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Wait, so if I received the games they gave out before, does that mean I can OR can't get these?

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I can't believe Jason wasn't invited in the week after the biggest fighting game event of the year and him being a huge fighting game fan.

Other than that, good one. I'll still always miss Jeff when hes not around.

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@theht said:

What the FUCK. The Zeno Clash people are making a Smash Bros?!?!


Its actually a roguelike like.

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@slag said:

pro Level DOTA is a lot different than lower MMR DOTA, A lot of the unpopular heroes at pro level are real popular at lower ones

Nailed it really, you can't balance games completely around the competitive scene as most people that play are at a very casual level.

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I hate stuff like this, 30 years later its just pandering at this point to include the characters from the original movie.

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Sakura Spirit is not a Japanese game.

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I am so happy that its Dan Ryckert, and I am so happy that its finally happened.

Finally the site can take a step forward instead of the many hardships of last year or so.

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Honestly think Borderlands plays fine solo. Can be more fun coop, but its fine solo too.