New art

Sort of. Far from done, but working on it. 

 Guess what they're playing? Here's a hint: Starts with an 'H' and ends with 'alo: Reach' >>

LANDMARK IDEA, Need the help of Giant Bomb's community!

And by that, I mean I'll be drawing  pictures to go along with the funny stuff. Like an animation, only not. Because I can't animate.   
... yet. 
So I need help! Seeing as how I don't have... uh... over 10 days of listening time's worth, if anyone has any favorite lines and knows which episode I can find it in, please, post it here!   
Also, probably worth noting this won't be done anytime soon. Really just a side project that I'll work on when I want to kill time :D But I swear, I will complete it! And it will be awesome.


Secret new release!

So, not much that's really important came out this week besides like, After Burner Climax.  Or am I lying? I am. 
In a few stores, Atlus finally released the game I've been working on for a looooong time. Go out and grab a copy! :D 

 I got my copy!

New art! Juri Wallpaper :)

Worked on it for a while. Got my new parts to fix my tablet so yay!  

 Black Version
White Version 


Click on the links in the image captions to get the full, 1920x1080 wallpapers. :) I might not actually end up buying SSFIV, but Juri sure as hell is one of the best character designs I've ever seen. Art-wise, I've wanted to do this style of wallpaper for a while now. The last one I did was for FFXII! o: Enjoy! 
Edit. Links didn't work. 
Black Version 
White Version 
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Things I Love That I Wish to Share <Part 1>

So, I already wrote this once only to have it deleted. Here's hoping that this time, it won't disappear. Perhaps I'll save it in Word before I post. >> I've come to accept throughout the years that I'm exposed to a lot of things others aren't be it good or bad. I've spent a lot of my time showing whatever I deem neat to friends and it's made my group of friends expand into different territories of awesome!  
So with that, I introduce you to 10 things that I especially love. I'll try to partition them in different categories (one music group, one show, one film, one game, etc.) to avoid repetitiveness, but whatever. Also worth noting, these are things that I love. I'm not saying you'll positively love them but I've seemed to strike a chord with almost everyone I've shown this to before. Your experience may vary, but if you didn't want to see new things, why would you be reading this! So, without further ado, here's the start of it, in no particular order. Sorta. 

Nº 1 - Nerima Daikon Brothers

 In 2004, I was introduced to Bleach. Believe it or not, this was the very first anime I watched. In retrospect, it's kind of a terrible place to start. ...Though that is another discussion altogether. ... Point being, I'm "new" to anime in some way. My first wasn't shows like DBZ or Ghost in the Shell like it was to others. From '04 to today, I've been exposed to anime and it's culture almost every day through friends and the internet. This has slowly grown a deep-seeded hatred for the medium. I can't stand watching anime now because it's a gigantic clusterfuck of clichés and struggling attempts to either be more like a Square Enix-like action shonen brawl-fest or a Lucky Star-like romp of "It's funny 'cause nothing is actually happening". If you want a more detailed overlook at why I think modern-day anime is garbage, you can check out this awesome blog post by Symphony. I should move on with my point. 
Albeit airing in 2006, Nerima Daikon Brothers was introduced to me in summer of last year by a friend and it remains one of two animes (the other one being Darker than BLACK) that I've actually been able to stand within the past 2 or 3 years. There's a bunch of neurotic comedy animes that have aired throughout the years though none of them have made me laugh quite as hard as Nerima Daikon Brothers has. Essentially, take the Blues Brothers and put the entire production team on crack and you'll get what I'm trying to sell you on here. Sounds retarded, and that's exactly what it is. It's fuckin' stupid and for that, it's brilliant. The simpleton story of two brothers and their cousin wanting to quit their Daikon (A form of radish) farming, steal money from undeserving crazies and outwit an equally stupid police detective to build a Rock n' Roll dome where they'll be able to sing all day long is one of absolute ridiculousness. The entire series is played as a musical that, in each episode, introduces a bad person upon which they group feels they should steal that person's profit only to have them resort to a loan from a loan shark that refuses to loan money only to have their whole plan fail.  
There's a panda with radish leaves on it's head, there's blatant homosexuality jokes, slow humor, neurotic humor, pokes at poor localization and so much more that makes it incomprehensibly amazing. Now, reading it for the first time, me trying to suggest a musical comedy anime to you sounds like a for-sure death trap. For whatever reason, every casting agency in North America has got to be run by monkeys or something of a similar IQ. I'm baffled at how, year after year, voice actors in english-localized anime continues to be shit awful. Either hiring the same actor that has no range or hiring a bunch of absolutely terrible nobodies, voice acting in english anime has always been, and will most likely continue to be, awful. That's why Nerima Daikon Brothers is so entertaining. I don't know how and I don't know why but the VO in NDB is stellar. It's over-the-top like you'd want it to be but it's still totally high-production value voice acting. It's never annoying, they fit every character and the localized dialogue (while slightly different from the japanese writing) is legitimately laugh-out-loud hilarious.  
There's so much I could write about it, but what's above sums it up pretty good. I'm not sure what scene to pick from the series, so I'll go at random. Just know that it's absolutely worth watching if you like to laugh and want to watch a short (12 episodes) series that doesn't blow. It's available on Amazon for 27$ US.
Oh, and did I mention it's made by Shinichi Watanabe

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Nº 2 - The Oblongs 

This might vary. I'm basing this off of my experience with my friends since none of them knew what this show is. The Oblongs is a cartoon that aired in 2001 for, unfortunately, 13 episodes. Since I'm shit at explaining, I'll let Wikipedia do it for me: 
 The show focuses on the antics of a family who live in a poor valley community and as a result of pollution and radiation exposure are all disabled or deformed. The pollution is the direct result of the lavish lifestyle of the rich community known as "The Hills", whose residents exploit and harm the valley residents with absolutely no regard for their safety or well-being.  
The cast of characters, from the ADHD^2 antics of Milo to the hilariously depressing quips from goth/pyromaniac Susie, is absolutely charming in their own creepy way and the show has some great writing that isn't all that serious. It's just fun writing. It's by no means the end-all-be-all, Arrested Development of cartoons, but it's most certainly one you should watch. It's only 13 episodes, anyways. I got it the boxset at Future Shop for 15$, should be similarly priced elsewhere. There's really not much else I can write about this one. It's just really funny, witty, incredibly well-animated with terrific art and entertaining for every second it goes by. It also features Will Ferrell as the voice of Milo's dad, which is one of his rare castings as a legitimately funny character.  
< Continued in Part 2 >

GB To Do List

  • Post a blog about Deadly Premonition, maybe a review. Doubt it'd be a true-to-form review, though.
  • Post a blog about SMT: Strange Journey and how an SMT game, once again, has restored my faith in JRPGs.
  • Finish my BF: Bad Company 2 review.
  • Start a series of blogs detailing things I'd like to introduce people to. This is the blog I worked on last time that GB erased :(
  • Finish editing either the THPS2 page or the XGRA page. Stupid of me to just leave them half-edited.
  • Make fun of Ajay because he lives in Pointe-Claire again.