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I love Brothers so much, Kopps is also great.

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didn't see that coming.

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I don't see why they're even bothering. It's cheaper to just import the US version of the game, since DS games are region free.

SMT games in Europe are, and always have been, a complete farce.

Eh, its getting better.

Shin Megami Tensei 4 and Soul Hackers are both coming out over here.

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The worst part of this is that the 3DS remake of this game is coming out in Japan this year. Ill preorder it though, not only do I want to play it but I want to show my support for Shin Megami Tensei games over here.

Edit: I also wanted to thank Patrick for posting this, and getting some attention to something that only relates to us Europeans! cool move dude.

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Honestly, there is no defense whatsoever to Fish's reaction. Marcus Beer did his thing, and he spoke his opinion. Phil Fish has a long history of extremely poor behaviour on social media. There is even a large following that simply will not play Fez because of Phil Fish persona. I personally say, judge the art not the artist. This was it though, Phil needs someone to help him just ignore stuff like this. You cannot tell someone to kill themself for insulting you if you want to be treated nicely. Fish deserved everything he got, cause everything he got he caused himself.

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I am just lost for words. Despite being on the other side of the planet and only having watched videos of Ryan doing stupid shit since the gamespot day this is a loss that have been felt deep down. Something of great value has been lost to everyone. A great dude that deserved much better.

A wedding and a funeral the same month is too cruel.

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I don't like Daniel Way Deadpool, and he wrote the game..

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I don't know, it just doesn't feel like Final Fantasy...

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Forza 4 is your answer. I can't wait for 5.

I've never played Grid, but I wouldn't expect anything to rival Forza in terms of simulation racing that's still very approachable.

It is called Gran Turismo.

If you want lifelessness in your car game sure.

lol what? just because you can not draw dicks on the cars? If you want it or not GT is the most realistic driving sim that you can get on consoles. Some of Forzas tracks even were manipulated because the team thought that the ral track would not have been fun.

I don't even know why you bring Gran Turismo up in a thread about Grid. Grid is an arcade racer, and a natural progression from that would be Forza. Forza is the perfect mix of arcade and simulation in my opinion, it also has so much good stuff around the driving. While Gran Turismo is an empty shell that just cares about a few specific things. I thought Gran Turismo 5 was incredibly boring but absolutely adore Forza 4.

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That video is so dumb, and I love it.

Brad Muir, all of my money