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@soup_menu: Not to be awkward, but although I get that error when using a chromecast, I also get it when not casting a video... However the app will be detecting that there is a cast on the network. Maybe that is enough to cause the issue?

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The Grim Fandango puzzle document is also a great read. In this version, on the penultimate page, there is the solution to the final puzzle, however you can't read it because it looks like there was a printing fault. In actual fact, Tim Schafer had run out of time to come up with a solution to that final puzzle, and so forced that error in order to give himself more time.

If you plan on playing Grim Fandango: Remastered, do yourself a favor and don't read that document.

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@soup_menu: I may not have reported it. I will do so when it happens again. I'm just trying to think about when I switched to ART, and I have a feeling I way having the crash before then.

I have not been able to confirm this yet, but I think I am only getting this crash when trying to watch UPF, but not when watching quick looks. Could it be the length of the video? Maybe Android is taking away the memory from the app when it is in the background? Or perhaps it's an issue with premium content.

I had some of the "DLC" when I was using iOS, but I have just got some again on Android. I love this app that much.

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I caught up with the race finally. Poor old Massa! Dude is uuuunnnlucky!

Bottas is great and I hope he can actually win a race at some point this season.

All in all I thought the race was pretty entertaining.

I just can't muster any love for Hamilton.

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Lol. Lol.

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EU PS4 code: TJ2H-?NN8-6JJR

The ? is ?iantBomb.

Oh and say thank you, you unwashed swines!

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I am running a nexus 7 (2013) on the latest KitKat update using ART instead of DALVIK.

If I am watching a video then hit the home button on the app, then come back like an hour later and reopen the app, it always gives me the "Unfortunately Giant Bomb Video Buddy Has Stopped".

Any idea what might be causing this? Is it because I am using ART (which is loads better for the record).

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Ultimately I stereotype. If my character is a chain-gun wielding type or a tank, I make it a male. If I am a sniper or a stealthy character I make it a female.

This may seem a bit closed minded, but also the animations seem to fit the models better when doing that.

Also, I don't really know why, but sometimes in a game I make "me", and sometimes I am just controlling another character.

In EVE online my character is "me", but in WoW my Orc Krilldor is a personality of his own that I am controlling.

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Good luck to Vinny, great news about the new office!

It's a shame that Patrick isn't going to be in that office. I do feel the working from home guys have a harder time of it.

I assume it's congrats to Drew who will me taking on more responsibility with GB West!

I'm excited to get some fresh blood in here, the energy has been way down since Ryan passed away, but the guys, and the site, need to move onwards and upwards!

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The Indie/AAA thing is just nonsense. Valve is an Indie studio.