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Hell on Earth... and I couldn't be happier 0

As a lifelong Doom fan, I was extremely skeptical when I heard that the granddaddy of all first person shooters would be making its way to Xbox Live a few years ago. In the day of modern, twin stick controlled shooters, how on earth could Doom possibly hold a candle? Well, it ends up that good monsters, sweet weapons, and frequent white-knuckle situations still cut it. Doom managed to transfer very well to the Xbox Live Arcade. And now, several years after the original's re-release, the sequel e...

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For once, a LITERAL example of Real-Time Strategy 0

Would your average, uneducated peasant really be able to mine a sack of gold in about a second? Could you really have fully-trained army of footmen, archers, and knights ready for battle in fifteen minutes? While micromanaging a variety of resources plays a prominent role in some of the most famous real-time strategy games, Bungie throws all of that out the window with their Myth series. The only resources you have are your soldiers, and they're more precious than all the gold, lumber, and vespe...

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They Just Don't Make 'Em Like This Anymore 0

Thanks to the wonders of DOSBOX, even the most cutting edge modern computers can play TIE Fighter. It's a little odd, isn't it? The game came out over ten years ago, yet without that little wonder application, a rig that can run Crysis in its sleep would be unable to load up this gourad-shaded, jagged polygonal gem.TIE Fighter has more in common with old school WWII flight sims like Chuck Yeager's Air Combat than later Star Wars flight sims like the Rogue Squadron series. Whereas its precursor, ...

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Too derivative for a "masterpiece" but still a damn fine game 0

When Halo 3 was released in September of 2007, it was instantly met with a flood of praise. Reading the initial reviews, one would expect the game to be the absolute pinnacle of what a first-person shooter could accomplish, which unfortunately inflates the game to a level that is impossible for it to live up to. However, evaluating the game solely on its own merits, without the flashy soundbites offered by innumerable gaming websites and magazines, it's still a fantastic game; certainly not the ...

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