My Warped Tour '09 experience!

It was that time of year again...NO NOT CHRISTMAS! Warped Tour rolled back into my town/city and brought one hell of a show. These are just some of the bands I saw at warped tour '09 in Charlotte, NC. (All pictures are from my cousin Ian.)

The Bouncing Souls
Streetlight Manifesto

Less Than Jake

Westbound Train
The White Tie Affair
Bad Religion

A Day To Remember

We saw some other bands that I can't remember the names of sadly. The rain didn't help things either trying to get from place to place. I missed Big D & The Kids Table too! This is the 2nd time that has happened. I'm starting to wonder if that's a sign...But I got to meet all the guys from Less Than Jake which was awesome! Got the autographs of all the members on my ticket. I also bought a bunch of CDs and stickers.

Can't wait for next year!


This Easter and the week (Short Version)

This Easter most of family celebrated easter by shooting each other with airsoft guns and playing foosball. Good times. This Thursday I go see New Found Glory with my cousin and then my cousins and I will be at the Carolina Speed game (Arena Football) on the 18th. Then on the 19th my Dad and I will be at the Checkers semifinal game (AA hockey). So it looks like I'll have a busy week.


So Vin Diesel called...

It wasn't about Fast and Furious either. It was about Riddick coming out this Thursday. Oh how I love those GameStop calls. I don't think that's even the release date. But whatever...[/random thought over]


So it's supposed to snow... + Killzone 2 & some other stuff.

It's supposed to snow later on today which for some reason I'm excited about. It's not like I'm in school or anything right now. But I'm still getting that feeling of "SNOW!"  Sorry for all the caps. I just chugged at Khaos Monster so forgive me.

What else is there to talk about? That midnight launch for Killzone 2 was alright. By alright I mean dead. I think only five people showed up. But out of those five people I met three of them weren't ass hats. There is some numbers for ya. But I got my game and have played quite a bit of it. So far I'm enjoying it. Best game on the PS3 in my opinion. I like how they keep you in first person even in cover. Plus the Sixaxis control stuff isn't all that bad. It's actually pretty neat. So check that out.

Update #1: SNOW!

Update #2: I just dropped my Zune and it's now dead. Looks like I will be getting that new zune model after all...


Excuse me while I put on this hat. + Skate 2 Fantasy Factory

So I've been gone for awhile. Let me explain why first. It's all because a retard trojan warrior slamming its head into my computer.  Hopefully that makes some sorta sense...Anyway I had to wipe my computer of all its memory and have had to start over. Kinda like that MIB thing except I don't have the awesome power of just telling my computer to work. But I got everything back the way it should be. So I should be on more. I'm now caught up with all the Giant Bombcasts (Thanks to the PS3). Now I just need to get my sound working right so I can catch up on the videos. So in all it's wonderful to be back. I'll try to get to all your blogs real soon. I promise.

In other news I got Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory for Skate 2 for 400 points or also known as space bucks. So far I'm enjoying it. For $5.00 bucks this is a steal in my opinion. That's coming from a big fan of Skate though.  The level is based off of Rob's new office/show. So if you've seen the show you sould know what you're getting. There is also some places to skate outside, but it can get a little boring a little to fast. That's when the movable objects come into play to save the day.  I'll tell you all how it plays online when I get a chance to try it out with friends. I'll also tell you how the other level pack is when it comes out.

That's it for now.


PS: The title of this blog makes no sense... I'll stick with it.


The Streetlight Manifesto Concert + Pictures!

So on the February 3rd I went to see Streetlight Manifesto, A Wilhelm Scream, The Swellers, & The Stitch Up. I must say it was awesome. 

Note: All pictures were taken by my cell phone camera. So blurry pictures ahead!

The first band was The Stitch Up. I got to talk to them after the show. They are very nice guys. They played really well. I want to see them next time they come to Charlotte. One really cool thing they did was grab a kid and taught him how to play a song. Then had him play with them through the whole song. The kid did really good too.  Here is a picture of them playing.

The next band that played was The Swellers. Nothing special. Just some good old rock. Here is a picture of them playing.

The next band that played was A Wilhelm Scream. I should have been getting paid for all the people I was picking up in the pit. It was just pure choas when they played. I didn't get a picture of them because of all the moshing.

The final band was Streetlight Manifesto. They tore the place up with their Ska. Just an amazing band all around. Go See them. Picture time!

At the end of the night I drove home smelling like smoke, beer & sweat. My voice gone from signing to much & it started to snow. I wouldn't have it any other way. One hell of a night.


Blog + Video Blog = "Video Killed The Radio Star"?

Hey everybody!
I'm just sitting here watching the progress bar for the Vlog. Right now it's at 68% so I guess I'll just text talk for a little bit.  You'll notice a couple of different things this time around. Such as a better camera & new editing tools. This is for my site . If you're wondering what in the hell it is you're not alone. I'm currently trying to figure the whole thing out myself. I think it'll just be a media stop for people who are just interested in random stuff. Hopefully some friends & I can get more stuff up super fast for your viewing pleasure.  As far as my life is going it's going great. I've come to some revelations & it's nice to not turn my head when stuff goes down with my friends. (Thank you new meds!) Also change in plans with life has helped...that and watching hockey....lots of hockey. Oh! The Vlog is done. Go below this and click play. DO IT!



PS: Much love to all! Also Video did end up killing the radio star... I have no idea why that song is stuck in my head.


Where have I been?

Hello everyone,

Get ready because I have knowledge to drop. Maybe nothing good...but it's knowledge. So take it or leave it.

It looks like I'll have my hands full for awhile. I've been fixing up the house, trying to get another job & finalizing some CPCC papers. But I'm not complaining one bit. It keeps my mind active. For the me getting a job part it looks like that might happen. I would be working at the same place my sister works. I would be the bus boy. But that beats not having a job at this time. All I'll have to do is wait for one of the guys to leave and the job is mine. For the other two I don't think I'll go into. It's been getting yeah.

Last Saturday my sister graduated from college. It was a happy/sad time for me. After her "walk" we had lunch with family and friends. My cousins came and Ian ended up crashing at my house. We'll be going to go see Streetlight Manifesto at Tremont Music Hall on February 3rd. Ian and I will also be going to this summers Warped Tour. It should be a great time.

As far as games go I bought The Simpsons game for $10.00 dollars at Best buy. I also got that bourne game for $30.00 bucks. But then I made a bad purchase. I bought Jericho. (Insert DUN, DUN, DUUUUN! music here) I traded it in and got half of my money back. So it wasn't a total loss.

I've been gatting back into playing music so I got my bass fixed. It now plays great.

That's all I have for right now. I'm spent / tired.


PS: I didn't spell check... Sorry!