My step into gaming.

This is for everyone who thought I was going into gaming because my friends said so.

First off I would like to say thank you for your concern. I watched all those videos you all sent me. My move into gaming isn't because of peer pressure or because my friends said it would be cool. It has been something I have wanted to do for a long time. Even my parents are backing me up with this move! I have heard the horror stories along with the dread hours but what it all comes down to is I just want to make games people will enjoy.  I still have a little bit more to go before everything is done and down on paper. So things could change any moment (That would suck...).

Side note: I do have other things up my sleeves if this doesn't work out. I can't really go into it much.



Giant Bombs updates + More news about me. + Zune update 3.0

Hello everybody!
I'm sorry I haven't been on as much. But that has lead to my suprise of the new front page and buttons. I have just sat here clicking buttons just to click. Everything seems to work fine so far. I still haven't tried the white layout. I'm sorta scared to do so. It might rip a hole in time and make my head x-plode... Well anyway off to more important news.

I'm just about to sign up for classes at CPCC. But first I have to go and take some tests and talk to some teachers there. I'll also be getting a tour of the campus. I've started to think a little bit more about what I want to go into. There is just so many choices. I have been told by friends to jump into game design. So I'm probably going to check that out. If that doesn't work out I'll go for radio/broadcasting. Then I'll probably take web design if my classes aren't too ruff on me. But we'll see. Wish me luck!

On a last note I downloaded the new Zune update 3.0. I must say it's pretty bad ass. Hexic is actually really fun to play on the Zune. Texas Hold 'em...Not so much. I like the new layout and the new Zune cards. There is tons of other small improvents that I'll talk about later. I showed some of the new stuff off to my cousin Ian and it looks like he might make the switch to Zune. I guess it really is catching up to the iPod.



Also go try this...Yes I know I have already posted it before. But it is beast. MOTO SURF!


Last blog + SlamBall standings + Ska in my Rock Band 2!

I totally forgot to put the SlamBall standings in my last blog. So sorry for cutting the last blog short. After reading it I noticed I need to turn down my volume of curse words. I'll put that on my to do list. After posting the blog I kept on thinking about how I probably should have put more thought into it instead of ranting off the top of my head and then pressing enter. I have made some new rules for myself. #1. No more rants. #2. Don't curse as much. It drowns the point I'm trying to make. #3. STOP RANTING! So now that I'm now done with that lets move on. 

SlamBall Standings

Team Position: Team (Win-Loses)

1: Rumble (5-1)
2: Slashers (4-2)
3: Maulers (3-3)
4: Mob (3-3)
5: Bouncers (2-4)
6. Hombres (1-5)

You can watch all the highlights of all the games at
On September 28, 2008 the Mob will go up against the Hombres. You can watch it on the Versus channel at 3-4 PM. 
Please keep watching and supporting SlamBall! Lets keep this sport alive.

I seem to be getting really pumped for Rock Band 2. After reading the review here on Giant Bomb I'm so ready to rock (Wow that last part sounds kinda lame...). Not to mention the fact that Rock Band 2 has Ska in it! Excuse me while I skank while playing guitar in Rock Band 2. On Game Trailers they posted part of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones song "Where'd You Go". That pretty much sealed the deal. Anyone up for playing when I get it?



SlamBall + The things you find while cleaning

First off I would like to say it's awesome to see SlamBall on TV again. I watched the Rumble VS. Maulers. It just put a smile on my face for the whole day.

The standings so far is

1.Bouncers 2-0

2.Hombres 1-1

3.Maulers 1-1

4.Rumble 1-1

5.Slashers 1-1

6.Mob 0-2

If you want to catch the next game it'll be on Versus at 3-4 PM on Sept 7. So watch it!

Click here to go to

Yesterday my family was going through boxes yesterday to see what we could throw out or donate from the attic. My Mom actually found all my missing anime and books.

Books I found while cleaning.

I noticed I'll probably never read half of this stuff. So I ended up giving away all my Naruto comic books and my Lord Of The Rings books. I'll probably end up getting rid of more sooner or later.

In other news I got Mercs 2. It's definitely Mercs...

Well anyway I'm off to go watch some Spaced.




Vote for the next BF:Bad Company Map Pack!

Cast your vote on one out of the six single player levels that you liked the most, and you might be able to play it online in Conquest mode in the near future. The top two maps chosen by the community will be included in the upcoming map pack, along with two additional maps that DICE chose. So vote for your favourite map now, and cross your fingers that everyone else will be voting for your favourite map as well. Click on the image below to go vote! Last day to make your voice heard is Tuesday September 2nd.


PS: VOTE NOW! Also I'll be posting a real blog soon. So just hang in there.


Canned Games You've Forgot About Ep. 5 + Mercs 2 AD

That’s right I’m bringing it back!


Game: BattleBots


Box Art:


Game space:


The Story: BattleBots used to be a hit TV show back in 2000. It was actually so big that it went on for 5 seasons. A Game Boy Advance game was made by Majesco and was met with poor results. It mostly scored 4’s. But on the horizon all BattleBots fans rejoiced when they heard a console version was in the making by THQ and Warthog. Sadly that rejoice went too sadness. It was cancelled after the show was.The game was never heard from again. All that’s left is old PS2 and GameCube screen shots.
In other news I just posted the new TV AD for Mercs 2. It’s pretty funny. Check it out!