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We're gonna get crushed, haha. Half my team I'm just introducing to 5 man team competitive style play. We're talking a 1.5-4kmmr skill range. GAF (and everyone else) is going to eat us alive. But hey they get to learn. so it's all fun.

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Team: Gamers with Jobs

Tag: GWJ

Captain: Videohead (



Snake Oiler







We are EST

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@woutr said:

@anbokr: Hey give us some credit asshole, we're not counted out yet :p

Yeah, it'll take at least 20 minutes for them to beat us in each match!

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Your Steam name : Videohead

Your location: USE

Which Bracket you like to participate in: High

Number of wins: 611

Favorite role and favorite hero (if any): Carry, Necrolyte

If you would be willing to be Team captain(few extra responsibilities, mainly setting up games/cancelling/communicating): Sure.

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That country is such a bureaucratic mess -- made even worse by the political instability. I doubt this will get settled for years, even if they are found innocent.

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@eagles_band: That's what they're responding to -- GAME told them to go to the government for money instead of giving the employees their rightful back pay.

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@Sword5: I think those are excellent sentiments.

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Well this makes me nervous. I guess I'll have to watch and see if I want to keep supporting this.

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It's done. After four years, you guys finally have my money.

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