30 Days of Gaming : Day 1

I'm already doing this thing on Facebook but I figured it's pretty relevant to do it here, too.  The added bonus is that, this being a blog, I can go into slightly more detail about what I'll be writing!  The idea is to write about game-related topics for thirty days with each day having it's own specific topic.  It's like those annoying meme quizzes only it's slightly more relevant and interesting than DURRR MY FAVIORIT COLOR IS BWUE.  So this will end up being a blog I update daily (no set times because I don't know what my day looks like until I'm halfway done with it) for 30 days and hopefully we'll all get to learn a little something about me and my bizarre taste and experiences in gaming.  

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Hang-On / Safari Hunt Combo Cartridge

 If this is what good box art was at the time, this makes me thrilled that I wasn't a graphic designer back then.
 If this is what good box art was at the time, this makes me thrilled that I wasn't a graphic designer back then.

This kills me because the answer is slightly inaccurate. See, my first console was a Sega Master System given to me by my Uncle. He was getting rid of it and instead of throwing it in the trash, he gave it to us (which ended up going in the trash a few years later when it stopped working). With it came the Light Phaser and a copy of a game I have yet to been able to remember. It was some side-scroller set in space where you required a keycard to get past the first stage and I could never find said keycard. Since I could never progress, I stuck to playing Hang-On and Safari Hunt-- both of which came built-into the system. If I could remember the name of the other game, it would be the first. But that is of no matter. What matters is that Hang-On was as I close as I was going to get to racing cars and bikes like the kid I was would dream of every day and Safari Hunt was like playing an arcade game at home thanks to the Light Phaser. 
I must have had that console on for a year straight before it finally gave out. It was only a few weeks after that my father and I would later walk out of the local electronics store while I held a brand new launch PlayStation in my hands, hearing a kid point to me and say to his mom "Awwwww that kid is so lucky!! Mom, I want one!!". It very much was one of the few moments that I held my head high in both excitement and pride from having a dad who totally would spend an insane amount of money on an electronic box for my sister and I. 
I'll have a recap here of earlier posts to archive previous stuff for newcomers.  
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