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@viciousreiven said:

The game was fully designed around those motion controls, the only reason the stick is even an option is because of whiners, you're going to be at a severe disadvantage if you don't use them.

Is this actually true? I remember Nintendo talking about how the gyro controls worked better than the sticks but I'd assumed that was just PR speak. I just can't imagine motion controls being more effective in a third person game like Splatoon.

Gyro controls are actually very good if you get used to them, most people simply say "yuck" by the mere thought and I can't blame them.

I started learning to use it on Killzone Mercenary on the Vita, because I think the Vita sticks are not good for shooters. And man my game improved a lot. Once you get over the hump, you are definitely faster at aiming than with a stick. Though I am sure its not for everyone. Worth a real shot though.

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I think its ignorant to say that anything the gamepad does could be easily done without. How do you make targeting with the inkstrike smoothly without it? Then you need to dedicate buttons to jumping to teammates.

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I still need to play Enemy Within. Unknown was kick-ass.

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You don't have to do them?

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Jeff Bakalar should totally come bak, a lot.

Hes great.

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The game really lacks content, that's for sure. I also dislike how the matches work in MP. I can't care about a 3 min match with new teams assigned on the next one, and with no overall stats there's just no reason at all to actually care about the matches. If someone sends you a message, you can just afk and answer it without a care because at the end of the day it doesn't matter. I think they should split it into Bo7 or Bo9 or first to 5 wins or something like that. And the game really needs some sort of chat, atleast in lobbys, so people can actually write stuff to eachother because right now it just feels so freaking empty. It's a fun little game, but shouldn't really be priced higher than 15 USD or something like that, because the game is just too simple to justify it being a full priced game. It's probably a really good game if you want to introduce kids to online gaming, but other than that I wouldn't have any high hopes about finding any depth in the game.

I don't understand what you mean. You care about the matches because you want to win?. Besides, they are unranked, its the entire point. Ranked playlist will open later this week, then your rank will go up and down depending on how you do.

I think saying its a 15 dollar game is insanity. The quality is much much higher than any games at that price. Its 40 in Europe and I feel already that this is worth the purchase. I also don't think its simple at all. The weapons are all quite varid, and they cater to different playstyles. There is surprising depth in how you approach it, and with the new modes and weapons there will be even more than that. I think its an easy game to point at and say, "it looks kiddy -> it has no depth", but I don't agree with that notion at all. I think the more you play the more that is very obvious.

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@bwheeeler: it's a game that only offer one mode and five maps. So no matter what, this can't make you keep playing the game for a reasonable amount of time.

My suggestion is to hold on to your money for a month. Then see how everything truns out.

There are 9 maps and 3 modes coming for free as DLC, as well as a few weapons.

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I've played for about 3 hours now and I think it's great. So great, in fact, that I decided to go out and grab an Inkling Girl amiboo to get some of the extra content. It's a terrific multiplayer experience but I think the game could very much use some new features, modes, and maps. Just finished the first couple single player levels are they seem fun. My Nintendo ID is roars5000 if you want to add me.

Heh, I actually went out and got the inkling girl too. And really impressed by the actual figure too, they have improved the quality quite a bit since the initial ones.

Im usually defensive of full price mainly multiplayer or multiplayer only games, but it does seem more and more that unless the game is F2P there's little hope of such a game keeping an active population. This is an unique game for wii u so maybe that alone will keep the wii u base playing.

I'm probably going to get it cause no self control and lack of discretion with my finances etc.

I genuinely don't think there is a risk that this game will die out anytime soon. The buzz from people who are playing is almost unanimously positive (from checking Miiverse, Neogaf, here and other sites) and I think the quality is so high that people will keep playing. We also got 9 maps, 3 modes, private matches, several new weapons, Splatfest events all coming for free. Which will make the content problem a thing of the past.

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I am absolutely loving the game so far. It just feels so fresh and fun that I want to do nothing but play. The amount of maps don't bother me one bit, as I feel that the weapons are so different that you approach them completely differently depending on what weapon you have. Which is also contributed to the core of the gameplay, which I genuinely feel is so fun that it will keep me hooked for a while.

@darkvare said:

i'm already done with it the gameplay is funo for like 15 minutes for me then it's just meh and really hate the gamemode they offer

You hate the game mode they offer? The game mode that is built around the mechanic of the game? That is, the game is about spraying ink on things, and that is the what the game mode is. Then the game is probably not for you!

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