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I mean that "What the fuck has happened that 84/100 is considered a bad score?".

If you are referring to me that isn't it at all. I just think that New Vegas is one of the top 10 games of this generation, EASILY.

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When I saw it I instantly thought about the bonus thing as well. I still think its criminal that New Vegas only ended up at 84.

I expected it to review that well, everything I had seen previously I thought looked good and Matt and Trey seemed so involved in it.

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While I cannot help with any of the assets you need I want to say that I am so excited for this. I have never been a super fan of F1 but do watch a few races every season. Plan to watch more this year since my country(Sweden) finally has a racer for the first time in FOREVER! Listening to this will make it even more fun to watch the races!

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I am actually kinda surprised they announced it already, all the DLC isn't out for Arkham Origins yet and I would think the game could still sell quite a bit. I really wonder if people want to now though after knowing that a true next gen Batman game is coming by the real developers.

Ah well, excited but I really wanna see gameplay. CGI trailers don't do much for me anymore.

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No More Heroes

And let me tell you, its fantastic.

Out of interest, which version are you playing? I played the PS3 port and really enjoyed it for the first few hours before hitting a bit of a wall. Kind of felt that the atmosphere/setting/tone of the game made me forgive some of the gameplay elements that maybe weren't so tight (was using no motion controls).

I am playing it on Wii. Did research before getting it and the general consensus seems to be that it plays much better with motion controls. Which is why I went for the Wii version, I don't have a Move controller. I find the gameplay solid, can't really imagine how it would feel with a regular controller though as I find the motion stuff is pretty well done.

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No More Heroes

And let me tell you, its fantastic.

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Wowzers! That is early, good on PSN.

Still getting physical for that steelbook and soundtrack disc. Will fit nicely next to my LE boxes of Demon's Souls and Dark Souls.

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Haven't visited it since the Whiskey Media days, but back then I was on there daily. Was a great site.

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I think they are pointless but I sell all mine and made about 25 dollars in total so its great for that. The cards themselves are stupid and fill no purpose to me, you get a little badge on your profile and a jpg to put on your background.