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some people love others don't care others don't favor them. Me i personally think if done correctly will make it realistic. If you ever fired a gun ( i have and know what i am talking about) than you know that you don't fire from the hip. Except shot gun. but u don't pistol, rift. NO. People in the real world always look down the sights. Not from hip. You even see it in movies.

So. My idea (which i know not all will agree) is that keep iron sights but when not aiming keep the gun down what i mean is lowered. You are still holding the gun. Aim or iron sights you would move gun up to fire. Prob be better with more body awareness. And if you want to fire while not aim it than the gun would go up like iron sights when not firing for few seconds than back down. So for games that feature talking to people it wont be weird that your holding a gun up to there face.

Would be cool for some games maybe prey 2 that you can draw your gun and put it back into your holster. Thats just me

This is a few of the things i think about the iron sights mechanic.

You be surprised at what you can think up when your board flying in a plane or in the passenger sit of a car on a long road trip.

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Prey 2 questions and some ideas. they may sound stupid but i was just curious and wondering

One is body awareness. If you played CoD and you were to look at the ground you would see nothing all you see is your arms and the gun. But in others like Mirror's edge is you know there is a body there adding to the realism. I just wonder i realistic would it be. Try it at home just stand up and look around wat do u see i see. If i look down i see my body and even my chest not just legs and if i would point my gun or wat ever i can also see my shoulders. would you like that if they would add players body so it would be like you are the person.

Second is the parkour. which i thought was cool better than brink. I am a traceur and saw him do some vaults and wondered will it be just one am i am guessing speed or will there be others. If out window then a kong but will they show that. I think depending on the angle and what you are vaulting over would add to the realism.

Third is combat. Will you just be shooting your can you throw in some punches. I thought it would be cool if it was similar to Batman but not as fancy more like guy from transporter i was thinkin. but would be similar because instead of just punch its combos and could have counter. he has a visor thing so an upgrade or something is a counter system. Thought it would be cool to see it in first person not just always 3rd.

Last is location. In the vid, which was pretty rad, was in a dark city. i just want to know will there be any daytime or will it be in a world where there is know sun or something.

That is it so far. I was just bored and started wondering. please comment and put ur ideas

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I just want to clarify the new Assassin's name i heard it as Connor but other saw it as Conner. I just want to know which one is the official one.

Me personally Conner is better because its not as common as Connor and would be a bit different.

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I been looking and apparently multiplayer in the assassin creed's series people are not to fond of it. People still play it but people think its boring.

Some of my suggestions for it is to have a better customization to it so you can make an assassin that is close to your liking. It should be similar to the new vita game reality fighter or the new soul caliber, where you can customize its look and how it fights, plus you can have one weapon but different styles for that weapon so everyone you go up against is unique and different.

Any other ideas for multiplayer post here.

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People seem to love that Red Dead Redemption because of its free roam style and its online free roam style. If they put those parts of that into AC3, would you think it would be a cool idea or not.

Any other ideas for AC3? Post your ideas here