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I am so happy that its Dan Ryckert, and I am so happy that its finally happened.

Finally the site can take a step forward instead of the many hardships of last year or so.

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Honestly think Borderlands plays fine solo. Can be more fun coop, but its fine solo too.

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E3 is now officially 50% less cute.

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Lewis does not look happy, he left that price pod quick.

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"I don't care about Ricciardo"


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Wow Hamilton got bad luck today

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Kimi box again?


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clinched my ass so hard

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@burgavo said:

man German TV has a looooooooot of commercials during the race, and no picture in picture either

That sucks.

I get the race with commentary on TV and no ads, then I get a tablet app for Pitlane/On-Board/Timing/Track Positioning. Really neat.