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Tech Romancer is excellent, one of my favorites actually. Hope you enjoy.

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Tech Romancer, Rival Schools 2, Virtual On, VF 3, SF: Double Impact, SF Alpha 3, Vampire Chronicle, Capcom Vs. SNK 1/2, Mark of the wolves, Powerstone 1/2, Last blade 2, Guilty gear X,  and you can check out Fighting Vipers 2 as well, I didn't play it but I liked the first and the sequel isn't supposed to be much different. There is also Super Street Fighter 2X which is a arcade perfect version of the game.

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Jaconius said:
"Am i the only person on here who didn't start at GameSpot?
Nope, I started on 1up myself. Still go there, but they screwed their forums up royally. The clubs system is still good though.
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6'1" 121 pounds

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The World ends with you,
Mario & Luigi partners in time,
MGS: Portable Ops
Monster Hunter freedom 2
Zak & Wiki
Super Mario Galaxy

Of all those, I really only plan on finishing Zak & Wiki and Portable Ops, Monster hunter is more a game I just screw around in.

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Valkyria Chronicles, easily.

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US 80 GB that I traded my 360 for on craigslist.

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PS3 has Uncharted
Dreamcast has Propeller Arena
Wii has Zak & Wiki
Saturn has Virtual On
SEGA CD has Final Fight CD
PSP has Monster Hunter freedom 2

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Twice, I went through it once, the 2nd time they still fixed it but I didn't want to deal with it anymore and traded for a 80 GB PS3 on craigslist. My PS3 just stayed on for more than 40 hours without skipping a beat last weekend.

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Kenzo287 said:
"No. It died now get over it. No alignment for you.

Right, but other than Nintendo what other video game company manufactured first party consoles for 20 years or more? SEGA.
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