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No OLED is a complete dealbreaker to me, I prefer OLED over LCD anyday of the week.

Nice thread tough! Wanted to see some thoughts about it.

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Danganronpa has me hyped, want to see what the fuzz is about.

Toukiden however is one of the games I have looked forward to most on my Vita.

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I think that, on some level, there are people that become defensive and hostile toward titles like Gone Home because they have an irrational fear of them. Like an interactive experience that takes all of three hours to finish is somehow a threat to the concept of what a video game is or should be.

I think that there should be negativity towards games like Gone Home for having no gameplay. I just don't think its acceptable in a medium that is all about interactivity. I had some fun with it but all the glowing reviews that say the game is perfect I think can be damaging to the industry. What message does it send? Perfect games are games that others should strive to be. Should the industry strive to strip out interactivity in games?

I am a strong defender of games being games first and foremost. I thought Gone Home was alright but certainly nowhere near as special as people make it out to be.

That said, I fully agree that trying to derogatory using that its not a game as an insult is stupid. Of course its a game, it has enough interactivity that it cannot be classified as anything else. I just think the reception is a problem, not the product itself. Its fine that its exists, in fact its good, but it shouldn't be the norm or what other games should try to be.

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I think it ruins the fun of the game, much of the fun that comes from games like Dark Souls and games like it that are essentially focused on exploration is diminished if you just look things up. Many bosses especially have a trick to them that if you know it, essentially makes it a breeze.

I would use it if I was stuck for a long time but that rarely happens. Both in Demon's and Dark Souls the much of the fun was finding stuff out by myself. I had a friend that played it with a guide and just breezed through it, but I doubt it would be much fun like that. At least for me.

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Genuinely disagree with the list, interesting.

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Jeff is leading? When he didn't like many games this year and barely came up with a list?

I am shocked that people think teh same.

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People need to understand what Early Access really is, most people seem to just think its a way to get a game earlier and then complain when something isn't a certain way. I do not think games not being reviewed is a problem at all, reviews alone are becoming less and less important to games as a whole. Besides, any early access game you can think of has a video on youtube about it. People will understand it with time and most people should probably just wait for games to be done before buying them.

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I think my list is done. Above all I feel bad that I couldn't fit in Fire Emblem. (I did so because I frankly liked the older games in the series more, specifically the GBA ones are almost perfect)

1. Super Mario 3D World

2. The Last of Us

3. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

4. Dota 2

5. The Wonderful 101

6. Papers, Please

7. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

8. Zeno Clash II

9. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

10. Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

11. Spelunky (cause fuck it)

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Mario and Rayman, this list is A-okay to me.