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It's cool that a large amount of Patrick's content is trying to sway people to be more tolerant on the internet but the second people critique how he's using the internet for his profession he threatens moderation because we just can't be as right as him.

Yea dude you're right. He should totally post an apology / retraction post on this for daring to mention that device that changed much of way people play games and live their lives on a day to day basis is receiving a major update.

How dare he.

I'm glad you like your phone, but the issue wasn't the content but the reaction he had to criticism.

"The iphone isn't a gaming device, hurr hurr" isn't criticism, it's just poor behaviour.

As for the watch: this thing is literally a $350 device that makes it so you can keep your phone in your pocket to do some of your stuff. You still have to have your phone with you at all times, because it's your phone. But now you don't have to take it out. Sometimes.

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I think my main worry about Microsoft buying Mojang is the increased barrier of entry to low-income families.

A lot of cheap laptops can run Minecraft with an older version of Windows or a free copy of Ubuntu. If you can only get it through the Windows 8.1 app store or on an expensive console that would be a real shame. I guess 360s will only be getting cheaper though.

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The debate about whether #gamergate is about abuse or misogyny is over. The debate about whether this is about harassment or politics, over. Now we can divert our attention to why not a single games journalism outlet has done their jobs, and instead helped line the pockets of frauds.

The link in question implicates the IGF and Indiecade in racketeering. This information has apparently been vetted by lawyers and the FBI have been contacted (stated in the original stream), along with all those implicated should they choose to respond or clarify their position. A video is soon to be uploaded that displays the evidence.

Whatever happens in the continuing shitstorm I wish everyone luck, and that we all manage to hold on to our dignity somehow. I'm still proud to be a gamer among folks like yourselves.

Well I'm glad it only took a week or three for the gamergate hashtag to find a possible scandal to attach itself to.

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Just backed the kickstarter, I'll probably wait for that. Those Ice Pick Lodge guys are crazy in a good way.

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I do love the ease with which some people can transition from mocking everyone who claimed conspiracy, to now believing in a conspiracy. How quickly some people will believe whatever is most convenient to them in the moment, and adopt the same kind of rhetoric of those they criticize, is sad to see, though not very surprising.

On one hand you have gamergate people saying "something something nepotism feminism patreon kickstarter."

On the other hand multiple conspiratorial 4chan splinter groups have made national and worldwide headline news over the years.

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Even the tag #gamergate is ridiculous; where's the fucking scandal?

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And when Zoe Quinn's tumblr got hacked, and when Phil Fish got hacked, and when Anita got death threats, it should be assumed that there was a cheer of victory from the frothing masses, right? No, there were cries of disbelief (WE DIDN'T DO THAT, WHY WOULD WE DO THAT, FUCK ANY OF YOU IF YOU DID THIS, FALSE FLAG FALSE FLAG)

It's interesting that you put that FALSE FLAG at the end there.

How many of the people in these threads are ready or eager to believe that the victims in this situation are faking their own abuse? Because I've seen a lot of people jump straight to that conclusion and it's sickening.

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Can someone explain to me why backing a Patreon is a conflict of interest? The journalist doesn't benefit in any discernible way.