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Nothing I have seen from the game makes me want to play it. I really wanna know what people see in it. Maybe Ubisoft is just horrible at demoing it but I don't see anything exciting. You drive, you shoot and you hack. Hacking seems very underwhelming, like lifting those road blocks they have shown in every trailer or a small piece of cover it all kinda seems very basic and predetermined. Of course that is all just from watching the few videos that are out, but they are supposed to make me want to buy it and failed in doing so.

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Looks very PS3/360... we sure it's not those versions?

It has been said to be the PS4 version. Why would Ubisoft show the inferior looking versions anyway?

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I am not waiting over a month sadly. Will get the PS3 version straight away probably the PC version later.

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I am using the PS3 controller, but I wish I could get my Wii U pro controller working cause I think that is the best gamepad that exists.

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that takedown looks like the exact same mechanic as Peacewalker. Hard to tell without any UI tho. As soon as I finish Peacewalker I'll see if I'm still longing for some more Big Boss action :)

Yep. I really liked the way CQC worked in Peace Walker, so I'm thrilled to see that it's getting carried into Ground Zeroes / Phantom Pain.

I don't know... The CQC in peacewalker worked because it was meant to acomodate the sub par PSP control scheme. The multi ennemie insta takedown was kind of ridiculous.

Completely agree, it trivialized the CQC in Peacewalker. It was much better in MGS4 and I would hope it was more similar to that with some of the features from Peacewalker carrying over.

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I wonder if this is successful if other publishers will begin selling small prequel chapters for games.

Case Zero and Case West were nice book ends to Dead Rising 2 (and dare I say, better than the actual game).

If you want to go back farther, there was GT5 Prologue. The Tanker Mission that came with Zone of the Enders. There are plenty of examples of "prequel chapters" being sold to gamers, but I don't think it's going to catch on like you think it will. At most it's appeasement to die hard fans who can't wait X number of years for the game to come out. There's also the added benefit of a low-cost entry for prospective players who may want to see what the hoopla is about without burning a substantial financial investment.

Overall it's a practice that's been moderately successful, but I think unlike micro transactions, studios will only use it if it makes sense. That's what they've been doing so far, anyhow.

Case Zero is handled much more elegantly since its just 5 dollars(with btw roughly as much content as Ground Zeroes seemingly), Case West was DLC after the game. The Tanker Mission doesn't count at all since that was a demo with another game. The GT prologue games are really the only cases of this but I don't think its the same thing at all as Ground Zeroes as racing games are much more inherently replayable. GT5 Prologue even had online gameplay.
I also never said that I thought it would catch on, I said I wondered if it would. It obviously won't work for franchises like Call of Duty that come out every year, but the games that take 4-5 years to come I could see it being a thing.

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I wonder if this is successful if other publishers will begin selling small prequel chapters for games.

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Whatever you do, get this.

Edit: Honestly, I am Swedish and just the idea that there would be a shop that would import Swedish candy seems absurd. Our candy isn't all that remarkable.

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Wait is it confirmed already? I only saw some teases, I hope it comes. OP's video is from the first game, the second one is being localized.

Edit: just saw the confirmation, really cool.

@believer258: I don't see why its creepy? I think that seems to be the default notion everyone leans back on as soon as something Japanese comes along that seems a bit different. Don't take it so seriously, its all in good fun.

Beating up women, taking their clothes, and making light of the whole thing is "all in good fun"?

Perhaps I need more context than a few gameplay videos in a language that I don't understand.

Look at the videos? You beat up both genders equally and strip both genders equally. Is nudity so intimidating? There is nothing serious or malicious about it. You beat people up in a very colorful cartoony game and their clothes explode when they take damage. It seems to me you are looking for faults.