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Every time someone has to deal with real world, life changing consequences because they were being a dick online, I get a warm fuzzy feeling.

I wish every "swatter" would get jail time, that would make me happy.

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@soup_menu: That's understandable. If you would like me to test, I'm happy to do so. I have an Sony xperia z2 16gb with a 64gb Sd card in it running 4.4.2 (the latest available).

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@soup_menu: A quick question! I just flipped over from iOS to Android, and have an SD card in my phone. Is there any chance of an option to download videos to the SD card? My phone doesn't allow for the moving of whole apps to external storage.

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@soup_menu: Not to be awkward, but although I get that error when using a chromecast, I also get it when not casting a video... However the app will be detecting that there is a cast on the network. Maybe that is enough to cause the issue?

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The Grim Fandango puzzle document is also a great read. In this version, on the penultimate page, there is the solution to the final puzzle, however you can't read it because it looks like there was a printing fault. In actual fact, Tim Schafer had run out of time to come up with a solution to that final puzzle, and so forced that error in order to give himself more time.

If you plan on playing Grim Fandango: Remastered, do yourself a favor and don't read that document.

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@soup_menu: I may not have reported it. I will do so when it happens again. I'm just trying to think about when I switched to ART, and I have a feeling I way having the crash before then.

I have not been able to confirm this yet, but I think I am only getting this crash when trying to watch UPF, but not when watching quick looks. Could it be the length of the video? Maybe Android is taking away the memory from the app when it is in the background? Or perhaps it's an issue with premium content.

I had some of the "DLC" when I was using iOS, but I have just got some again on Android. I love this app that much.

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I caught up with the race finally. Poor old Massa! Dude is uuuunnnlucky!

Bottas is great and I hope he can actually win a race at some point this season.

All in all I thought the race was pretty entertaining.

I just can't muster any love for Hamilton.

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Lol. Lol.

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EU PS4 code: TJ2H-?NN8-6JJR

The ? is ?iantBomb.

Oh and say thank you, you unwashed swines!