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The writing and themes in all the mainstream sci-fi games are pretty much interchangeable.

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Will they have the amazing iMuse interactive midi from the floppy disk releases, or the lame ripped-from-the-movie-soundtrack Redbook audio from the CD-Rom releases? I'm asking for a friend.

It sounds like from the now-deleted leaked page that buying the game will get you access to both the floppy and the cd version.

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They should rebrand it "The Nintendo."

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I would love to see this return.

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I guess, at this point, I have just lost the thread on what both sides of these arguments want and are trying to accomplish.

As I see it there's generally the following:

  1. GamerGate people who want the yellow game journalism to end and want game journalists to stop acting like a clique.

I know you're summarizing here, so you're intentionally leaving out details, but it's absolutely vital to mention that GamerGate people are against feminist criticism. They want what they perceive as political perspectives out of games commentary. This goal is closely tied to the origins of the group, as it developed from the harassment of feminist critics and commentators, done in an attempt to silence them. This activity has not ceased.

Abso-effing-lotely false. As someone who has been around since the beginning, and honestly it's really offensive that people just throw this out there.

Hell, because people were fed up with this offensive strawmanning, pro-women charities have been given funds, female characters were introduced into video games and there was the whole NotYourShield by all the women and minorities who were sick of being called white male sexists.

I can't speak for everyone, but my personal problem is against the use of feminism as a shield for yellow journalism. Do I want more diversity in games? God yes, everyone is sick of the bald white male protagonist. But if one of the first articles after an exciting E3 demo is "Why was this character not a woman?", well I think that's just shitty journalism.

The gamergate hashtag was concocted directly by people jumping at the opportunity to slut-shame Zoe Quinn, full stop.

If you really want to talk about the editorial direction of games journalism you really should come up with a new hashtag.

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Gamergate is hashtag in a desperate and unhinged search of a scandal.

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