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I adore my Vita and 3DS right now, they are fantastic.

I never play them outside, I just think its really comfy to lay in bed playing them. Got a nexus 7 and a smart phone as well, but they are not for gaming.

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I think it immensely cheapens the bosses if you play them in coop, some are a breeze. So much time to heal whenever you take damage because just running usually makes the boss go for someone else.

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Damn, I hoped he would have gotten to make the next Castlevania now that Lords of Shadow is done.

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Framerate was mostly decent in Dark Souls up to Blighttown wasn't it? Long time since I played it on PS3 to be fair.

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@superkenon said:

When it's a game whose whole premise is about stripping people, the raised-eyebrow isn't because it's Japanese. It's because it's a game about stripping people.

I mean, more power to you if you can unironically enjoy it as goofy dumb fun. Just sayin' this isn't the place to pull out the "you just think it's weird because you don't understand Japan" argument.

This concept is objectively weird.

It is weird, I never said anything else. Weird is great! Creepy on the other hand, I don't think its in the least.

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I absolutely loved it, yeah its not really that scary but the atmosphere feels straight out of a Silent Hill game in many ways. Generally it really reminded me of Silent Hill with the structure and all, except that its 2D.

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It really really depends, some artists and albums are just inherently similar in many of their songs which can make certain albums wear out very quickly. My favorite albums never get old though. I generally really try to listen to new music a lot though to mix it up, its boring to listen to the same thing too much.

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Nothing I have seen from the game makes me want to play it. I really wanna know what people see in it. Maybe Ubisoft is just horrible at demoing it but I don't see anything exciting. You drive, you shoot and you hack. Hacking seems very underwhelming, like lifting those road blocks they have shown in every trailer or a small piece of cover it all kinda seems very basic and predetermined. Of course that is all just from watching the few videos that are out, but they are supposed to make me want to buy it and failed in doing so.