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Bandwagon? Jesus the battle system was an automated nightmare of made up words and systems that made no sense. The story was complete anime that had no cohesion and again, was completely full of an index of nonsense words. I would hardly call the negative critical reception of that game bandwagony.

+1. If anything, I think the bandwagon lately has been in favor of FF XIII. Which blows my mind, its cemented as the worst game in the series for me still and that is despite going back to it and trying to like it. People generally defend the combat system, but I hate it with a passion. You can clear almost all of it by just auto battling and changing paradigm shift whenever you get a tell or get into a situation where you need to heal or whatever. Even without auto battling you have minimal interaction with the systems. There certainly are older entries that are simple, but they were always fun and at least somewhat tactical. XIII tries to be a mix between real time and turn based but fails at satisfying either camp. Its just flash with no substance whatsoever. I deeply hate the characters too, with each having more set of clothes than emotions and one single motivation they go on and on about. Its insufferable.

I'm glad someone liked it, I just can't gather any love for it. Generally see that my opinions are usually different from @grantheaslip anyway so! To each his own.

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This has some general instructions how to improve the PC versions. I would say get Silent Hill 1 off PSN, then somehow aquire the PC versions and play those with the following patches and stuff.

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I love the camo system, and the survival aspects. MGS 4 tried so badly to streamline it but it completely ruined it for me. In that game you just crawl, wait at a spot, let the camo change and then go on. Kinda ruining the point of the camo, since you can have it all the time. The MGS 3 system was never meant for you to constantly have high percentage. It was intentional that you got into situations where you didn't have optimal camo and had to try and deal with it. I guess you could pause, but I found it added more to play into the system instead of constantly going and changing. Its fully possible to finish the game without using the camo at all, so I think its much better to just play the game and not change constantly. Which doesn't make it very tedious.

Played through MGS 3 about 5-6 times and never once had a problem with the system. Though I am usually pretty tolerant about stuff like that. I had kinda hoped that MGS V would bring back some survival aspects when it turned open world for real, it could fit incredibly well there.

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Length does not determine quality. However, games are expensive so spending 60 dollars on something you really want to get your moneys worth. Which is very subjective, some people will be completely satisfied with a 5 or so hours game and then never going back to it. Length is just the simplest way to point at a game without having played it to determine value. It doesn't tell the whole story, but if I do spend that much on a game I really want to play it for a while. Now for me The Order has much larger problems that would never make me play it, I probably wouldn't even play it if I got it free on PS plus, as time is more important to me than money right now.

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I really liked Star Ocean, and Resonance of Fate.

Sad day.

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@brodehouse said it best. Fallout New Vegas is a Fallout game, Fallout 3 is not.

Fallout 3 was essentially Skyrim in a post apocalyptic world, size of an ocean, depth of a puddle. I am almost completely turned off by Bethesda these days. They make huge worlds that all are so empty and drab and boring. New Vegas was so very good, because it had what Bethesda does well, the tech behind the world and world building but populated it with what Obisidan does so well. Story, setting and characters. Plus they had a deep understanding to what Fallout is, which you really feel throughout if you ever played the original ones. It feels like a real Fallout game, and was the worthy successor much more so than 3.

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Eh, Nintendo has been doing it for probably a decade now. Most of them time I think they are right, as they usually put out one big Mario, one Mario Kart, one Smash, one Zelda per console. As opposed to other companies that iterate very soon after.

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The Raid 2



Gone Girl

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Gameplay is everything to me, so no. I dislike games that attempt to be movies.

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There are so many sites for gaming news, don't think its really needed on Giantbomb.