies, but they think I'm their buddy anytime I go there.  For real, if I just want to look around, I have to prepare for a lecture on why the new Fallout is going to be great or how the new Call of Duty is fantastic.  It wouldn't be so bad, but most of them don't even know what they are talking about.  That puts me in the position of either correcting them and looking like the world's biggest ass and/or dork, or just nodding along and hoping it ends soon.   
That being said, I too don't like all the threads about how terrible Gamestop is.  Half the time, the reasons they complain actually are the sort of thing that happens in any retail store.  It's 2010, and none of their policies are new.  I stopped shopping there years ago and now I don't have to talk about it.
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MLG is what happens when the complainers and whiners decide how the game works. 
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Let's put it this way- If Ghostbusters 2 was the first Ghostbusters movie to come out, we never would have gotten a sequel.  It was like Spider-Man 3 where it stopped almost any chance of a successful sequel.   
I actually forgot about that and was getting pumped for that Ghostbusters video game.  I put the 2 movies on Netflix, and after finishing the first I was psyched for the game to come out.  Then I watched 2 and any interest I had in the game just disappeared.