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This is a can of worms I'm not sure you want to open.

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Like Jeff said, the ratio of remakes/original stuff is off.

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Blitzball is fucking awful, and I got Wakka's celestial weapon fully upgraded.
There is no skill to it, its all stats. Recruit the best guys and you will NEVER lose a match and you can mathematically win everytime.

Its just a chore and not fun.

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Looks to be on par with Grownups.

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Ah motion blur, the ol 'oh god dont look at our textures' filter.

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I always disliked people calling hamburgers sandwiches, they are not.

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Never played Quake much, loved UT.

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It hasn't done anything for me since the first Versus XIII trailers. Its just a culmination of the trend that Nomura started. Then as they have spoken more about the combat and the structure it has just made me less interested as well.

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PS. I couldn't get into Ni No Kuni because it looked like a kid's game despite my friends insistence that it was a good game.

Ironically FF15 is probably more of a kids game. It tries so desperately to be cool. Genuinely feel like the FF15 target audience are kids 13-18. Which is fine, just not my thing. Ni No Kuni is heartwarming and extremely charming, works for all ages.

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TNT was so fun, it was a way that the staff interacted with the community. I feel that is completely dead now, unless you happen to be lucky enough to live close to PAX you don't get any anymore. They also used to take more chat questions and interaction. Its quite sad, I felt it was more enjoyable then, played with them multiple times on TNT and always had a blast.

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Its easy to say for us that can't go to PAX, but for those close its an amazing opportunity to meet the guys and interact more with the site than ever before.
I gladly miss one UPF for the stuff that comes from PAX, even if most if it I don't even get to enjoy.