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Spelunky wasn't worth those 80 hours anyway, success! To be fair Spelunky's a perfectly fine game it just doesn't merit as much attention as Rogue Legacy/FTL/Rebirth.

Play Alien.

Merely mentioning Rogue Legacy in the same sentence as the others is insulting, no depth simply grinding which essentially removes any attempt at being a rogue-lite.

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Does anyone know who ParkourDude91 is? The "disturbing video" has a car on its side, Bon Jovi's - Dead or Alive playing in the background, clearly satirical conspiracy theories. I mean

Connors has a history of unstable behavior as documented in his Youtube Channel, where he talks about sending a friend to Israel on a mission to save Tupac Shakur, who was murdered in 1996.

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The desperation that the OP is written with is exactly what makes discussion like this so redundant and boring. If you are tired of playing "gruff male characters" just fucking don't, gaming won't be more inclusive or be more friendly towards women by destroying that. That will always exist, because hey 15-25 year old duders still love games. Trying to eliminate that is opposite of what you should be focusing on and sadly that seems to be all people want to do. Instead of praising the games that do something right, scream and point fingers at the ones that do something wrong. Instead of talking about how cool Red in Transistor is, lets all shout our lungs out on twitter about a vagina bomb. If Anita would have made a video series that showed the examples of the great female protagonists that would be much more inviting for women to know what they should check out. Instead of essentially saying, hey look how sexist this is, you probably shouldn't come here. The wrong fight is being fought. I do think we are going in the right direction though, and more games with female protagonists feels like they are appearing all the time.

The notion that the female protagonists also have to be ugly is just ridiculous.

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Hyrule Warriors still, very much obsessed.

Also put some hours into Freedom Wars, which I sofar think is cool. Also some Transistor.

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I think Mirror's Edge is one of the best games of last generation, but it has a caveat. It does have a learning curve that the game kinda fails to inform you off, sure it shows off a lot of the moves you can do but not how to effectively actually apply it to most situations. Or rather, not that you really need to master it. Lots of people play that game clumsily and get through it like that, and I guess that is fine but I doubt you will very much enjoy it that way. If you manage to learn all the ways you can string together moves, wall-runs, jumps and the various aerial maneuvers. Its nothing short of incredible. That perfect run, after a bunch of restarts usually, when you manage to get it all right is incredibly satisfying. It does real momentum like no other game. The depth is truly fascinating. I really hope the sequel won't be too streamlined so it feels automatic, cause everything you do in the first one you feel you made happen, faults and all. I also genuinely believe that Mirror's Edge is a bad game to play with controllers, it certainly works but once you start going into the speed challenges you need so quick maneuvers with the reticle that the controller just doesn't hold a candle to mouse controls.

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I caved in and ordered a PS3 copy.

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Ultra violence yay!

Sexual violence, OVER THE LINE!!

I am just glad Jonatan Söderström didn't give into the complaints when this was revealed earlier, I am glad hes making the game he wants to make.

He also said this about it.

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Why does Sony put old games on PSN?

Its a way to get game that are out of print/low in stock, in a convenient manner. Everyone does it, and its your own fault for not reading properly.

I also find the complaints about wii mote in galaxy of all games funny, its like the least intrusive wii-mote usage ever.