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I'm getting back into the game and I'd like a re-invite if there's space. I want that sweet emblem back on my shoulder! My user name should also be audioBusting.

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Yo this game is cool. I got 4599.

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Say what you will about Palpatine and Vader, at least they got the Death Star built on time!

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I've played all cases except the last one and so far they are all even more ambiguous than the first. But I did notice there being smaller clues and evidences in a couple cases that aren't explicitly taken account of in that mind palace deduction thingy that could definitely eliminate some suspects. I can't recall any examples right now though, it's been a while. I don't know if it's intentional game design (probably is) but it's neat!

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It's kinda old news, but I just now saw this. I guess it got lost within the Game of the Year / holiday madness. (Gentle reminder: don't read YouTube comments.)

Blog posts here and here.

After what feels like forever, Chucklefish is finally committing into releasing the shit-ton of nightly updates into the big branches. The update is now live on the unstable branch and is going into a stable release hopefully within the month. This is probably the most important thing they've been skimping on for the past year or so, which understandably made the game look really bad for a lot of people. But here it is now. Ta-da...?

Some of the major bullet points:

  • New Race (space cowboys with space trains)
  • Upgradeable spaceships
  • Upgradeable matter manipulator
  • Major combat overhaul (it's not fully terrible anymore)
  • Game doesn't lag like hell on my laptop anymore
  • Hella content (biomes, items, etc)

Full changelog:

I don't mind playing a super buggy game, so the nightlies were good enough for me. It's still great to see that they're finally pushing for a stable release though. I'm liking the newer versions a lot better than the previous stable one (which I didn't like), so good for me I guess =P It's a much more welcome development than most other recent early access happenings. What do you all think?

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I'm still on my first playthrough in the middle of Act II as a Crusader and I bumped the difficulty to Expert and it's still easy. You might as well bump it up before it gets too hard to bump it since you didn't have the EXP bonus.

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Many companies like Emotiv have already been selling something like this (here's a comparison page on Wikipedia). I've heard that these consumer-grade devices are not very reliable so far, but it does sound promising! I think I've seen one being shown to control a toy helicopter on some CES coverage last year, there's probably going to be more news about it from this year's CES in a few days.

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Yay, free stuff for something I didn't know happened!

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Nice. Great work on the site! is such a good domain name.