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My family used to have a sort-of tradition where we would marathon as much of all 10 seasons of Friends as possible on New Year's Eve. It was... uh...

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There weren't that many female characters in Aliens: Infestation, but one of them was my favorite by far. My favorite marine in the game is Zoe "Cutter" Kennedy, a runaway indie musician who joined the military after her father's (a marine commander) funeral. She's kind of an emo stereotype, but her lines are so much more interesting than any other marines I had. She likes to describe gore and horror in a lyrical way, for some reason. I tried really hard to keep her alive, and beat the final boss with one life just so I could get her ending. It's kind of neat that they fleshed out the characters enough even though you won't see most of them. One of the other marines is an Asian-American hacker who speaks entirely in leet-speak and I didn't even get to recruit her.

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It sounds to me like you should just tweet at Gio Corsi to put these games on the list rather than demand for games with a vague and esoteric set of parameters none of the dozens of turn-based RPG's that has come out this past couple of years satisfy. Heck, Sen No Kiseki II just came out a couple months ago.

Edit: By the way, I think Suikoden 1 and 2 are coming out on PSN tomorrow.

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@thatpinguino: I used a moon jump (infinite height) cheat, which can get you stuck in weird places and break some scripting. In retrospect, I don't recommend doing it!

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Journal and The Journal are the same game, the latter's trailer video and image should just be moved over into the former page.

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Great blog! I really liked this game but I was terrible at playing video games. I ended up using Game Shark to progress through the game, but the cheats eventually broke the game. It broke right around the freaky pseudo 2D platforming level, IIRC. Maybe I was fated (haha) to never finish the game back then. I really want to continue playing this now, but it's not available on my PSN region =/

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I think Evil Genius having torture and interrogation stuff in it, but they're just facilities. I guess Lucius and Neighbors from Hell are more like what you're looking for. The games where I do the most terrorizing are The Sims, Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, and Kerbal Space Program though.

@relkin said:

Ghost Master is a game entirely about terrorizing people.

Oh wow, I remember playing Ghost Master on the PS2. I recommend it too!

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Robocop and Die Hard are pretty good. I'm partial to Taken as well.

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I thought this was this other thread for a second.

Walked into a local, family-friendly, ice cream shop and they had the Hotline Miami soundtrack going.

Now that's my kind of ice cream shop. Do you remember which track it was?