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Its just really sad, I can't even be mad. Just sad. This was so promising, something looking up for Konami and Silent Hill. After so many years of neglect, something interesting was on the horizon for my all time favorite franchise. Yet, they just took it away.

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There goes our only hope for a real horror game.

SOMA is still coming out.

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Looks like Marilyn Manson

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Seems like a fairly solid discussion on the issue between people and Gabe... He's had some pretty reassuring answers (no more censoring criticism / adding a donation button) and some answers that just suck:

Q: What was the thought behind monetizing mods?

A: The goal is to increase the total investment the community makes in extending its games.

Fact: The Skyrim mod community seemed to be doing just fine in continuing to add more to the game. I don't think forcing prices onto lesser known game's mods is going to help extend that games life.

Now if only we could get an AMA going on this whole "allowing shit to clog up Steam and how Early Access games are ruining everything" topic.

Valve isn't forcing anyone to put a price on their mod. If the only thing that stopped modders from putting a price on their mods was that they couldn't do it. Then those people never had good intentions when making mods. What really incentives making mods? People say its a love for the game and sure, that works for smaller things. I have seen so many mods being cancelled over the years that looked promising because it was simply something people do on their free time and an after thought. If this could make modders have a bigger incentive in making mods that would be the best thing that happened to modding. People are too fast to conclusions, nothing says every little thing will get a price tag. Most things can't because they won't sell and furthermore lots of people still do mods for their love of the game and will put it out for free. Just making it possible to charge for your mods doesn't mean everyone will or should.

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Now if only we could get an AMA going on this whole "allowing shit to clog up Steam and how Early Access games are ruining everything" topic.

This is just so silly.

Steam is not curation, its a storefront. There is not limited amount of space there, and it doesn't "clog" steam. Just don't buy it. Stop buying Early Access and wait for games to release and it doesn't affect you. Nothing is forcing you to buy the bad games or the early access products. It being there doesn't make Steam worse. I hate the idea that Steam should go back to as it was before where getting on Steam took years on greenlight.

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The original trilogy and a few games is the only good things that have come out of it. So with that said, it might be a bit overblown.

I think the original three movies are fantastic though. I have no expectations on The Force Awakens. I am expecting a no-risk, mass appeal film reminiscent of Marvels latest efforts. With plot points that have been checked off a list to reach the widest audience possible. Which does include incessant pandering to fans of the old movies, guys you know Han Solo?

I would have preferred the new movies to be as disconnected from the old ones as possible, with only new characters and it really trying to make its own mark.

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Have you seen DoA5's DLC? Yeah.

DoA5 is all cosmetic DLC.

This is all gameplay. I really hate when fighting games have characters as DLC. It essentially forces you to buy them, because otherwise you won't have played with them and know how to deal with them when you face them.

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Souls difficulty is a meme at this point, been since Dark Souls.

They aren't very hard, they are punishing but not very challenging. You can grind them trivial as well. Its just the standards of difficulty these days

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Well duh, just as violent video games don't make people violent its the exact same thing here.

Turns out, people can differentiate between fantasy and real life quick easily.

Its so damaging to attack creators over what they create.

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I would much rather them film themselves doing a Peace Walker cinematic commentary or something.

This sounds much better than watching Drew play through repetitive mission after repetitive mission, and he still gets the important parts of the story.

In my mind, the order should be MGS4 next, Ground Zeroes, and (maybe?) MGSV after it comes out.

Its really not that repetitive, if you only want the story you don't have to grind that much. Besides, I think they could play coop on 3 people and it would be much faster.

Ground Zeroes without playing Peace Walker is close to meaningless. It literally starts after it and has only characters from it. Chico and Paz Drew would just wonder who they were.

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It would be a huge miss not to.

Its the most important one story wise related to MGS V.