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What the pup? I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream doesn't even reach that level of fucked up. I mean, the worst anyone does in that game is to eat a baby, and that's optional. Barf!

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You know what, some people say that if ghosts do exist, we'd all be drowning in all the ghosts of the all dead people from the beginning of humanity. But.. what if all ghosts are aliens? Really makes you think.

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We're getting more variants of Peach, Yoshi, and Shy Guy? Cat Peach? Where is Cat Bowser?!

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I've always thought of it as a bit of a in-joke, like a silly marketing term, a mythical creature that doesn't really exist, but I didn't really know people care about the term so much. Maybe I'll just stop using it altogether.

I'm just being pedantic, but I never liked the connotation with the term "gaming". It insinuates that the only objective in video games is winning (like in game theory, or "gaming the system").

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@babychoochoo said:

I got pretty deep into some Korean MMOs back in the day. For those of you who don't know, Korean MMOs are notorious for insane grinds. Older versions of these MMOs were fucking brutal. I'm talking 'stay in this one room of this one dungeon killing this one type of enemy for 6 hours and you might be able to squeeze out 10% of the exp needed for your next level' brutal. Maplestory, Sword of the New World, Lineage 2, FlyFF, Rose Online, Silkroad Online, and Perfect World were just a few.

I could have accomplished so much when I was younger.

Gosh, I remember doing this for Ragnarok Online. That was also when you have to sit down every free moment you have because the HP/SP regen is the slowest. I think my healer was stuck at level 40 for a whole month at one point, because death had a 1% EXP penalty and I kept dying.

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I played Star Ocean 2 and Till The End of Time, and I thought they were both good but took a while to finally leave the fantasy RPG world. Till The End of Time in particular has some crazy sci-fi mindfuck plot twists near the end of the game.

I really liked Xenogears even when I didn't care much for the story (my English wasn't as good back then). I remember the mech stuff being pretty rad. Edit: I should also mention that I never got to Disc 2 so that might have colored my opinion for the game.

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The most expensive thing I've sold is just a $2 something foil card, but apparently I've gained $22 off selling trading cards alone. Probably not worth the time investment in managing my inventory, but I'll take it. Gosh, I wish I can have some of those Dota 2 courier money...

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Yup, just leave that field empty. I doubt many people use the OTP (I know I don't). The SE account security has some weird arcane bullshit in it, the OTP once confused me as well and I got locked out of my account on 3 separate occasions for unrelated reasons.

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@jarmahead: He did come back on Twitter to gain attention, for Ferguson. He already quit Twitter and he came back with good intentions.