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Good luck to Vinny, great news about the new office!

It's a shame that Patrick isn't going to be in that office. I do feel the working from home guys have a harder time of it.

I assume it's congrats to Drew who will me taking on more responsibility with GB West!

I'm excited to get some fresh blood in here, the energy has been way down since Ryan passed away, but the guys, and the site, need to move onwards and upwards!

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The Indie/AAA thing is just nonsense. Valve is an Indie studio.

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I love this website.

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I have a Nexus 7 2013 with the latest firmware and 4 out of 5 times the app crashed when I reopen it. Anyone else having this?

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I guess you don't really need a version number in these things as long as you say "As of 21st Jan 2013" in the video, so people can at least hear that.

Hopefully some games like DayZ standalone, Rust, Starbound etc will get a few check-ins every once in a while. Seeing ongoing development will be interesting.

Might I suggest some more staff members Mr Gerstmann?

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An excellent article Patrick. I know when I click one of your articles that I am going to get something interesting and thought out, as opposed to click bait.

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First time I was able to answer "Own your own home"!


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Fantastic! Thanks for the update @soup_menu! Being able to hide the trailers is a big improvement, and the dimmed videos make finding something to watch much easier too!

Keep up the good work!

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@soup_menu: Looks good. I think generally "Watched" status in things counts over 95%. It could still continue playing when you tap it like usual, but generally if you stop a video 95% of the way through then you are done with it.

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@soup_menu: Thanks for getting back to me! Interesting use of the API, a shame they don't surface the related game data. Good to hear there will be an original content only option, and also it would be good to see a "watched" setting!