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@woutr said:

@anbokr: Hey give us some credit asshole, we're not counted out yet :p

Yeah, it'll take at least 20 minutes for them to beat us in each match!

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Your Steam name : Videohead

Your location: USE

Which Bracket you like to participate in: High

Number of wins: 611

Favorite role and favorite hero (if any): Carry, Necrolyte

If you would be willing to be Team captain(few extra responsibilities, mainly setting up games/cancelling/communicating): Sure.

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That country is such a bureaucratic mess -- made even worse by the political instability. I doubt this will get settled for years, even if they are found innocent.

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@eagles_band: That's what they're responding to -- GAME told them to go to the government for money instead of giving the employees their rightful back pay.

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@Sword5: I think those are excellent sentiments.

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Well this makes me nervous. I guess I'll have to watch and see if I want to keep supporting this.

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It's done. After four years, you guys finally have my money.

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Okay, what's with all the Duke Nukem apologists in the comments? Is it better than it could have been considering it's dev? Yes. Does that make it not terrible? No. It's still terrible.

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Do a search for "@bennettring" on twitter. The author is getting his ass handed to him.

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