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its a jungle alright 

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I want it, can you build HUGE fortresses? I want something relaxed to just build stuff. 

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On it! 

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Pushmo is one of my most played 3ds games! its so addictive. 

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I personally cannot understand HOW you can make a game that is so broken mechanically. I mean, Resident Evil 4 and 5 was fun to play at least. 6 on the other hand, is just a scripted mess of a quick time event. How can they go so wrong? It really scares me if Capcom can even produce something of that quality. Where is the company headed?  
I thought RE6 looked bad since the first time I saw it, but the quick look just shocked me how bad it is. I expected a more actiony version of RE5, but the game is outright broken.  

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@SlightConfuse said:
Re 6 is the new mass effect 3 lol
Its way way way worse. 
Mass Effect 3 had a bad ending, Resident Evil 6 is shit throughout. 
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No Kingdom Hearts 2? 
No buy.

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I already have that..

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That is just fantastic! VERY well made, props.