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Another one of these, huh?

'Bout that time.

I'm sorry to hear like that but you're never gonna get anywhere constantly thinking "Man, it was way better back then." Things change. Even the site, today, would be exactly as it was three or four years ago, things would still be different, and you might still not entirely be into it. I think we all hold past moments of the site dearly in our hearts and minds, but holding them up as some standard is a pretty easy way to feel bummed 24/7.

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The only way I managed to beat him was by summoning a friend. Rom is fucking lame. If you REALLY need to go at it offline, the best strategy seems to be in phase 2 and 3, kiting the smaller spiders away from him--enough to leave an opening--so that you can dive in, get a few hits in, then bail out. It's a real test of patience. If you just take a couple pot shots in here and there, he'll eventually go down. Throw some high Arcane resist armor on in case his ice attacks get you and hope for the best.

Also, bolt paper. Shit does pretty heavy damage.

But yeah, fuck Rom and fuck spiders.

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@hydrotherion: Radddddd!!! I don't know how they got wet but I'm super glad you like them!!

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Summon the NPC outside the door. He'll distract it enough for you to just run up behind and wail on it for the first two stages. Once it gets to its third stage, (and gets violently poisonous) keep your cool and get some pot-shots in here and there. One or two slashes, then bail. Try to hit it often enough for it to not ALWAYS attack the NPC, because he'll die pretty fast if you don't.

Once you've hit it enough in stage 3 and its health seems kinda low, just time your shots right and molotov that thing.

Also, FIRE PAPER. Literally every boss in the Cathedral areas are weak as fuck to fire. I took BSB and Vicar Amelia down insanely fast with fire paper on my Saw Cleaver.

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I really like this thing where some people on the site will watch all the staff's content, follow them on Twitter, interact with them on Tumblr, discuss on the forums, and participate in whatever other site-related activity but as soon as it comes to having confidence and trust in their decision to hire someone, it all goes out the window and some Defcon 2-level of panic is on.

It doesn't matter worrying over this shit. They know what they're doing. You probably wouldn't be here if they didn't?

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@kalli said:

@aurahack: It's where your virtual little fellas are meeting up to buy drugs.

This explains everything.

(They've also fixed this in a recent patch.)

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@jrad: That's what I understood it as but it just seems weird. Like, why are they getting that satisfaction from parks?