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I also found the map in 2 to be pretty fucked.

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I think the bigger question about 128 player battles is if you can make that shit fun.

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@sravankb said:

Just remember that Jeff is the guy who thinks the Genesis' music had "character", when this is how it sounded -

I will fight you

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Well first you get a blender

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I know this thread is about Overcast but I found subscribing to the premium feed in Downcast much more simple than what you guys are going through.

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The writing and themes in all the mainstream sci-fi games are pretty much interchangeable.

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Will they have the amazing iMuse interactive midi from the floppy disk releases, or the lame ripped-from-the-movie-soundtrack Redbook audio from the CD-Rom releases? I'm asking for a friend.

It sounds like from the now-deleted leaked page that buying the game will get you access to both the floppy and the cd version.