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Wow Hamilton got bad luck today

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Kimi box again?


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clinched my ass so hard

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@burgavo said:

man German TV has a looooooooot of commercials during the race, and no picture in picture either

That sucks.

I get the race with commentary on TV and no ads, then I get a tablet app for Pitlane/On-Board/Timing/Track Positioning. Really neat.

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Sutil is ballsy today.

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Wow Vettel sounded so pissed there.

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What is happening to Vettel!


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Gender is irrelevant, its about personality.

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I am so bummed out. Of course Vinny should live where he wants but Giantbomb has always been about the awesome personal chemistry that is fun to watch and listen to. Bombcast and live shows will never be the same. Yeah, OK new people will come but getting to know knew people is hard and doesn't always work. For a site like Giantbomb this is a step towards less personality and that is less what I come here from. That might sound like I am jumping the gun, and I might be but when Alex and Patrick moved they both faded from the core of the site. Its naturally hard to interact on a 3 hour timezone difference.

This was really not the news I wanted out of a staff that has been struggling with too little personal for a long time now.

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Didn't like Far Cry 3 at all personally and only two years later makes me think it will be very similar, well most people seemed to like that so I can't complain. Not for me probably.